No … I am not writing “against” Biden as such. I have both entities to manage … the SM Network and the Presidency. I have to balance things between them. Since the past 6 months, SM Groups are asking me for alternate options to lead America without Biden and Trump … several Groups want to leave out Obama as well.

I held them off for as long as I could … its been almost one and a half years under the Biden Presidency and the guy couldn’t take out the time to make one phone call. Its not right. The news that I get is …

  • Trump is putting Obama and Biden on a path of hate, division and revenge.
  • Obama is nodding along and
  • Biden is killing time

If you look at the facts at the ground level … there is zero progress from Biden while there are a multitude of crises enfolding in America. We can’t simply sit and wait for Biden to play his role … its not justified. I am keeping options open for Biden … but I also need to show SM Groups what to do next … who to support next … and how things have to be managed next.

Everything is planned one year in advance … if we don’t plan things in advance … then the next guy can also be a bigger catastrophe. What if Ted Cruz becomes President? What if Kamala Harris becomes President and runs her own shit show? Will we spend years in rectifying this unplanned catastrophe?

It’s a must to plan in advance … put all good options on the table … eliminate the bad options … and make sure that the best possible option happens.

Nobody is saying no to Biden. We are rejecting Trump … we don’t want to work with him … we are not rejecting Biden in the same manner. All options are open for Biden.

But to keep things balanced and justified … to eliminate bad and catastrophic options ahead … we have to look at the good and feasible options. Just because I am showing options for the Musk Presidency … it doesn’t mean that I am abandoning the Biden Presidency. SM is already furious with Biden and Obama … they were furious with me because I was not showing any options ahead.

I am just keeping things balanced.