Why the focus on sexual bullshit?
Since a few weeks, I have been getting reports of Presidential candidates themselves making up bullshit sexual stories and stalling coordination with us. And I was thinking … “why are they making up false bullshit sexual stories? I have trained Biden and Obamas on this a 100 times and still they keep on failing. Why is this topic even under discussion? Look at the work that we have to do … and look at the stuff that these guys talk about. What is wrong with them?”

Is Biden a Monk?
I thought … Is Biden a Monk? Trump was a Pornstar banger … when I looked up a few things about Biden … then he didn’t exactly come off as a Monk.

Is Biden running a Monastery?
Then I thought … is Biden running a Monastery? Is this how he hires all of his staff? Who is banging whome is explored before hiring anyone? Are these the standards that Biden maintains? May be … you know … I might not be of Biden’s standards.

Trump playing the Establishment formula
Then I thought … maybe the problem is not with Biden … well, thinking and analyzing things is a part of my job. I have to see why things are not moving forward … what the exact obstacles are … I have to strategize the removal of obstacles to take the Nation forward … this is my job. I have to think from several angles … to see where the issue is.

I thought … is it because Trump is misguiding Biden? As per Trump … Trump is a part of the Establishment … whatever the Establishment does, it becomes a part of Trump. At least, Trump tries to make it a part of his agenda.

During the Trump Presidency, I gave complete details to Trump on how the Establishment elements use sex setups to derail the work. These guys are Satanists and they will try to use mental voodoo bullshit to derail the work. Interestingly, Trump didn’t dodge Establishment malice but he made it a part of his own tactics. He himself started hatching up sex setups to derail the work … you know, Trump is a part of the Establishment.

I thought Trump might be doing the same to derail the work with Biden.

Obama is in on the loot
I am thinking about Biden and Trump … and SM informs me … “Obama himself is in on the loot. Obama is benefiting tens of billions from Biden’s multi-trillion dollar spending policies.”

I took me a while to digest this. I was like … “wooowww … wwwooooowwwwww … wwwooooooowwwww … I never thought of this, did I?”

I bring this guy from his Ex-Presidency vacation … create a role for him to lead America … show him how to create a coalition … involve him in making the next President … show him all of the crises that exist in America and how we have to work on them … and then the moment his guy gets the Presidency … Obama is … wwwwoooooooowww … just wwwwoooooowww.

So, sweet, isn’t it?

Making excuses to continue the loot in trillions
Now, all of it makes sense … doesn’t it? Its not about Biden being a Monk … its not about Biden running a Monastery … sexual bullshit is all about … making excuses to continue the loot in trillions.

These wonderful gentlemen …

  • Make all false promises and use us to get the Presidency
  • Then flip against the purpose that they are chosen for
  • Go for loot by the trillions
  • And then sit there making sexual bullshit false information about us
  • They use their own made up sexual bullshit information to allow America to remain in exploitation and bring no change in America

Beautiful, isn’t it? Wwwwoooooowwww … Barack Obama … wwwwoooooowwww.

I could understand Trump and Biden … but Obama too … seriously? Obama too? Wwwwooooowww. Lol.

All 3 lack a fight for what is right
I think … all 3 … Trump, Obama and Biden … lack a fight for what is right. If Obama was about fighting for what is right … then he would never allow the Biden Presidency to come to this state. America would never be in this state if Obama fought for what is right.

If Obama fought for what is right then …

  • He wouldn’t simply use us to get the Presidency
  • He wouldn’t allow Biden to flip against the purpose he was chosen for
  • He wouldn’t go for a loot by the trillions
  • He wouldn’t sit there making up false bullshit sexual information
  • And he wouldn’t allow America to stagnate and allow disasters to happen in America

There’s a major issue in the configuration put into place. President Michelle is nowhere to be found and the wrong guys are running the country. The force to fight for what is right is missing in America.

The American spirit is missing in America.