I appreciate the little web design help ... it pays the bills ... but we all know that it doesn't do shit for the project. This is not why we are reaching the President of the United States ... to pay my damn bills ... Michelle manages that quite well ... its a part of the security shell. What Biden needs to focus is on revolutionizing America ... he hasn't done shit and many SM Groups see him as a greedy pig and a fraud.

Your leadership as President to revolutionize America is what matters Mr. Biden ... SM sees you as a fraud on a looting spree. Here are some of the key SM group activities in these Midterms.

  • Some want to take away both the House and Senate and deliver a crushing defeat ... and then make you quit immediately. They don't even want to give you a full term.
  • Some of them want to impeach you. In the impeach groups ... some want to impeach you once ... some twice and some for every mass spending policy that you came up with.
  • Some of them are following the balanced approach that I have suggested ... of keeping at least the Senate or the House with Democrats and not taking away both.
  • Some of them want to keep both the House and Senate with Democrats but they are waiting to see if you have the balls and the commonsense to coordinate with us and work on the right policies.

Its like an entire spectrum out there ... each group pursuing its own objectives based upon their own evaluations and based on what they think that you deserve. Which group will succeed? It depends on which group pulls more groups in their favor. If more groups think that you should quit ... then that will take place ... if more groups think that you deserved to be impeached ... then that will take place ... and if more groups think that a balanced approach is right ... then that will take place.

As Director of Strategy ... I am informed of the major movements at the ground level ... and I try to help the President understand what is happening, what he should do and how he can avoid the worst for himself.

Well, its not good that several groups want you to quit or impeached ... SM Groups are very powerful ... anything can happen. That's why I try to help you dodge all of their moves ... help you to get on the right track ... so that I can pull these groups in your favor and nullify their complaints and movements against you.

But unfortunately, you have made zero progress and zero changes ... and all of these groups still exist and their activities still continue. Its pretty unpredicatable what will happen out there ... but one thing is for sure that several groups are not in your favor. Things are not as favorable as they were in 2020. In 2020, they were frustrated at Trump and they wrote FU*K Trump all over the US electoral map ... and now, they are frustrated with you. I am wondering how creative they are going to get this time.

Lol. I am just trying to help you understand the scenario ... so that you can do what is right.


The West needs to stop talking about a "nuclear response" to Russia's use of nukes. That is not something you put in the media again and again ... it serves Establishment malice. Biden should know that Israel has nukes ... which means that the Establishment has nukes. They can very easily fake a nuclear attack from Russia and drop one or two nukes in look alike Russian aircrafts.

They will run in the media that "Russia uses nukes against Ukraine" ... and then as per the repeated propaganda of responding to the Russian use of nukes, NATO will come into action without proper verification. This will lead to a nuclear war.

You need to weigh things ... see what can happen next before you keep on pressing Russia. One or two warnings should be enough ... repetition of threats will create a propaganda which can be used to mislead the people via pre-planned activities.


No, Mr. Biden ... Putin didn't miscalculate anything ... the thing is you don't understand Putin's calculations. I will give you a hint ... this is not Putin's war ... this is Trump's war.

I am not giving full details on this because I don't want to disturb Putin's strategy ... he is doing perfectly fine.


Mr. Biden ... you are more than welcome to work with us. The thing is ... while you work on making a contact with us ... don't expect us to stop showing the flaws that are coming from your Presidency. With all due respect, we have already given you 2 full years to make a contact and work on the right policies. I am facing a lot of fury from SM for being silent on the ongoing disasters in America.

What I will guarantee is ... once you make a contact with us and we start restructuring things ... then you can expect us to change our work as well. Until then, don't expect us to stop our work just because of your tweets ... SM was first furious at you and now, they are furious at me for not showing your flaws and what has to be done next.

I have to do my job as Director of Strategy. I promise you change in the work ... because once you start working with us then the strategies start changing of how to lead America. But when you don't work with us ... despite your tweets, everything remains the same ... that's why, I have to devise alternate leadership modes to address your flaws and take the country forward under another President.

This is exactly what my ongoing work is as of now ... I am keeping options open for you ... and at the same time ... I have to explore all possible ways to take America forward. Once I put all options on the table then SM will decide how they want to move forward. As of now, the best thing that I can do for you is ... keep all options open for you.


Elon Musk is wrong on Taiwan.

My friend, you need to learn what "Communism" is ... then you will understand what it means to allow Communist rule or control over your country. Communism is Satanism designed by our lovely Jewish Establishment ... the people are "reared" like animals without any principles, religion or values ... with complete tyranny, oppression and control of a few who run the government.

When you talk about Chinese control over Taiwan ... then this is what you bring into Taiwan. And this is why Taiwan hates China and wants to stay away from China. A give and take approach doesn't work everywhere ... it works with like minded people ... it will work with Russia. Russia has abolished Communism and its ideology ... its a good Christian country with a good leader ... the same is not the case with China.


Mr. Biden ... first you need to coordinate with us and then ask for more seats in the Congress.


Biden is saying that "Republicans are blocking". What's actually happening is that ... this is Trump's way of getting in the game. "I am the one who is blocking the work ... get me in the game ... get me involved".

Lol. Firstly, Mr. Biden ... when you say that Trump or Republicans are blocking the work ... then it only shows your incompetence as President to lead the country. Secondly, if Trump wants to get involved ... I already told you that I will hear him out. Let's see what he wants to do and how it will fit or not in the program that we have for America. We have to plan out things.


