Heh ... lol. This is what Biden needs to understand about this phase ... a phase of transitioning to the next President. This phase should not have been activated ... you should have got a smooth sailing victory in the Midterms and as well as in your election for the next term. This is what would have happened if you had worked with us and fought for what is right for the American people.

Biden is to be blamed for the termination of his Presidency
But due to your own inaction, greed and party puppetry ... you have not followed the track that you were chosen to follow. You should understand that ... it is you yourself who has activated this phase of transitioning to the next President. No one else is to be blamed for this phase other than you.

That being said ... you should also understand that SM fury against you is not at a personal level. They don't hate you as a person ... in fact, they themselves chose to give you the Presidency as they wanted to see great reforms for America under your leadership. The fury against you is mainly because you did not lead.

This fury is unleashed by you and it can be stopped by you. They are upset that you did not lead ...  all you need to do is coordinate and fight for what is right. And then, the entire political spectrum in America can be put in your favor.

Simple formula: Work with us to become President
During 2020 elections, we gave you a simple formula to win the elections ... "work with us to become President". Its simple as that. In fact, Trump was chosen because SM saw that he was the best guy in 2016 to work with us. Trump failed to work with us and he was flushed out. In 2020, you were the best guy that had a higher probability of working with us ... thus you were given the Presidency. Now, even you have failed ... thus America's crises remain unsolved ... and thus, your Presidency is being failed.

SM: Screw Biden’s signals
Yes, I see your "signals" that you are going to work with us. Even SM Groups are seeing your "signals" ... they are saying "screw the signals ... even we should have just given him signals and not the Presidency. (lol) Don't bother to change the transition phase just because of some bogus and hollow signals. America is getting screwed ... we need better and capable leaders ... who are honest and have the balls to do what is right. Please continue with the transition phase until Biden works with you directly ... or until we get another leader who will work with us. If you fall for the signals ... these guys will sit there like parasites doing nothing and only using us to remain in power. We can instead use our time to flush them out and bring in better leaders."

Understanding the Transition Phase
Do you understand what they are saying Mr. Biden? Just because you send out some "signals" that you will work with us ... don't expect us to blow your horn or support your leadership ... as you will do nothing but remain a parasite on us. This is what SM is saying ... if you are serious in working with us ... then screw the signals and work with us directly. This is point number one.

The second point is ... they are asking me not to stop with the transition phase. Which means ... not to stop flushing you out ... showing the disasters of your Presidency ... exploring the next Presidents to lead America ... design of consequences of your inaction and loot of America ... and how to move from the Biden Presidency to the next Democrat President. They are asking me not to stop this process just because of your bogus and hollow "signals".

All options open for Biden
The best that I can do for you is that ... I can keep all options open for you. That's the good news for you in this phase. Yes, there might be SM fury against you and yes, we might be exposing your disasters to the world in order create the next President ... but we will keep the options open for working with you. I had done the same with Trump also ... till the last moment, I had kept options open to work with us.

That's the best that I could do for him then. You are in the same state ... there was fury against Trump but I was maintaining options open for him to change things in his favor for the good of the country. I will do the same for you.

Transition phase can be weird
Just because we are exposing your disasters and how flawed your Presidency is ... please don't think that we are angry with you or that we don't want to work with you. This is the transition phase ... yes, we are open to working with you but since you don't care to work with us and you are running a disastrous Presidency ... every SM Group wants to know how to transition away from you ... how to flush you out to bring in the next Democrat President.

Presidential leadership has time limits
If I don't design the transition phase ... then I have to put up with SM fury. They were furious at me at the end of your first year itself. "This guy is running all disasters ... what are you doing? ... why don't you correct him?" They wanted to flush you out and start the transition process one year ago itself. But I told them ... "he doesn't know anything ... we have not told him anything. Let me first guide him and invite him to do what is right ... and then if he doesn't listen ... then you can come into action."

I held them off for one full year ... so that you could come into action to do what is right. Now, everything is pretty serious ... anything can happen further ahead. Things can fall in your favor ... or everything can turn against you ... it all depends on your decisions. Don't blame me.

Two types of simultaneous opposite activities
To sum it up … the transition phase has two types of simultaneous activities.

  • Flush out activities. You will be termed as a parasite, a liar, a fraud, a thief and a hypocrite … its not about being rude … but its because your promises and actual action correspond to those terms. Termination of your Presidency … open exposure of your disasters and its impact on the lives of the people … possible impeachment … pulling of alternate leaders and removing you from the office. All of these are “flush out” activities of SM Groups … and I have to give them strategies of how to do all of this. I get involved to control and manage what they do … sometimes, they can be very severe … I have to maintain the right proportion in their activities.
  • Leadership activities. While SM is flushing you out … I keep options open for you … and I also show you how you can work with us … become a great leader … win elections and go down in History as a phenomenal leader.

Both of these are simultaneous and opposite activities designed around one person. Even Trump used to get confused thinking … “hey, this guy is calling me a thief in a burning building … and he also wants to make a great leader out of me. What should I believe?”

This is a weird phase. This phase comes into existence mainly because of you. It is eventually you who will decide what track will be successful for you … either you will be flushed out as a fraud and a thief … or you will become a phenomenal leader. That will be your decision.