Heh ... I gave up $200 Billion from Trump because I wanted to avoid working with a mass murderer ... I knew that Biden would be able to pull off 100 times less than Trump ... that's just about $1 or 2 billion ... I was okay with it ... because I could work with a "clean team" and do great things for America on a clean path.

And 2 years later ... Biden turns out to be a bigger fraud than Trump ... who is looting America two times more than Trump. The only major differences between Biden and Trump today is that ... Biden is not a mass murderer and he is not playing with my security. Otherwise, Biden is a much bigger catastrophe than Trump.

This is something that I had mentioned even before Biden was given the White House ... things are very frantic out there ... Trump has not unleashed any new disasters ... Biden's policies are nothing but disasters ... Biden needs to mold his policies. But Biden didn't give a shit ... and look where we are today ... everything has come on the charts ... by facts and figures ... that Biden is the biggest disaster that America has ever seen since World War II.


Do you know what ... what type of checks they are doing nowadays? They are trying to check ... "if I actually want them to call me or not". Lol ... I have told them like hundreds of times ... call me, you guys are running disasters out there ... I don't get a single call and two years through this ... they check ... hmmmmm, do you actually want us to call?

Lol. I don't even know why they would try to check this? Maybe ... just like their created false sex setups and provided wrong information, they might have also said that ... "hey, he is not interested in taking your call" or something like that. Maybe.


The news is that ... even the lovely Michelle is suggesting that I work with both of them ... Biden and Trump. If Michelle is suggesting this ... then it means that Biden doesn't have the capability to rise on his own ... he is completely puppeted by Trump. If we keep pushing Biden to do something that he is not capable of ... then it means that, his entire Presidency is going to be a waste of time.

Its actually a disaster ... multiple simultaneous disasters ... and if we keep pushing Biden to leave  Trump aside ... then America is going to suffer multiple disasters throughout Biden's Presidency.

This is what Michelle should understand about this "Trump scenario" under Biden. Firstly, there has already been false information being supplied by Presidential informers. The agents placed around me by Presidential candidates have provided false information. Secondly, how do you know that this is not another stalling gimmick by Biden? How do you know that Trump is not telling Biden to use this as a gimmick to stall the work and continue on his loot? From Trump's angle, this is what will destroy the Biden Presidency and help him become President. As per Trump, the bigger screw up Biden is, the easier he becomes President.

Lastly, I have myself told Biden a few times that ... I will hear out Trump's proposal. If Biden cannot shake off Trump ... and Trump is clinging on to Biden ... then let's hear Trump out ... see what his plan is and if we can fit him in the program that we have for America.

What more does Biden want from me on this issue? Biden wants me to kick him out and make Trump president or what? I have already told him that I will look into Trump's proposal and see if we can fit him into the program. What more can I do for him?

Even after I gave him this information ... Biden keeps on cycling through his repeated excuses to delay the work ...

  • Trump is blocking.
  • Republicans are blocking.
  • You didn't get a single vote.
  • Get some pussy.
  • Look at the jobs ... I am already doing good.
  • Keep me in power for your security.
  • and he keeps on repeating this cycle of excuses.

Several SM Groups are describing Biden as a fraud ... as a selfish pig ... a greedy moron without any balls who gets puppeted the moment you show him a bundle of cash ... as a Trump puppet ... they want him impeached and removed from the White House. This is the on the ground scenario that I am dealing with. And out there ... Biden sits running several disasters in the country making excuses not to do what is right.

The only other option that I have other than leaving the door open for Biden is that ... look for other routes to take America forward. That's why I am asking you to go solo ... that's why I am asking Elon Musk to coordinate and go solo. Going solo is not difficult ... always keep in mind that you are not alone.

How do you think that Trump was made President? He went solo ... complete and total solo. Which President was helping him to run for President? Was Obama helping him or George Bush was helping him? His own party was making fun of him and ridiculing him ... but did we make him President or not? The Establishment unleashed his sex scandals as a last effort to eliminate him from the race ... even then did we make a Pornstar banger the President or not?

Not only we made him President but we made the Republican Party, a party of Trump. Why? A simple reason that I gave SM was that ... Republicans are much better in Trump's hand rather than in the hands of the Establishment. Even today, I don't stop Trump's activities in the Republican Party ... because I know the guy doesn't go for disasters and always tries to go for victories ... and that much good is more than that the Republican Party can handle. He is keeping the Party on the right track.

Elon Musk doesn't have to worry about going solo at all ... just look at Trump's track. Not only we made him President but we put a huge section of the Party under his control. The key thing that will get you victories in American politics is ... stand up for what is right and fight for what is right ... even if it means standing up against your own Party. Trump did that very well ... even though he was alone ... and Biden is failing terribly to do so. Instead of leading, he has become a Trump puppet.

We can make Elon Musk the President ... we can make the Democrat Party, a party of Elon Musk ... the last thing that you need to worry about is going solo. In fact, going solo is the best route to keep yourself totally independent from any influence whatsoever ... it might be Party or the Establishment influence ... going solo will give you this liberty and power to make great change ... and not depend on the garbage that comes from others. In this time of extreme misleading from several directions ... going solo can make you extremely powerful and successuful.

All what Musky needs to do is ... use facts and logic ... and fight for what is right ... doesn't matter who stands in front of you ... you should always stand for what is right ... then we will put the entire Nation in your support. This was done for Trump and we can do it for you.