Bullshit Blood
Trump is an immoral shameless pig … we knew about this since a long time … Trump doesn’t worry me much. What actually disturbed me last year was … my own family. My own sister was abusing my old mother with infections and chemicals. I was just shocked and amazed at what she was doing. What shocked me even more was that … she was doing it with such a cleverly planned manner … she had a response to every question … as if this is not the first time she has done this.

Shameless Fraud Brother
I share her activities with my elder brothers who are abroad and finally, my big brother comes home. He turns out to be an even bigger shameless fraud … who took all of my father’s life insurance money and fled. He didn’t return a single penny nor did he support my parents from his earnings since 10 years.

He comes home as a complete hooligan … who yells, screams, abuses and threatens other family members … he is here to shamelessly defraud me of my property, defraud mom and defraud my other sister. Heh … I invited someone in the scene looking for a savior … who can solve the problems here. Instead, I got a bigger shameless fraud who is supporting my sister’s malice and negative planning … and carrying out his own schemes of fraud.

It turned out to be something like the US Presidents we are bringing in the White House. We bring them in to solve Establishment problems and they are turning out to be even bigger looters. Heh … lol.

My bullshit blood put everything under a question mark. My dreams … my travelling … the work that I have been doing since my travelling began in 1998 … that’s 24 years of work under question. Are my dreams authentic … can someone of such bullshit blood get such dreams and such a call?

How will having such a sister and brother impact my work … or reflect on my work? Will anyone believe me anymore? Let alone anyone … I am myself questioning everything. Should I continue … should I stop and do something else?

Need guidance Big Guy
I understood the dream that asked me to stay away from my family … as the work could be a threat to my family. But I never expected to come back to this kind of shit in the family.

What to do Big Guy … I need a clue. It’s a fact that my own blood is total shit … all of my work is fact based and this is the fact that I have at hand.

I went around the world … stopping world wars, wiping out terrorism and ended the War on Terror and I come back home … to see my sister abusing my mother with infections and chemicals. Whenever I look at her I think … this is what my blood does? It destroys everything that I believe about myself.

Heh … had hopes with my big brother … and he came here just to abuse and loot everyone. Heh … I am like … bravo, here’s another specimen of my blood. The asshole broke me into a thousand pieces by being an asshole himself.

Looking for guidance
I am waiting for a dream … looking for a clue or a hint … just some guidance. The entire work of my life is under question … I have no idea of how to handle this. I am thinking about this … walking around for weeks and months … just for one clue … for me to solve this.

Yeah, I am not a genius at everything … I pray for God’s guidance when I get stuck. Sometimes it’s a struggle.

Joseph comes to the rescue
Finally … one fine day … God puts me on one track to analyze this. I start thinking … was there any Prophet who had shitty and nasty brothers or sisters? And bingo … Joseph comes to mind.

Joseph (Yusuf) was a Prophet and his father was also a Prophet. But his brothers put him in a well and abandoned him in a desert … and made a false story of being attacked by a wild animal. Later on, they send him as a slave to someone else.

These guys were liars and abusers … but they were also sons of a Prophet and brothers of a Prophet.

Nothing like bullshit blood
Genes do help … but if blood dictates what you do then why were the sons of a Prophet and brothers of a Prophet on the wrong track? You are what you do … you are what you decide … you are how you use your will … you are your work. Its not just blood that makes you who you are.

It gave me great relief that … it is okay to have bullshit siblings. Having bullshit siblings doesn’t mean that you stop your work … or doubt your work … or give up on your work. But yes, you can be responsible to guide your siblings, correct them and put them on the right track.

Joseph’s Political Power
Joseph gets enormous political power and he uses it to correct his siblings. We are very close to that stage.

Corrections will be based on their activities … as per what God and the law has recommended for these activities. Abuse towards me will be forgiven. Abuse towards my parents will be dealt with as per the activities involved.

It’s a nice thing that the Bible and the Quran has stories on different scenarios … it helps a lot. Thank you God.