Yeah, I know ... Biden might be trying to make Trump a part of the work ... that may be one reason why he is delaying. Trump is not only a backstabbing asshole but now, he is also a traitor and a mass murderer. There is no way we are working with him.

Even now ... after committing treason, genocide and several mass murders ... the only thing Trump will be obsessed about is ... blowing his own horn. "Ow, he said this about me ... he said that about me." He is also continuously trying to mislead Biden and Obamas by picking points that I write against them ... "Ow, he said this about you and that about you". The guy is a self-obsessed moron that cannot think about anything but himself and blowing his horn.

"Everything is perfect ... Trump is the god ... everyone should praise Trump and give him a truck load of money" ... this is Trump's ideal world ... this is the world that he lives in and this is the world that he chases after. Doesn't matter if he creates genocides, mass murders or wars ... we should all blow his horn and give him trillions.

Even today, he will try to use Biden and Obamas against us ... try to make things worse for us and try to stop our work. He thinks that it is a great favor and accomplishment that he is doing for the Satanic Establishment ... by taking action against us and by stopping our work. He looks for every opportunity to do this.

He is already backstabbing Biden in every way possible and trying to shut down his Presidency ... Biden sees it, he knows it and still he turns a blind eye to it ... coz he got paid. This is one of the reasons why Biden is being called a "greedy fool" by SM Groups. His foolishness is because of his greed. He sees a backstabber right in front of him and still turns a blind eye to him because of his love for the money that he has been paid.

Biden is literally bending over ... giving his ass to Trump ... to kick as many times as he wants ... provided Biden gets paid for it.

Biden wants me to do the same ... take money from Trump ... bend over and give my ass to Trump ... so that he can kick me as many times as he wants. I am sorry ... I am neither greedy nor am I a fool.

There is no space for backstabbing traitors and mass murderers in my work. My work is meant only for good people ... who help each other in doing good things for the world. Backstabbing mass murderers do not come in the category of "good people".