Excellent job in the Midterms!
Firstly … you guys are doing an excellent job in the Midterms … I am simply loving your perfection. I asked for a marginal victory for Republicans by only 4-5 seats in the House … and that’s exactly what we are getting. Love you!

Managing who wins and loses in elections is a very powerful tool to manage who runs the country and what policies are implemented. Managing who remains in power is an important element in controlling the direction of the country.

Keep it up ... good job!

3 Presidents campaign for one seat
Here’s the interesting part … 3 Presidents … Obama, Biden and Trump were in full-scale campaign mode in Pennsylvania trying to win one Senate seat … on the other hand, we have one guy with one laptop sitting on the other side of the Ocean … deciding the outcome of hundreds of elections across the country using just one page of content … and we get the result based on the given strategy. Lol.

SM power, ladies … SM power … that’s what we can do when we work together as one.

Midterms are a major turning point
Coming to something important … I have already got a lot of complaints about Obama, Biden and Trump … several SM Groups want to flush them out of Presidential leadership … apparently, because of their lack of leadership, mass spending, full scale loot and solving no crisis that America is facing.

Before you guys get creative and make your moves … we will be securing Obama from all of your “creativity”.

Securing Barack Obama
The first thing that you guys will ask is … “why secure Barack Obama … America is losing trillions because of his inaction.” So, here’s what you need to know.

One. Michelle’s hubby
I don’t care if Obama is right or wrong … doing his job or not … or whatever he has done … its not like he is a mass murderer like Hillary Clinton. He is a nice guy … too nice to stand up to others … more importantly … he is Michelle Obama’s husband.

We love and respect Michelle Obama … and thus, we automatically protect her family … which includes Barack, Malia and Sasha. Until and unless they are working with the Satanic Establishment in creating mass murder and the loot of trillions … we will maintain them under a protective shell.

We can’t tell someone that we love and respect her … and then abuse her own family members. Michelle is playing a critical role of maintaining our security and pulling Presidential candidates to work with us to create a new era for America … we respect her and thus we should protect her family as well.

Two. Nice guy who changed America’s course
Its not like he is a guy with zero accomplishments … yes, he was extremely slow in bringing about change … but still, he did bring about the change … he changed America’s course from wars to policy reforms. He will operate as a platform for Michelle at least in the initial phases.

Three. Maybe Biden was not following him
Obama is too gentle … he doesn’t kick ass … maybe Biden was not following him. Maybe Biden was sticking with mass spending supporters like Pelosi, Schumer and other Party leaders. We don’t know … or at least, I don’t know.

Four. Molding Obama
I am not making him untouchable … yes, you can reach out to him … convey things with courtesy and respect … but no trashing and no aggression in any form against Barack. I don’t want any SM Group to get aggressive with Barack Obama.

Yes, I know … all of you want Obama to change so that he can be a part of the work … so, here are some routes that we are actively using to mold Obama.

  • Route One. Myself. Whatever your evaluations, issues and complaints are … it might be defining Obama as a bum or a party puppet … I am putting everything on the table … I am conveying everything to him.
  • Route Two. Michelle. Michelle Obama herself is promising that … Barack will support us a 100%. She is taking the responsibility of managing her hubby. Nobody knows Barack better than Michelle, other than God that is.
  • Route Three. Next President. We are also actively informing the plus and minus that come from Obama to the next Presidential candidates … Biden and Elon Musk. The next guy has to be better than him and not repeat the same mistakes like Biden is doing right now. What to follow and what not to follow … all details are being given.

These 3 routes are more than enough to mold Barack. To add to that … we got a direct request from Michelle to keep Barack in the game … so, we are not ignoring it. The last thing that I need you guys to do is … go after Barack Obama as you go after Establishment elements and other obstacles in the game.

Whatever the issues might be … be nice with Barack Obama. Maybe their next generation … Malia and Sasha ... will also take up a key role in leading the world ... who knows. Obama might not have taken things forward till date … but when the overall Obama family is concerned … he is still an important figure.