Yes, yes ... let's move forward Mr. Biden ... but moving forward also requires you to contact us first. "Moving forward" cannot be defined as only using us and screwing us ... which you have been doing since the past 2 years. You have used us to get the Presidency and you have been screwing America since 2 years ... if you have not realized it yet, that is.


Why don't our Hollywood guys cast pretty Black actresses like Javicia Leslie in movies and TV shows? Why don't they pick the best from the Black color and give them good roles? They don't like to show Black people in good light ... that Black people can also look good ... act good ... and be good?


One thing about "voter turnout" is that ... it helps mainly when your approval ratings are high. When you have public support then asking them to vote ... will get votes in your favor. But when nobody likes you ... you are running disasters ... you have the lowest approval ratings ... in this scenario, if you ask the people to vote, vote and vote ... then who do you think will get the votes?

Yes, by increasing voter turnout ... Democrats might actually be helping Republicans win the Midterms. Lol. Yes, hardcore Democrats will vote Democrat ... but Democrats themselves don't want Biden for a second term ... they themselves are not satisfied with his leadership.

A good voter turnout ... helped Obama against Mitt Romney ... because Obama had a much higher approval rating ... it helped Biden against Trump ... because Trump was seen as a disaster who wouldn't take action on the Establishment. But now, everyone sees Biden as the disaster ... so, who do you think they will vote for?


Nice to know Mr. Biden ... nice to know that ... you will "do your part".

Now, this is what you need to know about this "interactive Democracy". I have created the type of Democracy that you are living in ... that you are trying to be a President of. Active Democracy is extremely dynamic ... because there are active and instantaneous interactions and responses throughout the country at various levels. Your issue is that ... you are still stuck in the conventional form of Democracy. You just try to pull votes and then do whatever you want ... this is conventional Democracy.

This is how the Presidency is rated at the speed of its interactions and responses.

  • Dynamic Presidency. If there are instantaneous interactions and responses ... within hours or so ... then its a dynamic Presidency. You have to show the right decision making using logic and facts within hours ... then you will be a phenomenal leader and be able to lead the country in this form of Democracy.
  • Slow Presidency. If your interactions are within 24-48 hours ... then its defined as a slow Presidency. This might be okay in bigger decision making but not on small tasks.
  • Stagnant Presidency. This is if you take about a week's time to come into action ... you are known as a stagnant President.
  • Dead Presidency. If there is no response or interaction from you even in one week ... then its known as a dead Presidency. You will not survive in this form of Democracy when your interactions and responses are completely dead.

Putin has actually been the most dynamic President in this era ... we publish here and he comes into action there ... he comes into action within hours. The next on the scale has been Trump ... sometimes he acted the same day and sometimes he took a few days. And you my dear ... Mr. Biden ... you are running a dead Presidency. The only place that you came into action was in the Ukraine war and nothing much more.

You should understand that your tweet of "I will do my part" will expire within 48 hours. No one will give any value to it after 2-3 days. They will see it as a bogus tweet only to use us and pull some support and votes.

I am sure that you might be trying to come on a positive track ... but SM believes in action and not in tweets ... they will track your corresponding action ... and if there is no implementation of what you say ... then it really doesn't have any meaning to it.


Trump is using his Truth Social to trash Jews ... that's interesting. Well, one thing is for sure, Jew bashing will definitely get you attention in America. Whether that attention will be good for you or not ... that's a different question.

I think Trump is trying to give the signal that he is ready to work against the Jewish Establishment. Okay ... let's see what he can do from the Republican side for the same. As long as it doesn't involve trillions in profit for Trump ... I will hear him out.


Biden wants to keep the House and wants more Senate seats. Mr. Biden ... nothing is going to change for you until and unless you start working with us.

Several Groups out there want to take away the House and the Senate ... and then impeach you ... this is your current track. They see you as a fraud ... who took the power and went on a looting spree, instead of working with us. The last thing that most groups want to do for you is ... give you more power. First show some change in your work and then expect change from SM support.


Women are not going to vote for you Mr. Biden. You are the King Kong of all crises ... you are using a small crisis of abortion rights to get support for the King Kong of all crises. Lol.

It won't work, my friend. I already told you ... the strategy of pulling votes in favor of Democrats using the anti-abortion stance of Republicans ... this card is being planned to be used in 2024 in favor of a Democrat President that most probably won't be you.

