Pro-Trump Groups: Will you work with Trump?
The Pro-Trump groups are wondering … if Trump meets all of the 4 guarantees … that he commits to dismantling the Establishment, channelizes a few hundred billion to Africa, Biden doesn’t convict him and he commits not to flip against you … will you work with Trump to revolutionize America? Will you train him and help him?

The answer is yes … if Trump meets all of the 4 guarantees then yes, we will work with Trump … help him get re-elected and take America forward under his leadership. Its definitely possible … its one of the routes we have opened recently to solve America’s crises.

What SM should understand here is that … “Trump” is not the key figure here … “Trump” is not solely important … what is important is solving America’s crises. That’s the key objective here … dismantle the Establishment, stop exploitation systems and create a new era for America … that’s what the key focus is. And if Trump is going to make the right initiatives and takes up this challenge … then for the good of America, we will work with him. Its possible.

Michelle n Musk
Well, there are no guarantees required from your side. The only thing that I will say about your team is that … “signaling and tweeting” doesn’t help. If you are serious about contacting me then to hell with the signaling and tweeting … just send me a message on Whatsapp, Skype or Email and let me know when you want to contact. The more direct you keep things the better it is.

This is a very important phase in the selection of the next President. Obama has been a major disappointment. When the most trusted, the best candidate, who was trusted with the responsibility to save the Nation … when he turns out to be a fraud who doesn’t care when his country is burning and a thousand citizens are dying per day … then it kills the trust … not only in Obama but also in the other candidates.

When the best guy turns out to be a fraud then the level of expectations automatically reduce for other candidates.

A repeat fraudulent team?
These are the questions that I get from SM groups … these guys are doing nothing but sitting there and tweeting. Isn’t this the same repeat pattern of Obama-Biden fraud? These guys are repeating the same fraudulent pattern … which means that there is going to be no change under Michelle n Musk as well.

Initiatives, responses and activities tracked
I already mentioned this before … your initiatives, responses and activities in this phase who exactly how your Presidency is going to turn out to be. If you are going to sit there and tweet … not learn how to solve any crisis … then even under Presidency, you will sit there only tweeting without solving any crisis. Which is exactly what Obama, Trump and Biden have done and have been doing. Absolutely no crisis in America has been solved by them … in not a single sphere Establishment control or monopoly has been addressed … and we continue to get the highest debt, deficits, inflation and cost of living.

All SM Groups are watching your every move and they are already doubting the Michelle n Musk combination.

It takes two to tango … this is not a one sided game … there has to be proper correlation. I have to show by facts that you guys can change and lead America … SM needs to see the facts … so that I can pull support for you. Right now, the only fact that they see is fraud … a repeat fraud. And its up to you guys to change that. I can play my role … but you guys also need to play your role … I can’t pull support for someone who doesn’t do anything.

For crying out loud … we are picking leaders to create “revolutions” … such simple steps should not be rocket science for you.