Okay, let me make this very simple for Biden to understand. There are two configurations of leadership possible …

  • Fighting through every obstacle to change, to reform and to do great things for the people.
  • Doing nothing and making hundreds of excuses going on a looting spree.

Biden can easily self-evaluate and understand his leadership style. Is Biden fighting through every obstacle or is he doing nothing making excuses.

Fighting through every obstacle
Here is some background information about “fighting through every obstacle”. We are living in a major Establishment crises … an Establishment that is Satanic in nature … they literally function like Satan. They will try to enter your head, your finances, your security, your legal glitches, your family and your work … they will try to mislead you, pressurize you and derail you from the work that has to be done. They will find and work on a hundred different routes to mislead you and to derail you.

This is what SM has already been trained upon. They understand the Establishment and all of its gimmicks. SM has already been trained to fight through every obstacle possible and crush the Establishment’s misleading plans.

Presidential Coordination
It is on the same lines that Presidential coordination is expected in the game. Since, everyone is fighting through every obstacle to do what is right … to stop wars and disasters … to do great things for the people … even the chosen President is expected to show the same fight, courage and commitment to the work.

Managing Baggage
The work if far more important and valuable than the shitty misleading gimmicks of a Satanic Establishment. Billions of lives are at risk … billions of people have to remain in abusive exploitation systems where they have to survive on 3 jobs to make ends meet … billions of people have to put up with abuse if change doesn’t come. This is the core objective … how to dismantle the Establishment’s exploitation systems … how to stop the trillions of wealth drain not only from America but from the entire West. The entire West is abused and leeched by the same Establishment.

We pick Presidential candidates for this work … based upon their suitability for the work. SM itself manages Presidential baggage … it might be dealing with Pornstar and Playmate bangers who go on a looting spree … or guys who finger women, smell women’s hair in a weird way and go on a looting spree. We already know that no one is perfect … we ignore the baggage that doesn’t matter. We manage the baggage … so that the focus is on the main work that has to be done.

We cannot wait for a Jesus Christ to come down to change our world. We have to work with what’s available and what’s more suitable to take the work forward.

SM’s dual roles
SM basically has dual roles …

  • Managing the Presidency. They manage all of the baggage that the President has. They protect, defend and support the Presidency from all types of attacks from Establishment elements and the opposition party. He is defended from jail and impeachment. Why? So that he can play his role in the main work. Protection and security for everyone involved is very important.
  • Hammer out the Establishment. While the President is protected … SM works to help the President in all of the reforms and changes that he wants to bring in America … and hammer out Establishment opposition for him. Thus giving him success in all of the good works that he wants to do.

This is what SM focuses on every single second of the day … “every single second”.

Trump’s leadership
But interestingly if you see Trump’s leadership … what reform did Trump make? Where did he fight against the Establishment … in which field … in which arena? Trump didn’t make a single reform in America and did not oppose the Establishment at a single place. Forget about fighting against the Establishment and its obstacles … Trump flipped against the purpose he was chosen for … instead of working with us … he turned against us and started to protect and defend the Establishment that he was supposed to dismantle.

Now, imagine the fury that SM Groups had against Trump. They made him President despite of his sex scandals, protected him in every lawsuit and impeachment effort … and the guy backstabs everyone … and chooses to support and defend the Satanic Establishment.

Doing nothing making excuses
Trump would sit there doing absolutely nothing against the Establishment … making a hundred different excuses not to work with us. He would closely follow all of the Establishment’s misleading gimmicks of sexual bullshit, lies and false information … he would sit there repeating all of that using his own team members. Trump himself used to hatch up all kinds of sexual bullshit and false misleading information not to work with us.

He declared himself to be a “part of the Establishment” and he would do exactly what the Establishment would do in several scenarios … as long as it did not involve tossing his ass in jail.

Genocide is the red line
We saw Trump’s self-manufactured lies and copying the Establishment in several ways … we gave him the above information. “You are watched every single second in the White House. You are not supposed to copy the Establishment and make excuses like them. You protect us and we protect you … we are supposed to fight together against the Establishment’s schemes.

To hell with all of the bullshit misleading information that anyone will give you about us … don’t let anything come between us. Don’t let any kind of information hold you back … its only if someone said … that I am creating genocide and killing millions of people … its then that you stop to investigate. Our job is to save people by the millions and not kill people by the millions. This is against the very essence of our work.

Genocide is the red line. Its only under this scenario that you stop the coordination … otherwise, shove aside everything else.”

But Trump was a backstabbing asshole … who saw comfort in teaming up with the Devil rather than doing anything for the people. He continued on his shitty track and SM Groups wrote … “FU*K TRUMP” all of the US Electoral Map of 2020 … as a souvenir for Trump.

Evaluate where you are Mr. Biden
Please evaluate where you are Mr. Biden … how many Establishment’s exploitation schemes have you dismantled? How many obstacles have you fought against? Have you even started the coordination and the work that you are supposed to do?

Or are you sitting there … being a parasite on our work … making excuses not to work with us … allowing America to burn while going on a looting spree?

You yourself evaluate what you are doing … and you will understand why your Presidency is tanking.