Red Alert! Red Alert!!

We got a recent update from SM regarding the Ukraine crisis. This is not only about Trump trying to terminate Biden’s Presidency by creating wars … but shockingly, Trump is trying to create a nuclear war between Russia and America … so that he can save himself from jail in America and escape to China during this war.

Its pretty shocking information but this is some of the evidence that has been given for this.

Two Major Evidences

One. Direct Correlation between Trump’s Capital Riots Case and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
If you observe … when Trump starts losing his legal cases to stop the Capital Riots Case from moving forward … and when Trump and his children were being called to testify in New York in other cases … it is exactly at that time that Putin started building up his forces along the Ukraine border.

When Trump actually loses in stopping the Capital Riots Case and the New York Case … its then that Putin invades Ukraine on an “anti-NATO pretext”.

Two. Trump praises Putin and calls America a stupid country
Even when Putin is invading countries that have done him no harm … even then Trump is praising Putin and calling America a stupid country … it seems that we are led by “dumb leaders”. (

Trump is a traitor
What’s basically happening is that … Trump has already committed treason by creating riots on Jan 6th against the US Congress. He can be charged with treason … he and some of his family members can go to jail for life in America.

Trump’s “exit strategy” is … to create a nuclear war between Russia and America … and while America and Russia are busy bombing each other … Trump will sneak out in his private jet along with his family to China.

As per Trump’s perspective … right now, he is living in a country that is going to put him and his family in jail for life. So he is thinking … why should I continue to live in this country and wait for these lawsuits to play out … when I can just create a nuclear war between Russia and America … and simply fly away to China and enjoy my billions there? Why should I care about a country that is going to put me in jail? Why should I live in jail when I can enjoy my trillions and a lovely life in China?

This is what Trump is planning.

Biden should put the Trump Family on house arrest
There are two things that Biden needs to do immediately …

One. Put the entire Trump Family on the no-fly list
Contact the FBI and CIA … inform them of the intel that you have received that Trump is a flight risk … he is not only planning to escape his current lawsuits but also trying to facilitate a nuclear war so that he can escape jail and fly away to China. (Using his current lawsuits are enough to put Trumps on a no-fly list.)

No Trump family member should be able to fly out of America … especially the top ones involved in politics.

Two. Put the Trump Family on house arrest
You should understand that a nuclear war can actually begin. These are not Putin’s threats or bullying … its all a part of Trump’s plan to escape from jail and fly to China. Putin can actually start invading more countries and even use nukes as per this program. This is not just bullying … there is actual intent in doing so according to the plan.

Since a few weeks, we were getting alerts of putting an intel team on Trump to track his every move, phone call and meetings. Probably this is the main reason why we were getting these alerts. Once you discreetly put Trump family members on the no-fly list … create an intel team and track every single move that they make. If there is any contact between any Trump family member with anyone connected to Russia or Putin … then simply put all of them under house arrest. The contacts could have been made today, in the future or in the past few months … if you get evidence of such contacts … put them on house arrest.

We cannot allow this traitor to create a nuclear war right under our nose. When you put them on house arrest … disconnect them from the world … no calls, no emails, no visitors, no TV and no communication with the outside world. They should be in this state of house arrest until and unless the Ukraine crisis or Russia’s war footing comes to an end.

If the Nuclear War begins … then execute the Trump Family
No, this is not harsh … everything should be done with facts and evidence. Trump is a traitor that is creating a nuclear war … putting the lives of billions of  people at risk … creating half of the world into radioactive wastelands … just so that, he can save his own ass … escape jail and fly away to China to enjoy his trillions of loot. Trump wants to destroy his country to save himself. This guy deserves to be executed.

Put them through a Military trial to execute them if the nuclear war actually begins. You have the truth and facts with you. Traitors are given the death sentence and this traitor is trying to create a nuclear world war … destroy his entire country just to escape from jail. Trump deserves it.

Trump is the root of the problem
The good thing that will result from the above measures is that … Trump is the actual root of the problem. Trump is the actual one that is creating this world war. This entire scheme is being run so that Trump can escape … to disable the scheme, you need to disable the objectives of the scheme. The objective of all of this world war scenario is … Trump flying out of America. Disable it right away … put them on a no-fly list … use the excuse of the current investigations and lawsuits … don’t allow them to fly out of America.