This is what Biden needs to know. Putin is playing an interesting game out there ... its not actual war ... its strategy. I don't want to give the details as it will affect what Putin is doing. But here's the key thing that will help you manage and win this situation. Show warm and welcome cards to Putin ... its a must for you to show that you don't want war with Russia and to put this into actual action ... make some welcome efforts ... like allowing the movement of Russian food grains, not focusing only on Donbass but go for other areas and allow Russian athletes to compete in international competitions.

Putin is a "deal maker" ... don't use an authoritarian tone with him ... he is also a "President" ... he is someone of equal stature. If you can't show respect ... at least try to show a give and take attitude. Don't totally condemn him ... don't treat him like an enemy.

Always keep in mind ... this is Trump's war ... this is not Putin's war. Once Trump loses in 2024, his influence in politics will get minimized ... but Putin can remain President for life.

Your approach in dealing with Russia should be calm, tactical and show an understanding of both sides to make proper deals. Follow a give and take track. If you play wise, you can pull Putin on your side ... he is an excellent force to have on your side ... especially when the battle with the Establishment will start in the next phases ... Putin can be phenomenal.

Don't get carried away with your military advisers who are trained to treat Russia as an enemy ... you will get a lot of Establishment misleading and malice in the "advice" that you get in the White House. You need to re-strategize using commonsense, facts and logic to do what is right.


Zelensky should focus on Kherson and Zaporozhye ... instead of Donbass. Donbass is the center of the conflict ... here is where the war began. Putin might return for this area and nullify your gains here. Its better to focus on other areas first.

Allow Russia to export grain ... this helps in two ways. Firstly, everyday people should not be affected in their very basic needs such as food grains. Secondly, it will show Russia that the West is ready for peace ... the West doesn't want a war with Russia ... it only wants the end of the war and the removal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

We should keep one door open ... a sign of peace ... for understanding and dialogue. Allow the movement of Russian food grains.


Biden is making tweets about being together and working together ... and anti-Biden SM Groups are saying ... "the guy does nothing but tweet ... let's impeach the fraud".

Interesting chemistry.

"Impeach the fraud" slogan is trending among Pro-Trump and Anti-Biden SM Groups. This time the fraud is not Trump ... its Biden.


It is Establishment elements that are screwing with Russia's Nordstream pipeline. They are trying to turn Russia against the West. The West has openly declared that it does not want a war against Russia ... this is against the Establishment's plans. The Establishment likes to create events on both sides to increase friction and create war.

This is something very similar to oil tankers being attacked and the blame was being put on Iran. They wanted to create friction between Middle East countries and Iran to create a war. They are similarly trying to go after Russian properties in the sea.


Banning and punishing Russian athletes is a racist activity. Sports is one of the things that brings the world together. Punishing civilians because of the politics of a few at the top is pretty racist. We should be better than that.

Sanctions on Russia should be about stopping the war and then coming together. Attacking, punishing and mistreatment of Russian citizens, athletes, performers, tourists ... all of it is pretty racist. Establishment elements would want this ... because they are the propagandists of hate and division ... they will try to create hate and division at every level.

We should be able to distinguish between activities that stop conflicts and create peace ... and the activities that create hate and friction.


Ladies ... we are protecting Shakira. Help her out with her lawsuit.


The US should stop warning Russia and start a proper dialogue.


Trump: Maggie Haberman is like my psychiatrist.

So he admits that he needs a psychiatrist ... well, that's a start.


No Mr. Biden ... SM Groups are not turning away from you to move towards Trump. They clearly see your incompetence and greed in not indicting and convicting Trump ... it doesn't mean they will support Trump. They want both of you flushed out of politics. They see both of you as frauds and thieves.


"The goal is to cut cancer rates by 50% in the next 25 years". The guy won't survive in the White House in the next two years and he is talking about the next 25 years. Seems more like a scam to blow his horn.

Who the hell plans for the next 25 years when you have only 2 years left in office? "Yes, if you want to some results ... contact me after 25 years." Let alone the Biden Presidency, Biden himself won't survive the next 25 years ... most probably.


Convict Trump and Putin will stop his war.

Trump is loving that the Biden Presidency is failing big time because he couldn't stop the war. Now, just before the Midterms, Trump is pushing Putin to escalate the war to a much higher level. The key in stopping Putin's war is indicting and convicting Trummp.

The moment Trump gets convicted ... he can no longer be President ... and he will have no reason to sit and design disasters under the Biden Presidency to fail Biden. Trump is a self-obsessed asshole ... you have to see what Trump wants to control his schemes and crises. If Trump can't win the Presidency then he will not sit and invest hundreds of billions in a war just to benefit some other guy who would become President.

But many SM Groups say that Biden loves the money that he got from Trump more than the lives that are being lost in the war. This is one of the reasons they call him a shameless greedy pig. Everyone doubts if Biden will leave his love for money and greed aside to indict and convict Trump.


“I think if it happened, I think you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before. I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it.”

“I think they’d have big problems. Big problems. I just don’t think they’d stand for it. They will not sit still and stand for this ultimate of hoaxes,” Trump said.

Does Trump realize that he just threatened "American National Security"? He openly declared himself a threat to National Security.


Seems like Biden has made changes to his script writers ... its helping. Otherwise, his speeches were drop dead boring.