There are mainly two things that Trump and Biden have done during their Presidencies ...

  • Parasites. Firstly, they have been parasites on my work. They love everything that they can get ... they love the votes, the victory in elections, the trillions in loot and they love the positive support and publicity that they get from me when I make them a part of our program.
  • Abuse. The only other thing that they have done is start abusing me with chemicals, infections, taking away my clients, pulling political strings against me, trying to criminalize me and even trying to put me in jail. This is what Trump did ... during the Biden Presidency I am living with my family. This fine gentleman uses my family against me ... uses my brother to start yelling at me and screaming at me whenever he wants for whatever shitty reason ... uses my sister to abuse me and my mom with chemicals and infections. They are using my brother and sister to steal my property ... and abuse my mother into giving her property to them.

Either they love to be a parasite and get everything that they can get ... or they enter an abusive mode if we remind them of the work that they are supposed to do as President ... when I show them that SM will remove them from power ... they start getting abusive.

This is what I am putting up with since the past 6 years ... 4 years of Trump and 2 years of Biden. And what does Obama do in this scenario? Nothing ... doesn't stop anything bad nor does he push Trump and Biden to lead the country right. Sits there just watching the show.

I have to pull in Michelle Obama to secure myself and my family from the abuse that comes from Trump and Biden.

Trump and Biden have zero sense of responsibility ... they don't give a shit about all of the crises that the people face ... zero responsibility, zero accountability and full scale loot is how they operate. We pull them in the game ... give them the White House ... for something incredibly responsible, to bring about major change ... but they are scamming us and using our work only as a trillion dollar lottery ticket. There is zero interest in working on anything or changing anything.

I have already been alerting Michelle Obama of this abusive stage that may come ... because Biden is planned to be removed from the White House. Once things start falling apart, he will start freaking out ... start getting negative ... and Trump will fan the flares for him. This will make everything even more worse for the Biden Presidency ... he will be failed in more and more places and his removal will be fast tracked.

And Elon Musk is following these guys? Heh ... lol. They are complete failures ... all 3 of them. None of them have any solutions ... none of them can rectify any Establishment crisis ... none of them know how to stop the wealth drain. The only thing that they know is ... how to scam us, pretend to contact us, go on a looting spree and then get abusive when they start failing and get removed from power.

What can I do from my side? We give them billions worth free publicity via the media, we give them the White House, we protect them from all malice from the Establishment and the opposition, we try to put them a great and history path of doing great things for the people. Despite all of this ... these fine gentlemen ... go on a looting spree and then start getting abusive when the power is being taken away from them.

We give them years of time to change and to do what is right. We gave 4 years to Trump and 2 years to Obama-Biden ... how much more time do you need to show that you are honest? To show that you care? To step forward to do what is right? To save your people from a burning building?

You stand in front of a burning building and go on a looting spree. Why does it bother you when you are removed and someone who could possibly save the building & the people is given power? Isn't this the right thing to do?


Yeah ... just like I am telling Elon Musk not to follow Trump and Biden ... I told Biden also the same thing ... "don't follow Trump, don't follow Trump" ... I told him so many times ... "Trump will make you who he is ... you will become another Trump" ... and Biden didn't listen. He got a stash of cash from Trump and he made Trump his Guru.

Look where Biden is now ... he is getting flushed out from the White House just like Trump ... his Presidency is a complete failure, just like Trump. The only thing Biden cared about was looting as much as he could ... Biden never bothered about not following Trump or being a failure. We are back in a similar phase ... this time, we have to protect the next President from not one but three previous Presidents.


You guys are asking me for alternates to Elon Musk because ... he is quitting being CEO of Twitter and preparing for a Presidential run ... and he has not even contacted me yet? You fear that this is going to be another repetition of the Obama scam? Another Presidency going down the drain?

Well, we already have 4 Presidencies that went down the drain ... I won't blame you for thinking like that. But honestly, I am hoping that Elon Musk will surpass Obama, Trump and Biden to take things forward. For this to happen ... I am also encouraging Michelle to snap out of Obama's control and inputs. She should also independently work with Elon Musk or Bill de Blasio to take America forward.

