Okay, okay ... I get the complaints about the web marketing works from Obamas. "Why are you taking up this petty work? You promised us revolutions ... why are you wasting time on marketing? Don't you see that this is Obama taking you back into the Obama era ... where you were doing the marketing work and America was stagnating under Obama's party puppetry? Obama is repeating his Presidency and facilitating party puppetry and disasters under Biden while keeping you busy in marketing. Can't you see this through?"

Well, well, well ... the first thing that you guys should know is that ... it is nothing new for Obamas to give me a helping hand with design and marketing works ... they have been doing it since the Obama Presidency. Secondly, who says that I am dropping the project of revolutionizing America? The project is stil on ... we are still working on coordinating with the most suitable President that will take America forward.

It can be Biden ... or Elon Musk ... or Bill de Blasio ... or Kamala Harris ... we don't know who it will be until and unless the coordination starts. Until the coordination starts ... if Obamas are helping me pay my bills ... then what is wrong in that? I have been doing design and marketing ... and at the same time guiding America right from the beginning of the work. That's how I operate ... I do some web design and marketing to pay my bills ... and I also guide the President and SM Groups to lead the country. I have been like this since right from the beginning.

Talking about "allowing stagnation and disasters as it happened under Obama ... and Obama recreating his Presidency" ... I don't think that's the idea. Even if it is so ... we can guide them what has to be done.

I know there is frustration ... a lot of frustration ... among SM Groups about the lack of leadership and lack of coordination. But I am not locking myself into design and marketing contracts. Once the main project begins ... its a billion dollar project ... I can simply refund the amount that these web design and marketing guys paid ... and tell them that ... "whatever service has been rendered, it is free of cost and here is your full refund ... I have another project to focus on."

We can manage this situation from all angles. I am not deviating from the main project. Biden is lagging ... get Elon Musk in touch with me. Michelle and Musk are more than enough for me to flush out Biden and Trump ... and make Elon Musk the next US President. We can take the work forward under him.

I like Musky ... he is practical, flexible, loves to do what is right, loves to succeed and to be phenomenal ... all I need is coordination with him and show him what has to be done. In working with Musk ... we don't need Trump or Biden or even Obama ... simply Michelle is enough.

Obviously, I don't mind the First Gentleman helping and accompanying President Michelle ... but its extremely important to make people centric decisions ... its important to configure ways to move ahead of party and Establishment control. This is where Trump and Biden have failed ... which is why most of you guys are looking for the next President.

Don't misunderstand the little help Obamas are giving me ... get me Elon Musk.


I know the time is less for the Midterms. If Biden has only contacted me ... that would have been more than enough to keep the Midterms in his favor. He didn't have to show a change in policies or campaign for anything new for the Midterms. SM Groups would understand that since Biden has made the contact ... he will obviously follow through the next steps.

But our lovely Mr. Biden didn't even care to contact ... let alone champion for great reforms in America. He has himself created a leadership vacuum and he has only created the need for Elon Musk to lead America.


Yes, yes ... please sit there making excuses ... because your Guru Trump told you not to work with us. What SM Groups say is that ... "the guy can't manage one simple hotel owner who has no power, how the hell is he going to manage multi-trillion dollar Establishment elements who have tens of thousands of outlets? Biden has failed ... he is nothing but a greedy pig who cannot lead America in this crisis."

You are sitting there and proving them right Mr. Biden. The more you stall and the more excuses you make ... you keep proving them right.

Mr. Biden ... this is the choice that you are making right now ... either to go down in history as a fraud ... as a thief ... as a shameless greedy pig ... who was on a looting spree while his country was burning and while his people were screaming for help ... or ... or ... you can go down in history as a phenomenal leader who revolutionized America and live in the hearts of the American people forever. This is your choice ... this is the choice that you are making right now.


A subpoena for Trump by the Jan 6th Committee is nothing but vote pulling gimmicks by Democrats just before the Midterms. If they were serious about going after Trump's crimes then there would already be a long list of indictments against Trump. Not a single indictment or conviction against Trump ... Democrats simply keep on increasing the number of investigations and subpoenas ... the end result of it is nothing but some media noise ... to show that Trump is bad and they can pull some votes in their favor. The whole thing is total bullshit.

The facts on the ground are that Biden is two times worse than Trump. There were no wars under Trump, no crazy mass spending under Trump and no climate change garbage under Trump. Biden is running multiple disasters simultaneously ... the guy who is two times worse than Trump is trying to show that Trump is the bad guy ... and that he should get the votes to remain in power.

The truth is ... in the best interests of the American people ... both Trump and Biden should be kicked out of power ... none of them deserve to remain in power.


Why are you depending on Michelle Obama? Why not go solo with Elon Musk?

Some SM Groups are asking ... "Why are you depending on Michelle Obama? Why not work directly with Elon Musk? She is not working with you directly ... maybe because Biden and Obama have some influence on her. Trump has paid hefty amounts to Biden and Obama ... and they might be holding back Michelle from working with you directly. Why don't you dodge this group totally and work directly with Elon Musk?"

These are some good questions. The first thing that you should understand that ... Michelle is already a part of the game ... she has been incredibly and selflessly consistent in maintaining our security. We actually "depend" on her for security.

Secondly, yes to take the work forward ... we can directly work with Elon Musk. Its not that we are depending on her to take the work forward ... we love her, trust her and respect her ... that's why we would love it if she would be a part of the team in working with Elon Musk.

And yes, its a good point ... some SM Groups complain that "Obama might be trying to recreate his Presidency ... he might be telling others to ignore you and do what the Party says ... putting us back into a stagnant phase again. This time it will not be only stagnant ... it can be disastrous as several disasters are on the move. No action during these times can be catastrophic."

I don't think that this assumption is totally true ... but yes, if there is any truth to it then ... Michelle should encourage Elon Musk to work directly with us in the starting phases to ward off this issue. This would be an advantage of working with Musky directly ... it will help us dodge Trump's paid influence.

Trump held America hostage during his Presidency ... he was kicked out of the White House because of that ... and now, he is holding America hostage even under the Biden Presidency ... what do you think is going to happen to you in the elections or before elections, Trumpy? You should keep in mind that ... Biden cannot stop every lawsuit against you. They will have influence only in investigations and lawsuits that have been filed either by the government or by Democrats ... in all other lawsuits, Democrats will have very little influence in what will happen to you.

During your Presidency, SM maintained security shields for you ... but now, if you keep screwing America then why do you think they will protect you? Anything can happen.

Coming back to Musky ... as you might have figured out ... its a complete mess out there. America is not going through the problems of one President ... but right now, America is going through the problems of 3 different Presidents simultaneously at once ... this is, adding on top to several layers of Establishment malice. Welcome to American leadership. Lol.

This is the shit that needs to be managed Musky … to get things started, that is.