Well, thanks to Michelle ... the false sexual information manufacturing has come to a stop to a great extent around me. Otherwise, it was a freak show. The Establishment started it ... Trump used it as a formula ... and Obama n Biden were copying Trump. There was a multitude of false sex manufacturing activities around me.

I informed Michelle that "Presidential candidates" have themselves placed their agents around me ... whose objectives are to create false information and to report false information. And this wonderful lady steps into the scene ... and all of the fake bogus bullshit manufactured stuff vaporizes. Thank you Ma'am.

This is the second place where you are successful ... first, it was security ... and now, you ended the sexual bullshit as well. Thank you.

That's what I love about Michelle ... when she gets involved ... she walks in with honesty, decency and a fight to do what is right. She doesn't get swayed by power or anyone else's bullshit. I would love to see her at work when some key leadership moves are involved ...  in supporting some key policies. It will be fun.


A wonderful "fully clothed performance" for a change. Give it to Jennifer Lopez and she does more stripping than singing ... she is also quite talented but God knows why she is in stripper mode all the time. Rihanna left aside the stripping and came up with actual talent and creativity. Excellent job ... keep it up!


Great ... Trump is trashing Rihanna ... this guy is not even going to spare simple artists and performers. That's why SM is concerned about Trump holding "grudges" against anyone who stood against him or said anything against him. His egomania makes him behave completely childish.

You did great Rihanna! Love your voice and your love your style! Keep it up.

It was a fantastic performance in 3D ... stunningly beautiful. All you had to see was the "audience" when you reached the song "shine like a diamond in the sky" ... there were thousands and thousands of cell phones lit up for you. It was a beautiful spectacle that happened "live".

Talking about audience ... awww Trumpy, your audience never did that for you, did they?



Yeonmi Park has no freaking idea of what is going on in America. She must be simply trying to love America for what it is now as she has seen something monstrous in North Korea. She doesn't understand or feel the difficulties of Americans and the change that they want ... because based on her experience of North Korea, America is already paradise for her. Lol.

Why is Fox News giving her a platform? She doesn't know shit.


Screws America with a deficit of $3 Trillion in his first year ... then reduces his screwing by $1.7 Trillion dollars in the next year ... and then calls it a record breaking deficit reduction. FYI America is still getting screwed by more than one trillion dollars in deficits under Biden every single year. He is no hero ... he only looks for the shittiest excuses to blow his horn.


Yes, I know ... Biden's attacks on Republicans about Social Security and Medicare are hollow and baseless. But the thing is ... Biden's own Presidential platform is hollow and baseless ... so what can you expect from the guy?

"Wants to restore the soul of America" ... by blowing up $3 Trillion at every turn, I guess. His entire Presidential platform is bogus and hollow ... and thus most of the things that he comes up with are bogus and hollow.

"The Biden administration is preparing to ask Congress for the largest Pentagon budget in history, according to the Defense Department’s chief financial officer"


The only thing that Biden confirms is "going for the loot at every turn" ... he is going for every opportunity where he can make billions. That's why you will find his arguments and reasoning is pretty much hollow.

Its not impossible to turn around the Biden Presidency ... but this is what we have at hand ... that's why, many SM Groups doubt if Biden can make the required change.


Don't waste your time Nikki Haley ... you are not going to be President.


Yeah, I know ... some SM Groups are quite astonished of how Michelle n Musk can remain silent and inactive even though they know that about 1,000 Americans are dying every single day and we are losing about $5 billion every day. They fear Michelle n Musk will also be a failed combination like Obama n Biden.

Michelle n Musk are killing time.


Its not your fault Omar ... Biden screwed up in leading America and the House was taken away from Democrats. You are a casualty of a greater good of shooting down Biden's crazy repeated multi-trillion dollar mass spending. The guy was spending like a psycho when he had both houses in his control. It was important to take away the House from Dems. Its just one committee ... you still have your House Rep seat. Make good use of it ... and may be you can stand up to Biden and his crazy mass spending policies as well.