I have actually opened two routes for "independent leadership" ... independent from Obama, Trump and Biden. Firstly, Musky works with us directly without anyone involved. Secondly, Michelle doesn't get blocked by Obama and works with us directly with Musky.

I know, I should have created these routes an year ago itself. But I had to give due time and a chance for the Obama-Biden combination to work out. Apparently, it turned out to be a mistake. What to do ... I am the one who designed the Obama-Biden combination and they turned out to be scammers and a disaster.

Well, we work with what we have at hand. Our top most priority in these days should be "independent leadership" ... not only from the Establishment ... but independent from Obama, Trump and Biden. We cannot allow them to keep on screwing America and we cannot allow them to keep on screwing every next candidate.


Elon Musk is not quitting Twitter ... he is simply restructuring his roles in his companies so that he can run for President soon.

That's cool ... and its okay. He has to announce that he is running for President in the next 6 months.

We are actually in an unusual phase ... where we are not knocking out one President to be replaced by another candidate ... but we have to remove 3 Presidents from leadership and replace a Democrat President by another Democrat Candidate.

That's why we have designed the Michelle-Musk Presidency. We have to restructure Obama's role ... save him in the process ... while we remove Biden and Trump from the White House.

Yeah ... I am working on getting Michelle and Musk in the Basic Structure so that it will become very easy to create the Musk Presidency.


Don't quarrel with the media, Musky. And don't talk too much with Donald Trump.

You don't want the media against you ... there is a different way of dealing with the Establishment mainstream media. In fact, the media is the first entity that you will dismantle as President ... something which Obama, Trump and Biden have failed to do. Can't blame them ... you can't expect someone to do something that they don't know how to. The pathetic part of all the 3 leaderships has been that ... they didn't bother to even learn how to do it. Some things are easy in life ... but even then you flunk ... because you didn't bother to learn how to do it.

This phase is very important ... the media will help you become President. This is the second step of the SM Network in helping you become President. If you note ... you are being maintained in the headlines ... not Obama, Trump or Biden. None of them make headlines ... as all 3 of them have turned out to be frauds and failures in SM eyes.

However, as of now, there is dual control of the media ... by the Establishment as well as by SM Groups. The Establishment will try to take you down and SM will give you the publicity that you need to become President.

Don't be against the media or journalists in general. Its a complicated equation out there. The easier formula is to stick to facts and logic. This will help you combat Establishment malice as well as pull SM support in your favor.

What's more important than the above is ... not following Obama, Trump or Biden ... all 3 will screw your Presidency and nullify your chances of becoming President. This is a more pressing issue as of now in the creation of the next President.


Temporary suspensions are fine for Twitter users who get involved in activities that threaten anyone's safety. Such as doxxing your realtime location. You can ban them for not 7 days but for 30 days as well. Or you can look at an incremental period of banning for repeat violations.

You should provide all of this in black and white as "Twitter usage policies". You cannot suspend accounts just by command ... there should be a violation of policies ... either the law or Twitter policies ... if either of them are violated ... then provide clear outlines for account suspensions.

Set up your rule book, Musky. Its your platform. Just make sure that your rules follow the law. :)


Don't boot critics from Twitter, Musky.

One of the strengths of "right and good" people is that ... they stand tall against criticism. Keep this in mind ... "an elephant doesn't care about barking dogs". Let the dogs bark ... you always make sure to do what is right and what is good. You will always have the support of the majority, doesn't matter how much a few people criticize you or however they criticize you.

The key here is to allow the dogs to bark ... be transparent and let the people know who the elephant is and who the dogs are. That's how you win this. If you silence them then you will come off as authoritarian and suspicious.

Even if you are Jesus Christ, they will be critics against you ... just remain strong and walk tall.


Despite my warnings that "Crypto currencies are an Establishment scam", you guys still allowed it to move forward ... so that, you guys could catch the culprits red handed? That's pretty cool.

I like some of your techniques.


Sam Bankman-Fried ... another criminal Jewish billionaire on his way to jail. Keep it up ladies!

You guys are tossing criminal Jewish billionaires in jail one after another ... and look at our guys that we give the White House, they don't even have the balls to say anythying against them ... let alone coordinate with us and break their monopoly.

