Take away the House ... take away the House by all means ... make it Republican. Because ...

  • Firstly, its a must to stop Biden's mass spending. Given his two years of disastrous record, he cannot be trusted with sole authority and power. Its a must to have the means to shoot down his any further screw up of America.
  • Secondly, Pelosi needs to be booted from being Speaker. She is nothing but a Party puppet ... along with Obama she is channelizing Party puppetry in the Biden Presidency. Booting Pelosi will eliminate a lot of Party control over the decisions being made in the White House.
  • Thirdly, power restructuring is a must ... we gave the power to Obama and Biden for a reason ... both of them screwed up. Power should be restructured with a plan ... the Musk Presidency is an excellent option ... holding back Biden's disasters via the House will help us create the Musk Presidency. If Biden is allowed to keep on screwing America then creating the next Democrat President will be difficult.

Its important to take away Biden's decision making power to enable the creation of the next Dem President.

Republicans were expecting a sweeping victory?

Well, they actually deserved it and they could also get it based upon Biden's disastrous performance. But we cancelled this option, as a sweeping victory in the Midterms can lead to a victory in 2024 for Republicans.

The Elon Musk Presidency strategy is into place where there are going to be marginal victories and failures in both Houses ... so that, we can pull both Houses in Democrat favor in 2024. We get Elon Musk in the White House and both the Senate and the House in our control ... giving us sweeping powers to create new reforms to change America.

Actually this was already done for Biden ... he was given the Presidency and both Houses ... and he screwed up everything. Obviously, SM is not going to sit back and watch Biden destroy America for another 2 years ... power restructuring is very normal in such situations and it was expected.

Both Biden and Trump got crushed

No, it is not important to give the Senate as well to Republicans. Taking away the House from Democrats is enough ... its enough to stall Biden's mass spending programs. We don't have to give full power to Republicans ... we don't want them running the country. The House is enough for them to showcase their stupidity.

Lol ... do you know the wonderful thing that has happened in these Midterm elections? Both Biden and Trump got crushed. Lol.

Biden lost a huge number of seats in the Congress and Trump lost the "red wave" that he was apparently expecting. Since we maintained the victories extremely marginal ... none of them can declare their victory ... both of them have lost ... SM has won in managing the Nation again.

Now, let's activate Elon Musk ... Musky should take things forward hereon.


Get rid of Pelosi

Support Republicans ... but keep their victory by 4-5 seats only ... giving them a huge victory will not help. We have to take back both houses in 2024.

If the Senate will maintain status quo ... then a few additional seats in the House for Republicans will not hurt.

Doing a good job in getting rid of Pelosi ... keep it up. Getting rid of her as the Speaker will reduce a lot of Party puppetry in the Biden Presidency. America needs this change.


By the way, beware of the rigging of votes by both parties and Establishment elements, as we speak that is. "Elections" is something totally controlled by SM ... keep an eye on all malicious elements who would try to bribe and rig to get votes. We have to do what's best for the people ... we can't allow hooks and crooks to rig the game and screw the country. We should always manage who remains in power ... that's how we control how the country is run.