So, Elon Musk thinks that he will be terminated under "mysterious circumstances" if he goes against the Establishment?

Well, let's just say that ... we have thought through all of those options. All new comers have such thoughts ... its quite normal. When you work with us, you will know how to manage such issues.

To keep it brief, let me just say that ... we are not looking for a Superhero ... we don't want a Superman or a Spiderman, where you will do all of the work and the people will sit and applaud. No, you will never lead alone ... you will never do anything alone. You will have the entire nation working with you every step of the way.

This is why we are working on "revolutions" ... a revolution by the people and for the people is how we will get things done. The President and the top leaders simply support the voice and demand of the people.

Even if the Establishment will try to target one person ... it will be a waste of time for them and it won't change anything for them, as there will be a hundred million other people who will want exactly the same thing.

Its a game of networks ... its a game of waves. You will learn how to play with time. Its a good idea to first learn the game and then enter the game. It will make everything so much more easier. All of these guys who didn't learn anything ... they are flunking big time ... Warren, Trump and Biden. All they wanted was power ... they didn't learn shit. Two of them have already been kicked out and the third one is on track to get kicked out.

What I would strongly suggest is ... first learn the game.


I know, I know ... Biden is tweeting support for our work. But he has been tweeting like this since the past one year ... he has done nothing but tweet.

I am keeping the options open for him to lead but you guys don't need to sit and pray for one guy to play his role. One year is more than enough to identify inaction and stagnation ... move ahead with alternate options. When Biden will work with us, we will see how to reconfigure things thereon ... but this is exactly what we have now ... the guy hasn't done shit and everyone want him replaced. Even I have given him all of the time and info that he needed ... waiting for him is wasting time. Its a good idea to work on alternate options simultaneously.


Shut down that DHS Disinformation Board ... what the hell is Biden doing? This is Establishment malice right under Biden's nose.


I am like a son to Biden? That is so sweet.

So, Biden doesn't talk to his son for more than a year, despite repeated requests, is it?


Republicans are rejoicing that Trump may rejoin Twitter?

Well, Trump is a traitor and a mass murderer ... his ban on Twitter should be continued. Not that his Tweets will make headlines this time but simply because we should not uplift traitors and mass murderers.


Bravo, bravo, bravo ... congratulations to Elon Musk for taking over Twitter! This is great news. We just got one of the largest Social Media Networks in the hands of an Establishment-free candidate.

The Establishment was busy creating algorithms on Facebook to identify our political activities ... and creating the concepts of "fake news" to nullify our information. And bingo! Now, a massive social media network is owned by an Establishment-free candidate. They don't even own the platform, let alone make rules or algorithms to control our content. Lol.

Hearty Congratulations to Elon Musk ... its a great thing that you have done.

Keep it up Musky!