You guys do wonders with no political powers and the guys that we make the most powerful men in the world ... they don't do shit.


Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in Crypto scam

Told ya ... Crypto currencies are nothing but an Establishment scam.


GOP wants to throw the red carpet for Elon Musk?

Yeah, yeah ... wait till Musky runs for President ... as a Democrat. Lol. Let's see how welcoming the GOP is going to be after that.


Within 6 months Elon Musk has to announce that he is running for President ... we have to start prepping him asap ... this is my topmost priority. That's why, I am asking Michelle or Musky to contact me solo ... if Michelle can help me work with Elon Musk it is fine ... or if Musky himself contacts me directly ... that's even better.

Direct work with Elon Musk should handle the "Obama issue" that these SM Groups have.


Well, Michelle Obama did the right thing by asking for Trump's removal from Twitter ... it was for his own good. Trump was creating riots, insurrection and he went on to deny the election results ... only God knows how much more chaos he would create ... this chaos would only bring more trouble for Trump.  Trump could end up in jail if he was not stopped and if he continued on more and more troubling activities.

It was important to contain Trump and limit his access to the people. What Michelle did ... it was for Trump's own good and for the good of the country.


Don't attack Crimea ... its a horrible idea to attack Crimea. The more Ukraine will attack Russian soil and Crimea ... the more it will piss off Putin ... and the more likely it is that Ukraine will be dealt with more and more aggressive measures.

Ukraine should tactically work on taking back the recently annexed territories ... excluding Crimea that is ... the chapter for Crimea is closed. First go for the territories that can be easily taken back ... this are the terrotories around the Donbass Republics ... first, take them back. Putin doesn't have a lot of fighters in these surrounding zones ... nor is he keen on keeping them.

Stop attacking Russian soil and Crimea ... it is only then that the world will be justified in telling Russia to keep the war within the annexed territories.


Its a good move by Kyrsten Sinema. Going independent is one excellent way of surviving Washington politics. The "Party" itself is a major hammer that is used against truth seeking and logical political leaders. If such logical leaders continue on their path of doing what is right then they are pressurized and hammered by the Establishment using Party leaders.

If Kyrsten can maintain her seat as an independent then it would be a good accomplishment.


Musky ... Adam Schiff is an Establishment puppet ... feel free to kick his ass. One of the key roles that such puppets will have is to ... run Establishment schemes and propaganda on the frontend using their political status. They will lie, mislead and try to create noise using bullshit information.

The easy way to deal with them is ... remain calm and always respond using facts and logic ... as long as you have the facts and the truth on your side, you will always defeat them. You will find many noise makers like them ... just be cool and calm ... and respond using facts and the truth ... its very easy to hammer them out.


"Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution"

3 words define this activity - "Desperate for attention". This is how Trump operates ... just say something outrageous to pull the spotlight on himself. Its not that he will say or do something that will benefit the people or the country in any way. He just likes to hog the spotlight ... loves the attention ... loves to blow his horn and maintain the spotlight on himself.


Biden's invitation for talks with Putin - "Yes, I am ready to talk to you ... but before we begin, let me say that ... you are inflicting carnage, its sick what you are doing and I have no plans to contact you." Such a wonderful invitation for talks. Lol. Biden's diplomatic skills are amazing.


Elon Musk is right on Feds cutting interest rates. Good ... good.

Feds increasing interest rates is actually one example of how the Establishment misleads people and makes things worse. They say that they are trying to solve the problem but actually make things more disastrous. They champion disasters as solutions.

It is similar to the War on Terror. We got a terrorist group taking down 2 buildings ... what was the proposed solution? "Let's go to war, spend trillions and destroy several Nations." This was the solution that was championed to handle a tiny terrorist group. A collossal disaster was promoted as the solution for a tiny problem.

The same applies to inflation and high cost of living ... the last thing that needs to happen is an increase in interest rates in this scenario. But interestingly, our lovely Establishment banks say that "in order to reduce inflation, we have to increase interest rates" ... which is totally bullshit. The banks are simply looking for an excuse to make hundreds of billions in profits using the inflation crisis.

You got this one right Musky.