Obama era flaw
“Security for you and Presidency for me” is technically an Obama era flaw. This is what Obama thought that he had to do … just keep me safe and follow party puppetry. Obama was following all of the party’s blunders … created disasters in half a dozen countries … and he was extremely slow in following what we said. That’s why Obama took 8 years for a one hour job.

Yes, this is what Obama did … kept me safe when he was President … but that’s all that he did. This was his biggest blunder and major flaw in how he operated as President. No where he stood against his Party and no where he tried to do anything different.

That’s why I keep on saying … don’t follow Obama … don’t listen to Obama … he doesn’t know shit of what has to be done. If he knew then he wouldn’t be a failed President with more debt than George Bush and half a dozen countries bombed during his Presidency.

Repeating Obama’s blunders cannot be a “victory formula” for you, Mr. Biden. What was a blunder during Obama will remain a blunder even today. Obama’s major role is being the “platform” for the change that has to come ahead. He is required to provide connections and influence to get things done. No where you are supposed to follow Obama in policies or strategies or Party puppetry … unless it coincides with proper reason and logic. This is something extremely important that Michelle and Biden should understand.

Biden is on an abusive track
SM Groups are expecting coordination from Biden and great phenomenal reforms under Biden. But amusingly, Biden seems to be getting on an abusive track, let alone coordinate or do great things. Two elements seem to be leading Biden on an abusive track.

  • Trump. The guy is a shameless immoral pig with no moral compass or values or principles of any kind. He does whatever helps him and does whatever to abuse his opposition, irrespective of how immoral it is. Trump always fumed against us and tried to make things difficult for us, make our lives more miserable and facilitate abuse, threats, harm and legal action against us. This is exactly what Trump is encouraging Biden to do because of his failing Presidency.
  • Obama. Apparently, Obama is nodding along as the only thing that he experienced from us is … guidance to do what is right while he kept us safe. No where during his Presidency we had to say that … “you are going to get removed from the White House and we will replace you with someone else”. SM was not activated during Obama and Active Democracy was not in full motion. Obama is seeing new moves that he never saw before.

Reportedly, Trump is misleading Biden onto an abusive track … Obama is nodding along and Biden is stalling the work to facilitate the abuse.

3 routes of current abuse

  • Chemicals and infections. Team Trump is puppeting my sister in this residence to put chemicals and infections in the rooms. It seems they want to shrink my brains and abuse my body with chemicals so that I stop the work.
  • Financial Abuse. It seems Trump also wants to target some of my current work clients to throttle my finances to abuse me and pressurize me.
  • Conflicts and friction. Team Trump is using my big brother as a barking dog … to yell and scream at me for no reason … to start breaking things and create conflicts and friction for the slightest excuses possible. My Mom is also being targeted in this chemical abuse and it seems my brother is being encouraged to move my Mom to his residence to abuse her and defraud her of her property.

Trump is designing these problems … Obama is reportedly nodding along … and Biden stalling the work to allow the abuse.

More like blackmail
SM groups want to see a great America being formed under Biden … but what Biden is actually saying is …

  • I love my multi-trillion dollar mass spending policies
  • There is no working with you or coordinating with you
  • Shut up or I will abuse you and silence you

“Security for you and Presidency for me” … is actually a threat and direct blackmail. It means … I am keeping you safe and thus support my Presidency and policies doesn’t matter how disastrous they are. If you don’t support my disastrous policies and Presidency … then I will make your life miserable … abuse you in several ways and take away your security.

This is more like blackmail, Mr. Biden.

Just stopped a Nuclear World War
If you actually want to talk about “give and take” … let’s take a look at a few facts what happened recently … and you will understand what you owe me.

Recently, we gave you the complete strategy in …

  • Stopping a nuclear world war
  • Several countries would have been invaded by Russia by now … but instead we showed you how to confine Russia to Ukraine
  • We showed you who is exactly behind this war and how all of it can be stopped
  • We saved trillions in expenses for America and billions of lives by averting this war

You followed exactly what we showed … succeeded in some steps more and got less success in others … but overall, the nuclear world war was averted. Not a single American military general or soldier would have done this for you … as easy as we did.

So, your way of showing thanks is … abusing me with chemicals and infections … threatening me with financial losses and creating unnecessary conflicts and friction in my family? This is how you thank people who save your lives?

Don’t you think that you are being a kind of an asshole here … Mr. President?

Protecting one person is too much for you?
One person saves a billion lives … to save this one person and keep him protected is too much for you? That’s asking for just too much is it?

