Keep in mind that the "President's family" is a protected entity, especially children. When you start attacking the President's children then it actually backfires on you. Hunter Biden is not President ... Joe Biden is President. Attacking the President's children in order to adversely impact the President is actually seen as a low ball.

Trump made this mistake and it backfired on him greatly. It doesn't matter if it is true or false ... once you start attacking the President's family then it starts backfiring on you. The more you attack, the more low you fall in public eyes. Attacking family members is a shameful thing to do.

Trump loves to dig dirt against his opponents ... he uses this dirt to destroy their political campaigns ... he does this very routinely. But when he went for Hunter Biden ... it didn't help him at all. Until and unless the President's family member is accused of mass murder of hundreds of thousands of people or the loot of trillions of taxpayer money, anything that the President's family has done, it comes under the protected zone.

This will apply to even your family once you become President, God willing.


"Apple making moderation demands from Twitter"

This is how "Establishment control" crawls in. Elon Musk should not give in ... you are doing great ... explore alternate routes to operate with or without Apple support.


Some people tell me that they will work with me "now" ... I believe them and wait for them to work with me. I wait for one week ... they don't contact and nothing happens ... I wait for another week ... they still don't contact and nothing happens ... and then in the third week, I try to understand what is the meaning of "now" in their dictionary? Lol ... like, what is the length of time indicated in the word "now"? Sometimes the word "now" seems like a puzzle that has to be solved. Lol.


The excitement for Trump's 2024 announcement is just not there.

Yes, that's true ... its because Trump has nothing to offer. He showed a lot of problems that America was facing with trade imbalance ... he was given a chance and he didn't do anything ... in fact, we got the highest trade deficits than ever under Trump. His campaign was Make America Great Again ... he doesn't do anything and within one year ... his campaign becomes Keep America Great. This clearly meant that Trump was in politics only to make money ... the moment he started making his money, his mission was accomplished ... thus, the title changed from Make America America Great Again to Keep America Great.

Now, Trump has been removed from the White House ... he is not making money anymore ... apparently, America is again in a crisis that Trump wants to solve ... he wants to save America and make it great again ... and once again he wants to start making his money. Tell me, who the hell will fall for this repetitive bullshit? The American people are not fools.

The problems are there but Trump has no solutions ... that's why, there is not much focus on Trump right now. Yes, Biden's leadership has been a disaster but Trump is not the solution either.


"Vegan diets" are pretty much in accordance to the Jewish Establishment's ideology that non-Jews are nothing but sheep and cattle for them ... thus sheep and cattle should eat nothing but grass and plants ... and thus the vegan diet. Wonderful.

I bet the Establishment is having a gala time making people eat nothing but plants.

What's even more interesting is that ... this vegan diet is directly connected to the climate change propaganda, which is nothing but another Establishment scam to leech the world by trillions of dollars.

"Don't eat meat ... you are sheep and cattle ... eat only plants ... and yes, pay us trillions of your taxpayer money as we are your Masters. Who cares if it is right or wrong ... we only need you to "believe" that it is the right thing to do, that's the key objective of the propaganda." - The Establishment.

Both of them are bullshit propaganda.


Obviously, Elon Musk will reinstate Trump on twitter. Its business for Musk ... more the celebrities, more the activity on Twitter, more beneficial it is for him.

But the interesting part is going to be that ... Trump thinks that he will make headlines again with each tweet ... amusingly it is not going to happen. Trump can tweet but he won't get the same attention again.

Trump has already tried several platforms and he has failed to gather the attention that he wanted ... that he once had. What Trump fails to understand is that ... he thinks that "he was popular" ... he fails to understand that "he was maintained popular" because that was one of the requirements to help him change America. Trump failed in changing America and he has lost the attention and publicity that he once had.

This is his sad story.


And Musky, don't worry about the content on All pages are not written for you ... some pages are addressed to only SM Groups. This work is going on since 1998 ... since about 24 years ... its not necessary for you to understand every single page or every concept, when you read things for the first time.

Obama has been in the game since more than 10 years now and he himself doesn't know many things. So, its okay ... don't worry about it. We will give you the details of things that are important for you and you will understand those very well, hopefully.


Dear Musky ... if you actually understand the meaning of "a battle for the future of the civilization" ... then you need to begin your battle to become the President of the United States ... right now.

You don't have to publicly declare that you are running for President ... but you need to start prepping right away. Other candidates that we had selected and gave the White House to ... they have failed miserably ... mainly because they didn't bother to connect, to learn and to prepare for the actual fight that lies ahead of them. They were users and parasites who didn't take things seriously ... they became nothing but another problem statement in themselves. They had to be flushed out and new ones had to be brought in.

I hope you will not make the same mistake ... connect and prepare to hit the ground running. I had informed this to Trump, Warren and Biden ... all 3 have become nothing but failures. The fight ahead is pretty darn complicated ... nothing can be accomplished without proper planning and preparation.