The moment you get evidence of any communication between them and anyone connected with Russia … now, in the future or in the past few months … put all of them under house arrest. This will help you to lock down the root of the problem. This will help you stop this world war to a great extent.

Activate Missile Defense Systems Globally
As per this new information … we all should understand that Putin is simply not threatening or bullying anyone. There is a full-fledged plan put into place to create this world war. Putin has not gone cuckoo … he is being used and fooled by Trump to go ahead with this war. Putin is going anti-NATO only to justify these actions that Trump has pre-planned.

We should not just sit back and expect Putin to do what is right and to do what is intelligent. He may or he may not … we never know. But the last thing that we want is … to get destroyed while we are not prepared. Let’s not just sit back and expect Putin to do what is right. Putin is not threatening anyone … he is actually acting on every next step of the program … step by step.

Its high time we activated missile defense systems globally. Make sure that America, Europe, NATO and nearby countries with Russia at risk of war … everyone should activate their missile defense systems. If nukes start falling within a few days … Trump will fly to China … and we will get what we never prepared for. Prepare in every way to defend yourselves … everyone … across the globe.

If this war begins … nobody knows how far it will spread. Everyone activate your missile defense systems.

Trump is making a fool out of Putin
This section is important for Putin. My dear friend … Trump is making a fool out of you. He is showing you a plan where “you will start wars, invade countries, expand the Russian empire … the Biden Presidency will get terminated … Trump will become President and that he will recognize all of these countries as a part of Russia.” He is simply fooling you with this plan.

What Trump’s actual plan is that … he is a criminal that is going to jail in America … he simply wants a world war between Russia and America … so that he can fly away to China while escaping the jail sentence in America. This is his plan.

There is going to be no termination of the Biden Presidency … there is going to be no Trump President … there is going to be no recognition of the expanding Russian empire. All of these are illusions that he is using to fool you … he is a criminal trying to run away from the country. This is his escape plan.

He thinks that we all are “dumb leaders” … and he is the smart one that is pulling off this plan. Trump is a backstabbing asshole … we have seen him backstab almost every single person that he has worked with. With this scheme … he is not only a traitor for America … but he is also a traitor for Russia.

His stupid invasion plan has already created trillions of losses for Russia. Now, he wants a world war where most of Russia will get terminated … just so that he can save his own ass.

Establishment elements will destroy Russia
This world war that Trump is scheming … this has been the Establishment’s plan since Obama. There is already a plan by the Establishment to destroy all of Russia. They want Russia to destroy the West … and all of Western countries should attack Russia and destroy Russia as much as possible. Look around yourself … all of the world has already turned against Russia.

In the second phase of the war … China itself will turn against Russia and continue to destroy Russia. The objective of this world war is … complete destruction of America, EU and Russia … so that, China can become the world superpower. You are befriending an enemy … Trump is your enemy … Trump is creating a false program that will lead to this worldwide destruction.

NATO is not your enemy … they only want you to follow international law. They gave you hundreds of billions in trade … if they thought that Russia was the enemy then why would they give you so much of their trade? Trump is a fool who is pulling you in a bigger disaster … just because he is more concerned about saving his own ass from jail.

Make a deal with Zelensky
The best option forward is to call this operation off. Make a deal with Zelensky and pull back your troops. Do not further expand this conflict. Trump is a criminal only trying to use you to run away from his country. Let’s kick his ass together.

I promise you … we will kick his ass together. We will terminate him from politics and he will pay for his treason. You are a good and intelligent leader … the evidence is there right in front of you … he is losing his court battles and pushing you for war. What more evidence do you want that this is all about Trump saving his ass from jail?

Be smart … save your country … don’t follow this fool. This track is disastrous for everyone. Don’t trust Trump … don’t get fooled by him … look at the facts on the ground. You can stop this world war all on your own … nobody wants to fight with Russia. What everybody wants is to stop the wars that you are starting … calm down … pull your troops back and allow everything to normalize. You can stop this war all on your own.