I know, Biden is on the impeach track. But what can I do if he is going to stick to the tweet mode? He thinks that he will get the votes to codify Roe ... but the only thing that is going to get codified is his impeachment.

He won't coordinate and he keeps on running his disasters ... he is only trying to use us to screw the country. What many SM groups say is that ... "he is trying to use every gimmick possible to get the votes in these Midterms ... if we give him the votes, he will keep on screwing America for another 2 years." Biden has already defrauded SM Groups already once ... why should they believe him again?

Did I tell him to be a fraud? Did I tell him to backstab SM Groups? Did I tell him to go on a looting spree? Did I tell him to run disasters in the country? Did I tell him to go for several multi-trillion dollar spending programs? Did I tell him to spend $6 Trillion in the budget when our revenue collection is only $3 Trillion?

He is doing all of this on his own. He is a complete disaster all on his own. He is 10 times bigger disaster than Bush and he is creating 10 times more economic disasters than the War on Terror. Despite being such a Mega disaster ... SM says that ... he is just sitting there tweeting ... trying to scam us and use us to get votes ... so that he can continue with his disasters without any change whatsoever.

Abortion rights is a teeny tiny issue when compared to the Mega disaster than Biden is. He is trying to use a tiny issue to get votes to continue with his King Kong disasters. This is Biden's Presidential leadership.

If the guy won't take the help that we want to give him ... then how can we help him? If he is only going to scam us and use us ... and continue with his disasters ... then how is this good for America?

We give them the White House ... and they allow and run disasters in the country ... they continue this for 2 full years without listening and without changing their tracks ... and then they get surprised as to why they are getting impeached.

Biden is a complete disaster all on his own ... there is no Establishment misleading here ... all of this is Biden's doing. Biden's lack of action and greed is responsible for all of these Mega disasters in America ... there is hardly any blame on the Establishment. Only Biden is responsible for his failing Presidency and possible impeachment.


SM Dynamics

Okay so ... here's how it works ... "if you stick to the tweet mode then SM sticks to removing you from the White House".

You like it or not ... believe it or not ... but this is how it is. Why? Because my dear friend, a guy with 2 dozen honking cars in his rallies committed to being the Party and solving America's crises ... and thus, he was given the White House ... it is this guy who SM sees as a fraud.

"Work with me to get the White House" ... this is what we say before giving the White House. This sounds music to all Presidential candidates ... they simply love the idea ... and they make a lot of commitments. But when they are given the White House, they turn into frauds ... go on a looting spree ... don't care to solve any crises ... and instead, create several more crises. And then, they get big headed, aggressive and authoritarian as well when their inaction and disasters are pointed out.

Then we tell them "work with me or you will get removed from the White House" ... somehow, this statement doesn't sound nice to them. At first, working with me sounded like music to them ... now, it sounds like a threat. Lol ... interesting, isn't it?

Because once you have the White House ... you are no longer a Pornstar banger craving to be President ... or a guy with 2 dozen honking cars craving to be President ... now, you are the President of the United States. The statement that sounded like "music" to you ... now, it sounds like a threat ... harassment ... Presidential harassment!! Lol.

Yes, my dear friends ... your status changed from being a Pornstar banger to being the President ... from being a guy with 2 dozen honking cars in front of him to being the President ... but do you know whose status didn't change? SM's status didn't change ... the Ocean that holds your ship afloat ... its status didn't change. Just like the Ocean rose you up ... it will take you down ...  there is no change in power for the Ocean.

Don't blame me for losing the White House or getting impeached or whatever. Let me try to give you an overview of SM dynamics ... so that you get a small idea of how all of this works ... of how one guy sits on the other side of the Ocean and controls who gets and keeps the White House.

SM is a very vast entity having tens of millions of individual groups ... each of them operating in their own fields, in their own capacity to lead the country using facts and logic. SM is like the Ocean ... and each politician is like a ship sailing in the Ocean.

SM activities are like the currents in the Ocean ... sometimes the Ocean is calm ... sometimes there is turbulence ... sometimes waves start rising ... sometimes waves turn into tidal waves ... sometimes ships are taken down ... and sometimes ships are protected so that they can sail through.

Where do we stand as Active Democracy? We designed this system ... I am the strategist who has designed this system. The importance of "strategies" in this system is like that of currents in the Ocean. I don't create all Ocean currents on my own ... I have given the "formulas" of how to work on each issue ... so that each SM group can operate on its own.

Since I am Director of Strategy ... I am informed of the key Ocean currents ... like making Presidents, dismantling Presidents, wars, pandemics, exploitation systems, revolution movements, overthrowing of governments ... the largescale key currents ... I am informed about them.

