Exploring assassination options

A few SM Groups are exploring assassination options for some of our lovely leaders. The key arguments that they are putting into place are:

  • If the leader is killing people by the millions
  • If the leader is looting by the trillions
  • If the leader is working with the Satanic Establishment
  • If the leader is playing with the justice system where he is paying his way out and not getting punished via the normal route

Then can we simply assassinate such a leader? If this particular “criminal leader” is playing with the system … simply buying others out … he escapes justice and continues to kill by the millions and loot by the trillions … then isn’t it better for the common good to simply assassinate such a criminal?

US Government Policy
Well, actually the US Government has a policy … it is a classified operation … to assassinate or terminate such leaders. Of course, this policy has been applied to leaders of other countries … not usually to American leaders.

For example … there are several dictatorships in Africa … some of them are very horrible. These Dictators have rigged the system … they keep on getting re-elected … they create genocide … loot public funds … they throw million dollar parties while their people starve. Such leaders have rigged the systems and the current system is not able to stop them or take them down.

Here is where classified US forces come into play … and then oopsie … a plane goes down or a helicopter is crashed … and voila … the job is done. Lol.

So … assassinating criminal genocidal leaders … is not something new. It is in fact a US policy since decades. The US Government literally maintains a target hit list.

No blood
Yes, I remember saying during the Obama Presidency that … you should not point and shoot … because there was no blood in any of my dreams. What SM Groups should understand about my dreams is that … I team up with only good people … obviously there is no need to assassinate good people. Secondly, the way I operate is … dismantling of systems … getting involved in who wins the White House … how to bring about change ... my dreams are about all of these activities … and we don’t need to shed blood to do this.

When we are working within the confines of my team and my work … shedding blood is not required. At the same time, my job is not to protect genocidal criminals either. If their crimes and bad deeds catch up with them … if someone wants to assassinate them … then it is their lookout. It is not my job to protect criminals who create genocide.

Who to assassinate?
Obama years were the early phases of the work. When the US Government is concerned … there are several intelligence officers involved … they collect a lot of data, evidence and facts … and then the whole thing is carried out via a classified operation.

If I had given the permission for SM Groups to go ahead and start knocking out the bad guys … then the biggest question in this would be … how would you define that the guy is bad? How would you know who to assassinate?

God: Life for a life
God has given us a very easy formula … tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye and a life for a life. This is justice … but if you can forgive then it is better.

If a person has killed someone innocent unjustly … then in God’s light, killing that person is justice. This is the simple formula.

Things get complicated when “leaders” are concerned. Some examples will help:

  • Obama. There were more wars and genocide under Obama than under Bush. So, are you going to assassinate Obama because millions of people died during his Presidency? No … why? Because it was not his fault … what was happening was because of the system that was being run by a malicious Establishment. Obama was simply holding one position in that system on which he had little control. He was a good guy heading a bad system. Should we assassinate the good guy because of what the bad system did? Those were not Obama’s deeds … those were the deeds of the system that he was heading.
  • Trump. Trump striked Syria during his Presidency … the strikes were not required … he killed a few innocent people. A life for a life … should Trump had been assassinated for his strikes on Syria? No … why? Because at that moment in time … only a handful of people got killed under Trump while we had non-stop genocide under the previous two Presidencies. If Trump was executed at that instant of time … then we could get Mike Pence in office who would terminate the world via a world war. So, assassinating Trump at “that moment in time” … would be the wrong decision.
  • Putin. Should we assassinate Putin because of his war in Ukraine? No … why? Because if you look at the whole scenario then Putin is a good guy that is being scammed by Trump into this war. In fact, Putin has repeatedly stopped several wars and maintained world peace in the past 10 years. Millions of lives were saved by Putin. You don’t assassinate a good guy for one wrong decision where he is being misled.
  • Congress. If you look at the US Congress then they support the legalization of drugs when drugs kill more than 60,000 Americans every year. The US Congress is killing 60,000 Americans every year. Life for a life … should we take down every Congressman that supports the legalization of drugs in America? Israel was the key entity and beneficiary in the War on Terror … the entire concept was created and promoted by Israel and Netanyahu. The majority of the US Congress supports Israel … this is indirect support of genocide and wars in the world. Should every US Congress member who supports Israel be taken down?

If we start looking at reasons and connections to death … then in one way or the other every US leader can be connected. You guys seek permission for assassination … assassination is easy … but who are you going to assassinate? If you use the formula of … life for a life … then the entire US Congress can get wiped out. Who will run the country if no leader can survive the basic formula? You expect me to authorize that? Ridiculous.

What you should keep in mind is that … SM Groups are not a classified US intelligence operation. You guys are tens of millions of groups that form the country. You are the media, the corporations, the legals, the celebrities and the country itself. You guys are into frontend activities and not backend classified activities.

Factors to evaluate
Let me give you a preview of how it would work. These are the factors that one needs to consider before bidding someone good bye.

  • Direct involvement. Is this guy just heading the government entity or is he directly involved in the genocide?
  • Sponsorship. Who is sponsoring this activity? Is he involved in the sponsorship of the genocidal activities?
  • Impact. Evaluate the impact of the activity. Does it effect more than a million people or the entire country or even the world? Or it affects just a few people?
  • Repetition. See the repetitions … of how many times this guy is getting involved in these criminal genocidal activities against the common people.
  • Balance. Look at his good side as well … see if he is doing some great work for billions of people as well or is he just creating hell for others? See if there is a balance of good and bad in his life.
  • Replacement. If you take him out … then also see what would happen next … who would take his position? Would the next guy be better than him or worse than him?
  • Self Benefit. See the scale of benefits that the guy is trying to get from these criminal activities. Is he killing millions to loot by the trillions?
  • Satanic Establishment. See if this guy is connected to the Satanic Establishment. See if he protects and supports the activities of this Establishment.
  • Playing with Justice. Your number one priority should be to punish him using the legal system. See if this guy is playing with the justice system and continuously escaping justice.

These are some of the factors that the US Government studies fully before taking action against any leader. Having power doesn’t mean abusing or killing innocent people. Just because you have the power … it doesn’t mean that you accidentally kill the wrong person because you did not know more about him.

I understand that you guys are keen in leading the country … its Nation Management. And when you run the country … its obvious that you put a few people in jail and execute a few to protect other citizens and maintain peace in the country. But this is a very responsible decision … and you should study several factors before making a call on this.

Personal Opinion
I don’t know about all SM Groups and their operations … but as far as I am concerned … punishing leaders for whatever crimes is not a part of my job. We already have established legal systems to take care of criminals.

I don’t work with leaders who create genocide … I work with only good and clean leaders … that’s my team … good and clean leaders to do good and clean work. If someone is going on a killing spree … and his bad deeds catch up with him … then, we have nothing to do with such criminals.