The key problem with your Presidential leadership has been that ... you clamour to get votes via every gimmick possible. You use morals ... fear mongering ... scare tactics ... all of them happen to be just mental voodoo stuff with no measure of actually anything practical. "I am fighting for the soul of the Nation" ... an example.

And the moment, the Presidency was given to you ... you went all ... "Give me trillions! Give me trillions!! Give me trillions for this! Give me trillions for that! I want trillions! I want more trillions!! More trillions!! More trillions!!" This has been your actual on the ground practice.

Now, you are asking for the House and the Senate ... without even having started any coordination ... the majority of SM Groups don't believe you. You have backstabbed them and defrauded them for a full 2 years ... as per their perspective ... you are repeating the same style of clamoring onto power using every gimmick possible and SM expects only the worst for the American people in your next two years.

Which is why ... the strategy as of now is to ... take away the power from you. The mistake even in this state that you are making is ... you are asking for the House and Senate again and again just to coordinate with us. Nobody trusts such a person ... in order to give power ... first SM needs to see the right fight ... when you fight for the right things, the power automatically is given to you. Even if you lose the House and Senate ... votes will be arranged for you. SM is everywhere on both aisles ... they can make anything happen.

In these few days left before Midterms ... you should have coordinated and at least shown a commitment to fight for what is right ... then you could expect things in your favor. You have done nothing that you were supposed to ... you are running several disasters ... and you are expecting more and more power for you. What you are asking is not only unfair for America ... but it will be a disaster for America.


Camilla wants Harry and Meghan to return into the Royal fold ... that is so sweet ... and it is also a great thing. Meghan needs to understand that life is not about everyone around you being nice and right. Always expect and prepare for "variety" ... variety is how God tests you and trains you. If you keep on running away the moment you find someone not nice or not right ... then its not life nor can it be defined as a family.

If God has blessed you with an insight of what is right ... if God has put you on the right path much better than others ... then you should understand that with blessings come responsibilities ... with talent and capability come responsibilities. If someone around you is not nice and is not right ... then it is your job to figure out how to help them ... how to guide them ... and how to pull them on the right track. That's the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is not just being nice and right yourself ... but it is also to help everyone around you to become nice and right. It doesn't matter how much effort it takes and it doesn't matter how long it takes ... this is the purpose of life. If you keep running away from your family the moment you see something not nice and not right ... then it means that you are running away from a responsibility given to you by God.

It means that you are not playing your role in life. It means that you are being selfish and self-centered ... and that you don't care about the destiny of your family and loved ones.

Understand the responsibility that God has chosen for you ... He picked you up from a simple ordinary life and pulled you in the Royal Family. You need to stop complaining and stop showing yourself as the victim. You are not the victim from any angle whatsoever.

God is giving you an opportunity to help the Royal Family ... God is giving you an opportunity to help the country and the world as a Princess ... with a powerful, loving and supportive Prince by your side. And what are you doing? You are throwing everything away and running away from the responsibility given to you by God.

You need to hold the ground firm ... don't allow others to shake you up ... don't waver ... stay strong, be nice and be right ... and God will show you ways ahead. Don't get disturbed by others not being nice or right ... instead figure out ways to help them, guide them and correct them. At the same time, don't allow others to stomp over your rights. Hold on strong to your rights and be the guiding light for others.


Thank God that Meghan Markle kept her feelings aside and stood by Harry and the Royal Family in this crucial hour.

This is what Meghan should keep in mind ... don't expect nice and right from everybody around you. Expect variety ... because that's how God has designed this world. This world has been designed to test you in doing what is right and also to pull others to what is right. If others are wrong then it does not mean that it is your job to hate them ... it means that you have been given the knowledge of right and wrong much better than the other person and you should try to pull that person to what is right. If the other person is wrong then it is your responsibility to "save them".

If others are wrong ... then don't hate them, don't push them away, don't run away from them, don't disconnect yourself from them ... if you do so then you are actually running away from the responsibility that God has given you. This applies especially to family members.


Meghan Markle should stop bullshitting around and attend the Queen's funeral. No mutual friction is bigger than life and death of a close relative. She needs to leave everything aside and be there for the Queen and the Royal Family. Sometimes in life you have to be the bigger person by humbling yourself.