Thursday, June 2, 2022

Read Mr. Biden … read … look at the complete picture to understand what your Guru has been upto. You are sitting there asking for unity and togetherness … this is what he has been doing here.

The routine shameless pig
Trump has always been an immoral shameless pig with no morals or principles whatsoever. He will do whatever helps him and he will do whatever to abuse his opponents.

Multiplying the pandemic by 10 times and creating the Capitol riots were done to help him. The border crisis, repeated waves of the pandemic and the Ukraine war were created to take down his opponent Biden. Trump shamelessly goes around killing millions of people for his own sake … for his own benefit.

In the same manner, he has been pulling strings to abuse me and stop me in every way possible. Right from using chemicals and infections … to making false police complaints and pulling political strings against me. He did this in several locations … this is the shit that the guy is.

Complete Picture
His shameless and immoral activities are not history as some people might think. This is what Team Trump is doing locally here, as we speak, that is.

One. My sister was probably caught in some illegal activity … using the Police, Team Trump is dictating malice to her. My sister is encouraged to directly and indirectly put chemicals and infections to abuse me and my mother.

As usual … like all of their other spies … my sister has also been giving tools to spy on my computer and phone. She is functioning like a spy for Team Trump. In every residence I go, Trump maintains spies on me ... to track my work, to create negative information about me and to push away any donors. A very routine activity for Trump. Very interesting things happen to these spies with time and Trump is never there to save them. His policy is use and throw.

Two. This sister is being used to play the devil in the house. She is creating conflict and misleading others against me. She is directing my brother to steal my property. As a result, my brother is yelling, screaming, abusing and breaking things in the house to keep my property papers with him. My brother is being encouraged to get involved openly in a land grab and property theft.

Three. Team Trump is advising my sister to abuse my old mother to take over her property as well. Since I am present in the house, I openly defend her. So, my brother is planning to shift his entire family from abroad and move my Mom to his house … to facilitate this abuse and property theft in his house.

It’s a trap
The info from SM Groups is that … all of the above is nothing but a trap. All of these hateful and repulsive activities are designed so that I involve the Police in managing this abuse and property theft … when Team Trump has already made some false Police complaints against me. The plan is … the moment I go to the Police, they will be like … “Voila! We have been waiting for you.”

These are Trump’s ground level activities, as of now.

At the Top Level

  • Trump is designing shameless immoral gimmicks
  • Obama is nodding along and
  • Biden is stalling the work and killing time for these gimmicks to play out

This is the complete picture. And this is the reason, why SM Groups want all 3 … Trump, Obama and Biden … booted from Presidential leadership.

Obama and Biden
Involve Trump and Trump will do what Trump does … shameless immoral gimmicks … doing whatever to save his ass … and doing whatever to abuse others. The guy has no morals or principles … you associate with him and this is what he will make you.

See what he is doing to you …

Making Obama and Biden like Establishment puppets

Why do we boot Establishment puppets from the White House? Because, for the money, they will do whatever the Establishment tells them to. They will take their money and allow the Establishment to run its malice.

Firstly, Biden has not even faced any Establishment element … he failed with Trump itself. Biden failed in step one and he can’t even manage Trump. Secondly, Biden is following Trump’s advice on several mass spending policies and he is sticking to these disastrous mass spending policies just for his share of the moolah. How will such a guy make reforms and change systems when he is busy making money on the current systems and companies?

Just like Establishment puppets, even Obama and Biden are sticking to disastrous policies … just for the moolah … while America burns. How are they any different from Establishment puppets? This is exactly what Trump is making Obama and Biden.

The Establishment wants to abuse me with chemicals, infections and legals … this is exactly what Trump is doing. There is no need of the Devil in the scene when Trump himself is being the Devil.

Well, calling Trump, the Devil can actually be a compliment … because, the Devil is quite smart … unlike our shameless immoral pig.

Michelle Obama
I told you an year ago itself that … there are many flaws with Trump, Obama and Biden. Take a look … all flaws are on full display … and the country is in more than a dozen simultaneous crises. One Black Lady needs to step forward to rectify the flaws of 3 Presidents to take the country forward.

We never needed all of this local bullshit here. There was no need for Trump to prove that he has no moral compass … its an established fact that we know from long ago. These tiny tidbits at the local level could have been avoided if we had started the work. We are wasting time with unnecessary stuff.