I saved a billion lives … you need to save my life a billion times. I saved trillions for your Nation … you owe me trillions. That’s if you understand the basics of “give and take”. I save you trillions and billions of your lives … you havent’ done shit for me. To add to that … you threaten me with abuse?

These are the signs of a great leader, is it?

Don’t follow Trump
I keep telling you so many times … don’t follow this asshole Trump. He is the shittiest guy ever to get the White House … following him will make you even more shit … which is exactly what is happening to you and your Presidency.

What am I showing your disasters?
Its not that the world does not know of your disastrous mass spending policies. Every SM Group already knows that you have shitty Party dictated policies under your hood. That’s the key reason why your Presidency is being terminated … you are already on the termination track.

I am intervening so that you understand why your Presidency is being terminated … so that you can change and stop the termination of your Presidency. I am trying to save you … you dumb ass moron.

As per Trump’s plans ahead … while he is turning you against me … he is pushing China to go ahead and invade Taiwan. How are you going to manage the next war in the making?

Security is basics
One thing that you should keep in mind is that … security is the most basic line … we are all in the same team … that is supposed to fight against the malice of a Satanic Establishment. We never attack each other at a personal level … never ever.

We don’t abuse each other physically, financially or each other’s families. Its only immoral and shameless shit shows like Trump who fall to that level. Even while Trump was trying to abuse us via several routes during his Presidency … we always showed him how to protect himself from jail and impeachment … we always protected his children. Even when Trump got Covid, we were showing Ivanka the best routes to follow for the best recovery.

It’s a different thing that Trump is an immoral asshole … but we always follow the basic morals … doesn’t matter how much we disagree with each other’s views or policies.

Its something like … a Nation’s responsibility to provide security for the soldiers that fight for the Nation. This is the most basic responsibility of a Nation. We are no ordinary soldiers … we save billions of people at a time.

Double Fault
You should understand that … your Presidency is failing … because of your fault … because of your bad policies. And instead of understanding and changing policies … you start turning bitter and start taking action against the people who are helping you and trying to save you … then you will not go down in history only as a failed President … but you will go down in history as a complete dick as well. Trump already had this honor.

Trump was a fool who used to abuse those who used to help him. Following Trump, you are creating a double fault … and it is not going to help you in any way.

No Establishment – Trump playing Establishment
If you look at the above problem … then where is the Establishment? There is no Establishment involvement at all … it is Trump that is playing the Establishment. He is stopping Biden from being a great leader … stopping Biden from changing America … and facilitating abuse towards us. This is everything that the Establishment would want.

Who will protect us from the Democrat President?
This section is for the lovely Michelle Obama. Remember that I told you even before we considered Biden for the Presidency … that today, we are writing against Trump’s inaction and stagnation in the country and we get protection from Democrats. But if Biden doesn’t change and if he continues with his disastrous policies … if we remove Trump from power and I write against the Democrat President … then who will protect us?

We wrote this on 2nd October 2020

Why are we bringing Michelle Obama in the game?

"Who will protect us? This brings us to the security question … who will protect us when Biden is rattled? When Trump got rattled … Democrats protected us … but when Democrats will get rattled … then who will protect us? Right now itself, the Establishment misleads Trump saying that … “I am a Democrat … this and that happened to him because of me”. When SM Groups will be creating a ruckus to stop Biden’s mass spending policies … then who will protect us? And what will happen to his Presidency if he does not change? President Harris?

My dear lady … we are looking at a few steps ahead … we always look at a few steps ahead. We are the ones who are designing this “new form of Democracy” in America. We know how it is designed and how it will function. Everyone sat and watched what Obama did … it is not the same anymore … no one will sit and allow the President to create disasters anymore."

This is even before Biden was given the Presidency. We are exactly in this stage today.

This scenario was already predicted. If Biden wouldn’t work with us … his Presidency will tank … instead of working with us, he may turn against us … then who would protect us? We made your friend President … and we are facing this exact scenario.

This is a place where you need to get involved.

Keep in mind
Security for me or not … it doesn’t matter. If Biden doesn’t change then his Presidency will be terminated. I don’t carry out this termination … it is done by SM Groups. I need to show change to SM Groups … so that this termination track can be changed. If Biden doesn’t coordinate and change … then there is nothing I can do for him.

Blame is on him for his failure
Don’t blame me for Biden’s failure … Biden himself is to be blamed for his failure. He is choosing to run disastrous policies and bring no change in America … and then also blaming and abusing those who try to help him. The entire blame is on him … not on those who try to help him.

Biden should learn how to differentiate between a friend and a foe. Trump couldn’t … Biden should atleast try.