When I get involved ... the majority of SM Groups follow me ... that's upto 80-90%. Which means that I get to manage 80-90% of the Ocean currents. For example ... the termination of the Biden Presidency and your forthcoming impeachment ... I am "informed" of these currents being created in the Ocean. I am not the one who is doing this ... some SM Groups are doing it ... and I am informed about it.

Since the very basis for all SM operations is "facts and logic" ... to manage their currents I have to get involved using facts and logic to support the current or change the direction of the current or to totally dismantle the current.

Trump also went through this phase ... he kept on yelling ... "you are out of bounds ... you are out of control ... this is harassment ... this is Presidential harassment!!" Trump did good in avoiding several disasters ... but he was not able to understand these SM dynamics. Trump tried to blame me for everything that was happening to him ... he thought that I was doing it just because I informed him before it happened. I tried to help him ... but he failed to lead ... he failed to change ... the facts didn't favor him and I couldn't stop the termination of his Presidency.

The same applies to you Mr. Biden ... these are very unusual times out there with different forces at play. If you stick to conventional politics where you get the power and do whatever you want to do ... then you will get a lot of surprises ahead. And the help that I will be able to give you will be very limited.

If you sit there being a parasite on me ... trying to get votes and remain in power using the tweet mode ... then the only information that you will get from me is who will terminate your Presidency and how  they will terminate it. This is exactly what Trump learnt by being a parasite on me.

Please note: Here is where you don't follow Obama. Obama is a nice guy ... he is not a thief or a fraud or a greedy pig ... but at the same time, he will not be able to help you lead. He has no idea about SM or its dynamics. The word "SM" was not even used or introduced to him during his Presidency. The Obama Presidency was a transition presidency ... where we moved from conventional politics into Active Democracy. He has no idea of how to operate in this Democracy ... you have to learn all of that from us only.

Obama worked with us in an online mode ... without any tweets as well ... that was enough to manage the wars and transition the country into Active Democracy. The transition was fully completed during Obama's second term itself and he doesn't know about it.

It is because of this transition ... it is because of Active Democracy ... we are able to make Pornstar bangers and a guy with 2 dozen honking cars the President of the United States. But once you are given the Presidency ... if you turn out to be frauds ... then you will be flushed out ... with or without my involvement.

It is extremely critical for you to work with us ... otherwise, you will get flushed out. Obama or Trump ... no one will be able to help you. Obama is a nice guy ... but you should be wise enough to understand where he is helping you and where he is holding you back. If you want to remain President ... coordinate and take America forward.

This is no threat ... this is how things work.


For Michelle Obama
Yes Ma'am ... I have got a few reports that Obama might have been involved in telling Warren, Trump and Biden in "going easy on working with me directly". I understand his viewpoint because this is what happened during his Presidency. We were in a transition stage ... even Twitter was not being used to interact then ... our only key objective was to stop the wars. We welcomed Obama to be a parasite on us.

From Obama's perspective, he got two full terms ... all he had to do was some online coordination and follow the party. It seems this is how he has been guiding Warren, Trump and Biden in working with us. "Just read what he writes ... pick useful information ... don't worry about him ... he blogs ... follow the party and do what you have to do ... and maintain security for him". It seems this is the "Presidential guidance" that Obama is providing. I got one or two reports about this.

They are giving examples of Warren refusing to change party based policies ... and Biden not changing any policies despite repeated alerts. They say its because of Obama.

The Obama Presidency was extremely unique ... it was a transition phase ... everybody was in learning and training mode. We can't call Obama the bad guy ... but at the same time ... we cannot call him a successful President as no crisis was solved other than slowing down on wars. You should understand that ... after the transition phase ... Trump is already known as the New Era President ... because he was extremely interactive and he stopped every war from even starting and he stopped several disasters. He was not a party puppet and he made the party his own.

Trump was already doing phenomenally well in dodging disasters ... all he had to do was coordinate with us and he could get a dynasty for himself. He was on the verge of great victories ... I told him this several times during his Presidency as well. After getting this excellent progress ... we can't go back into a transition phase again. We can't go back to very limited changes and full of party puppetry all over again.

Obama is not a bad guy ... but as reported, if he is involved in holding back Biden from working with us ... if he is trying to repeat his transition Presidency ... you can see that we have several disasters under Biden because of it. Obama holding back Biden is being disastrous for America. We didn't get Obama involved to repeat his Presidency nor to hold Biden back ... but we brought him in the game to take things forward and help Biden in the next steps. Biden has not moved one step forward and he is taking everything backwards.

You need a little bit of "hubby management" out there. We have to limit Obama in the initial phases ... he is not a bad guy but the repetition of his Presidency is a complete disaster.


No, Mr. Biden ... I am not criticizing your Boss ... I am trying to figure out all possible strings that might be holding you back, so that I can help you to lead America.