Biden’s fate is uncertain ahead. If he wants to work with us then well and good … but if he wants to stall or continue on his current track … then I don’t think that Michelle Obama should waste time waiting for him.

You should understand that you are far more valuable than him … your era and role will span through several Presidents. If you have to maintain your lead role in America … you should try to work with us directly and independently of the current President. It will be great if we don’t depend on one or two guys to lead America. Lesser the dependency, the better it is.

Depending on a one or two guys … makes the work very dependent … it slows down the work and everything stagnates … which is exactly what is going on. Let alone stagnation, we are having multiple simultaneous crises as we speak.

Biden has left a huge leadership vacuum … just like Trump. Things are quite uncertain ahead … the more we prepare, the better it is. The earlier and the stronger options we put on the table … the easier it will be to pull the victories on our side.

The formula for seamless progress in the game is …

  • Multiple financial support points
  • Multiple security support points
  • Multiple technology support points
  • Multiple political support points
  • Multiple media support points

We need to setup this kind of structure in the next steps. The key benefit of this structure is that … we never depend only on one or two points to get things done. This is our biggest disadvantage today … this is what we need to change.

Go solo and independent
We strategize so that our guys can understand every single hurdle that the Establishment will put in our way and we show them how to dodge and succeed through every hurdle. But the amusing thing is that … we are getting greedy pigs in the White House who are only interested in looting trillions for themselves and they are sitting there making every single excuse not to do the work that they were chosen for. This is the key issue that America is facing … America is going through a greedy pig crisis.

One way to break this stalemate and to move America forward is by operating independently and solo. Working together in a team is great … but if you look at the team out there then we have …

  • Obama is too nice to stand up to anyone
  • Biden is just too greedy and interested in spending and looting trillions
  • Trump doesn’t want anything nice to happen under Biden … he wants Biden to fail

We have 3 Presidents out there … each of them are far away of the main course of the work. Each of them have their own interests … making them work together can be difficult. Biden will look for every reason to stick to looting trillions … Trump will look for every excuse to fail Biden, he will never want anything good for Biden … and Obama is just too nice to stand up to anyone.

There are two key things that you should understand at this moment in time … for you to create and consolidate a phenomenal leading role in America.

One. Solo and independent. Never be afraid to operate solo and independent. This saves the hassle of depending on others … waiting for others … and you move the work independently forward by yourself. This way the work never stops.

Later on, seeing your progress and success … others who have been slacking … they join your lead. This is the key difference between leaders and followers. When you know the right thing that has to be done … then you work to make it happen via several routes possible. While followers … they simply join you when you have taken the lead.

Two. Obamas are special. Let me tell you one thing that I don’t think I have shared with you. You guys are special. The key difference between Obama, Trump and Biden is that … Trump and Biden were chosen by SM … and Obama was chosen by God. SM was not active in 2008 … they got activated in Obama’s first term. I raised SM and got them involved in Presidential elections … and then they started working on Trump and Biden while rooting out others.

Unlike Trump and Biden … Obama was chosen by God. And in Obama … the even more special thing was you my lovely lady. If you saw Obama’s first term then he went completely with party puppetry and Establishment misleading … he ended up starting several wars. SM moved my work … up the ranks and brought your attention to our work. It is you who started following us and started guiding Obama … about Establishment malice and how to end wars.

My dear lady … it is you who created the major turning point in US history and helped in the ending of the War on Terror. Now, America is again in a major crisis … a greedy pig crisis … we are stuck in conventional politics where politicians do some bullshit of their own until they are kicked out of office. We have to transition away from these shitty systems into a new era … it is again you who can provide a major turning point in US history.

The goodness that Obama carried
You are the goodness that Obama carried into Presidential leadership … he was the carrier and you were the main person to lead and change America. Yes, because Obama played this critical role of choosing you, marrying you and bringing you in top politics … I am not too harsh on him. You are the best thing that Obama has ever chosen.

That’s why … whenever I have to criticize Obama … I think it through like 10 times. The guy is chosen by God … he has already made a major turning point for America … has played a key role in bringing Michelle in the lead … and he is a super nice guy … so, how do you criticize such a guy?

This is what goes through my head several times before I talk about Obama. But at the end of the day, I have to solve people’s problems … and manage each person’s roles. We have a limitation of time with the Presidency … decisions are made by SM based upon each person’s performance through one or two years. So, I put people in front of me … see what has to be done in God’s light for their good … and then see how Obama is going to play his role in the next steps. That helps me talk about Obama. Lol … because when you talk against a chosen one … the last thing you want to do is mess with God.

Obama is the best among the three
You need to start figuring out things solo and independently … this will open your mind and options to a great extent. And then … if you want to work with any of the three … Obama, Trump or Biden … then obviously, the best choice is Obama.

The good thing about Obama … apart from being a chosen one is that … he is not a greedy pig. If you have noticed … I have defined Obama as slow, stagnant and a party puppet … but I have never called him a greedy pig. Greed is not something that sways Obama much … and he would also be willing to test things against party puppetry.

If you observed … Obama continuously reduced the spending throughout his Presidency … shows he is not a greedy pig unlike others. And he also tried to audit the Fed despite no party support … shows that he will test out a few things against the party as well.

Automatic Coalitions
When you start operating solo … you have a lot of friends that will support your lead. Among the Presidents … Obama will most likely help you and support you. Once you have Obama … Biden will automatically show interest. As far as Trump is concerned … why, why … oh, why? We don’t need him in the initial phases … we will evaluate his role, if any ahead.

Leadership vacuum
America is in several simultaneous crises … and Biden has created a leadership vacuum. When Trump did not act … we tried to pull in Oprah … then Warren … and then Biden to fill the void. Well, the guy that we pulled in the game … he is sitting there making excuses not to do anything but stick to his loot … which is creating a leadership vacuum again.

The last thing SM wants to do is fall back for Trump … as everybody on the planet knows what Trump does. So, Ma’am … I am not asking you to run for President … but you can provide some backend leadership to start with … and this will shape the next Presidency ahead. You can again provide a major turning point for America and solve its greedy pig crisis.

Biden is not evil
One point about Biden is that … yes, greed is an issue … but he is not evil … he is not a puppet of the Establishment. In fact, all 3 … Obama, Trump and Biden … none of them are evil or a puppet of the Establishment. This is the key reason they were given the White House … to see great things under their leadership.

We need a breakthrough to make things happen. You should operate in both modes … solo and team … don’t allow the team to hold you back … and use the progress that you make via solo mode to pull the team ahead.


Yes, yes ... I want pussy. I want to work with the President of the United States ... beeecaaaussse ... I want pussy. Absolute genius. You got me.

Stupid idiots ... this is the type of leadership that we have at the top. What Mr. Biden is doing is ... he is cycling through the same old excuses repeatedly ...

  • Trump is blocking.
  • Republicans are blocking.
  • You didn't get a single vote.
  • Get some pussy.
  • Look at the jobs ... I am already doing good.
  • Keep me in power for your security.
  • and the cycle repeats.

That's why SM Groups say that ... "he is a greedy pig stuck to his schemes of loot who doesn't want to do anything else other than loot America." He has even run out of excuses ... he has been cycling through the same excuses since months now. Mr. Biden ... you can't sit there and blame everyone else for your lack of leadership. You chose to become President ... its your responsibility to lead ... stop blaming others.