Wednesday, June 1, 2022

This page is important for the lovely Michelle Obama.

Request to boot Trump, Obama and Biden
I got the request for strategies to take America forward without Trump, Obama and Biden in the lead. SM groups wanted to boot all 3 from Presidential leadership. I did not understand why they wanted Obama to be booted … he is connected to Michelle Obama and she is very important in the game. Obama is a nice guy … why would they want to boot Obama?

Recently, I got the full information about this request. Here it is …

Trump being the routine and usual immoral shameless pig
I am living with my family now … it seems Team Trump was using my Sister to abuse my parents with chemicals and infections. This is nothing new for Trump … he has done this several times before … chemicals and infections have been repeatedly used by his team in several locations where I have lived. He is just being the routine usual immoral shameless pig.

But what’s new in this is … Trump is reportedly pulling Obama and Biden in his abusive activities against me. He is putting Obama and Biden on a track of hate, division and revenge … it seems …

  • Team Trump is abusing me and my mother with chemicals and infections
  • Obama is nodding along and
  • Biden is stalling the work so that this abuse continues

Seeing this … SM Groups have been requesting strategies from me to boot all the 3 bums from Presidential leadership.

Small verification
This info came to me also as a surprise. I knew that Trump was a shameless pig … but how can Obama and Biden be the same … how can they go along with this? So, I did a small verification to check this.

Since a few days … I am showing the multiple crises plaguing America and asking Biden to coordinate with us … to start the work on the elimination of these crises. And guess what, Biden seems to be too busy to coordinate … let America burn in any number of crises … President Biden is a very busy person … he has a lot of meetings here and there.

Let’s address the key people involved in this issue …

Donald Trump
Dude … you are the usual shameless immoral pig … I couldn’t expect anything better from you. You are just being yourself … I don’t want to waste too many words trashing you.

Joe Biden
Uncle Biden … you are new in the game. This is not your fault … I leave you completely off the hook in this issue. You have absolutely no idea of what is going on … you don’t know the head or tail of what has to be done. I can’t blame you as well on this.

Let’s address the responsible people in this instead …

Barack Obama
Mr. Barack … is this why we brought you in the leadership of the Nation? So that you can sit there … abuse and take revenge … allow America to burn … and don’t do shit? Your 8 years of a do-nothing Presidency was not enough? You want Biden also to be a do-nothing President … not to do shit while the country burns? Why are you screwing the Biden Presidency?

Don’t you see that along with the Biden Presidency, you are also screwing Michelle’s leadership? She is a phenomenal person who needs your help … the last thing she needs from you is to screw up everything.

Since when does Obama worship Trump?
Since when is Obama a Trump follower … since when is Obama worshiping Trump? Nodding along with people should have some limits. Okay fine, we understand your White Mommy issues and you tend to nod along with White people. But you will nod along with Pornstar bangers also? You will nod along with a Pornstar Banger who is a traitor also? You will nod along with a Pornstar Banger who is a traitor and a mass murderer also? What the hell is wrong with you??

You call this Presidential leadership? Doesn’t matter what shit the person is … you will start nodding along with him? Doesn’t matter what shit the person says … you will nod along to do it? You are being a complete disgrace here.

Where is the problem or pressure for you?
During the Obama Presidency … okay fine … you were all alone at the top … there was no one to support you … you had no idea what to do … SM was not activated … you wasted 8 years … even then, we let you off the hook. We understood the situation and turned the page on it.

Look at what Trump faced … dozens of lawsuits, investigations and the FBI raiding his homes. Trump had enormous pressure from the Establishment … and Trump turned into a chicken … pak pak pakaak … pak pak pakaak.

Trump can at least cite a reason or two for being a total chicken. What are you facing today … who is coming after you … who is challenging you … where are the lawsuits or investigations? Everything is being managed … everything is under control … with no pressure and no problems … and you guys are sitting there being bums and allowing the country to burn?

Now, do you realize why SM wants to kick all 3 of you out of Presidential leadership? When the entire country is being managed in your favor … you sit there not doing shit.

Michelle Obama
Ma’am … this is your era … the Obama Presidency is over … this is not Obama 2.0 … we are designing a Michelle Era … you are the one who needs to take the lead and take charge. You are the key leader in this phase not Barack.

Of course, we will honor and respect your request to keep Barack Obama in the game … but for that to happen, you have to manage him. The simple formula in managing leaders is … hold back the flaws and support the good things.

Obama is mostly a nice guy. Even if we write anything critical of him … he will simply ignore it and brush it off. The problem is … when someone starts filling things in his ears. “Hey look, he wrote this about you and that about you. Awwww … he called you a bum … awwww, he said this and that.” This is the stuff that pulls Obama on the wrong track. He becomes big headed and starts nodding along with bullshit that others say.

You need to hold back the nonsense that comes from Barack Obama. We don’t need any policy advice from him … America doesn’t need any party puppetry from him … we don’t need Obama nodding along to anything without reason and logic … his only major role is to provide you with connections and the influence that you need to do the right things for America. He is screwing everything … he is creating another stagnant and disastrous Presidency under Biden.

Very important to make tactical moves
Biden keeps on suggesting “unity and coming together” … he needs to stop being theoretical. Its very very important to become tactical … it’s a must for us to …

  • Hold back what is wrong and
  • Support the good things

Doesn’t matter who the person is … Trump, Obama and Biden included. Don’t waste your time for everyone’s conditions to be met … or for everyone to come on the same page … that’s bullshit and a waste of time.

The more practical, effective and successful way of handling thing is …

  • Move forward with or without Trump
  • Move forward with or without Obama
  • Move forward with or without Biden

This opens n number of possibilities and tracks for success … no one single person holds you back. Never ever should a single person hold you back in your work … never ever … except God that is.

Lovely Michelle … we pulled you in the game … because you are 10 times better than all 3 of them combined. The entire Nation rests on your leadership … everything is depending on you … mainly because of the total leadership vacuum in America right now.

Right now, the leaders that America has …

  • They stick to policies that make them their money
  • Allow the country to burn in a dozen simultaneous crises
  • And hate and abuse others who point out their lack of leadership

This was apparently a Trump characteristic … but it is being found in other leaders as well.

  • Trump is being the usual shameless pig
  • Obama is nodding along
  • And Biden is stalling for Trump’s shameless gimmicks to play out

The lovely 3 Chosen Ones are busy doing nothing for the Nation … looting trillions … and keeping themselves even more busy hating and abusing others. Fantastic leadership … simply phenomenal.

Lovely Michelle … who is leading America? No one. Who is solving America’s crises? No one. 

America needs you Ma’am … America needs you.