Mr. Biden ... Trump was a parasite on us ... and if there was anything else that he was to us ... then it was being a threat to us. Trump shuttled in being a parasite or a threat to us. That was the Trump Presidency for us ... either we had to put up with a fraud and a parasite who would go on a looting spree and not solve any of the people's problems ... or we would have to put up with threats from the same fraud and parasite that we were protecting from jail and impeachment.

Biden following Trump
You are following Trump's tracks ... you are already a parasite on us. Since you are also on a looting spree and don't care to solve any of the people's crises ... you will find support falling for you and failures coming in your way. Your failures and the exposure of your loot and fraud will make you angry and you will start threatening us. Even you will start shuttling in being either a parasite on us or a threat to us.

Who are you? You are not Trump ... you are Biden ... but by following Trump, you are becoming Trump in every way. I already alerted you about this phase where you will start turning against us several months ago. We are in this phase ... because you chose to be a fraud and a parasite on us.

What’s the point of having Biden backed by Obamas to lead America?
Nobody asked you to be Trump ... you chose to be Trump. Trump was kicked out of the White House ... because he was Trump. You ran for election because "Trump was President". If we wanted another Trump in the White House, then we would have simply given Trump a second term. Why even bother to create a leadership configuration of "Biden backed by Obamas" ... if you wanted to be nothing but Trump?

We chose different ... we chose different leaders ... we made better choices ... because we wanted better things for America. We chose Biden & Obamas over Trump because we wanted a better America.

But if you are choosing to be a fraud ... a parasite ... a greedy pig ... a thief who goes on a looting spree while his country is burning ... if these are your choices, then how are we the bad guys? By following this path and staying on this path for full 2 years ... you yourself are inviting all SM Groups to flush you out from the White House. You have nullified the main reason of putting you in the White House and you yourself are asking to get flushed out. Why are you angry at others when all of it is your fault?

This is your fault, Mr. Biden
Are we refusing to help you ... are we refusing to guide you ... are we refusing to save your Presidency? Just like we have stopped helping Trump in any way ... are we refusing to help you? Don't blame us ... all of it is your fault ... these are your choices.

If you thought that Trump was the worst President and even a guy like you could win the election against him ... then why are you choosing to be Trump? Why don't you do things right ... why don't you fight for your people? This is not rocket science ... its extremely easy. Stop following bullshit advice ... work with Michelle Obama ... understand these crises first so that you understand the solutions and how to implement them. These are very very simple steps.

You don't do anything right and then blame others who want to help you. Your Presidency is being terminated because 330 million American citizens are suffering because of parasites and frauds in the White House. If you agree to save and fight for 330 million Americans ... then we will fight for you, save you and protect you ... otherwise, no SM Group is interested in supporting frauds and parasites in the White House.

SM getting furious at me for inaction
As of now, everyone is furious at me for remaining silent on your flawed leadership. I held them off for a full one year ... if I hold it off any further then I would be at fault. I would be the one who was inactive and ignoring all of the crises while the people were suffering. I need to play my role ... whether you play your role or not. I can't screw the people just because you are.

A President at war with his own Nation
And yeah ... turn against us ... and the termination of your Presidency will get fast-tracked and you will find a multitude of forces against you, all around you. Trump ended up being a President at war with his own Nation. Why? Because he was screwing with those who gave him power and were keeping him in power. You never screw with the Ocean that holds your ship afloat.

I am not the Ocean … SM is the Ocean. They work in interesting ways. I am sure you don't want to go through the full Trump course ... we are all praying and banking on you to change your track. May God help you and guide you to do what is right.


Republican anti-abortion stance may not help Biden in the Midterms

There is more bad news for Biden ... about the Republican anti-abortion stance ... you might not able to capitalize it in the Midterms. Right now, Republicans are not the crisis ... it is the Biden Presidency that is the crisis. The priority for several SM Groups is to terminate the current crisis ... that is ... to terminate the Biden Presidency. Not many groups actually care about Trump or Republicans ... since they are not the ones in power. You are the one in power ... you refuse to lead right and you have activated several simultaneous disasters for America and the world.

What some SM Groups suggest is ... not to use the abortion card in the Midterms too much ... but we need to save it for 2024. What they say is ...

  • Let us first, take away the House and Senate from Biden in these Midterms.
  • The Biden Presidency will fall and he will not run for re-election ... or he may even quit. This is the first victory that we will get.
  • Once we give Republicans the House and Senate then they will actually create laws to ban abortion. Here is where we train the next Democrat President and use their anti-abortion laws to get a Democrat victory in 2024.

This victory would be a much more useful victory for America. On one hand, we get to terminate Biden's disastrous Presidency ... and on the other hand, in the next two years we can show America how foolish and disastrous the Republicans are ... and thus pull a victory for a Democrat President in 2024. This is much better usage of the Republican anti-abortion stance.

It is SM that pulls off election victories ... I don't know what they will eventually decide ... but this is one of the strategies already into play.


The basic question that some SM Groups ask is that ... "the Republican anti-abortion stance is an SM gimmick designed to pull votes from the Republican Party. This gimmick was activated using Mitt Romney against Obama. Since then it has been a very effective gimmick of pulling away especially women voters away from Republicans. The key question here is that ... why should we use an SM gimmick to help a parasite and a fraud in the White House? Why should SM use its techniques to empower a fraud and a traitor in the White House?

Thus, it is only right that ... first, we flush out Biden ... we don't allow him to pull votes using the Republican anti-abortion stance ... we nullify his leadership and Presidency. And then, we pull a Democrat President who actually cares and works with SM Groups to revolutionize America. Let's help the right person using our influence and techniques rather than support a fraud."

This is the basic argument against Biden from some SM Groups.


Biden desperately looking for ways to blow his horn

Biden is desperately trying to look for something ... to blow his horn ... to get more votes ... to justify his Presidency. He was busy on a looting spree ... hasn't done much ... now, in his multi-trillion dollar disasters, he is looking for ways to blow his horn. Talk about following Trump.

So, let's help Biden figure out the best thing about his Presidency. Mr. Biden ... let me show you the best thing about your Presidency ... it is not you ... it is not your policies ... nor is it your talent, skills or courage. The best thing about your Presidency is "Michelle Obama" ... its because of Michelle that you were given the Presidency. Its because you were close to Obamas and so that you could coordinate with Michelle to lead America to greatness ... you were given the Presidency.

Stop trying to dig into your policies ... you won't find anything there ... 90% of it is full of crap. The only major reason why you were given the Presidency is ... not you or your policies or your talent ... its because of Michelle Obama ... so that, you could work with her ... stop all disasters that come from the Party and the Establishment misleading ... and to do great things for the American people.

Unfortunately, you have left coordination with Michelle aside ... you have left the best thing that you have aside ... and you have been running some cock-a-doodle-doo bullshit out there ... which is nothing but open loot and theft of the country. You have abandoned the key reason why you were made President ... run some type of total bullshit ... and now you are digging in that bullshit ... trying to blow your horn just before Midterms. Its pathetic.

You have become a pathetic failure by your own choice. The good news is ... despite your pathetic situation, there is still a small window of time open for you ... so that you can rectify yourself ... save your Presidency ... and become America's hero ... .

By your own choice, you have become a failure ... and by your own choice, you can become a victor. But let me tell you ... this window of opportunity that you have ... it will not last for long. The constraints of time are quite pressing hereon. Very soon the entire political spectrum in America can turn against you ... or ... or ... it can turn in your favor.