I go out to do my routine work for the day and I get the information that … “hey, the call is coming … what are you doing outside? Go home … attend the call.” This has actually happened so many times that it has reached an irritating level.

Let’s try to make the rocket science of making a contact a little bit easier for our Presidential leaders. If the issue is about making the contact at a time when you are free and when I am available … then this is what we should do.

  • Just send a guy with your available timings for each day for the next 15 days or one month.
  • Either call on my phone or send a phone on which I should receive your call.
  • I will message you on which days and timings I can keep myself available.
  • And then probably, we will successfully pass through this extremely difficult and complicated task of making a contact.

The call doesn’t have to be unannounced and it doesn’t have to be on that day itself. Just let me know your available timings for the next few days … so that we can fix it up one day or the other. Try to put in some flexibility.

Your guy doesn’t have to meet me at home only. He can meet me anywhere outside also. All I need from the person is … who is going to call and what time we can allocate for the meeting in the next few days.

Hope it helps.