Good job so far

Firstly, I think we should recognize and appreciate the good, positive and peaceful initiatives that Biden and Obamas have taken in the Ukraine crisis.

  • Peaceful. Almost all moves taken by Biden are peaceful … there is no war footing against Russia … the conflict is a minimum … the loss of lives are at a minimum … thank you. Thank you for using a diplomatic route.
  • International Connectivity. Another good thing that you have done is … created international alliances to work on this crisis together as one. This international unity is greatly helping in managing this crisis.
  • Quick Sanctions. Another effort that you have taken very quickly is … sanctions. It is needed to show that Putin is on the wrong track … that he is breaking international law and terrifying the world.

All of these efforts were done seamlessly with great unison and speed. Good job Mr. Biden.

Points of victory ahead
Here are some points of victory that you should aim to achieve in this crisis. This crisis was created by Trump to terminate your Presidency … but you can turn everything around in your favor.

  • Brains not Muscles – Biden, the Champion. Unlike previous Presidents … you are using brains and not muscles to manage the war crisis. You can come off as the champion in this crisis by simply working on a diplomatic track … by pulling international strings … by using international law and world unity to end this crisis. There is not one victory but there can be several victories ahead … your strategy is itself a victory.
  • Victory without firing a single bullet. You can come off as the champion that stopped wars and invasions without firing a single bullet. This is the beauty of using brains … of using diplomacy … brains win over muscle.
  • Extremely cost effective. When you are working on a track of extreme sanctions to cut off Russia from the world … so that, they understand the disastrous path that they are on … then you are following an extremely cost effective strategy where no trillions are spent and no millions of lives are lost. This is another unique victory in managing wars and invasions.
  • Friendly war. Another unique approach in this strategy is that … we don’t hate our opposition. We don’t hate Russia, we don’t hate Putin and we don’t hate Russians. Russia is a good Christian Democratic country and Putin is a good Christian leader. The only thing that we are trying to show via these sanctions is that “this particular move of invasions” is disastrous and against international law. That’s the only objective of these sanctions … we don’t hate Russia … we love Russia. Russians should not be harmed or killed in any part of the world.
  • Economic Opportunity. There will be a huge vacuum created in the market of hundreds of billions of dollars when Russian gas, oil and agricultural products are blocked. America can sweep in to capitalize on this market share. This is an obvious move.
  • Expose Trump. Another opportunity is if you can get Putin to expose Trump. Putin can decimate Trump.

Pointers for Putin

Trump will pay. There might not be much loss for Russia either … Trump will pay for all losses. This is what Putin needs to understand … sometimes, the consequences of war cost a hundred times more than the act of war. Trump might have paid a few hundred billion to start these invasions … but this is not like fighting against ISIS in Syria where you got world’s support. When you are invading Ukraine … you are breaking international law … you are seen as the bully and a terrorist.

These sanctions that are being put on Russia they will last for at least 5-10 years. The cost of invading Ukraine might have been a few hundred billion … but now the consequences of this invasion will come in the form of world isolation … economic fall, drop in the Ruble value, no imports and exports, no oil and gas sale in the West, hike in prices, depletion of resources … the cost of all of these losses for a huge country like yours will be in the tune of trillions. For the next 5-10 years, it will cost tens of trillions for the Russian economy.

That’s the bad side … and good side is … Trump will pay. This is Trump’s blunder … he pulled you in this … it is his disaster and not yours. Technically, Trump should pay for all losses that come from his disaster. Trump has several trillions stashed in China, Switzerland and a few other places around the world. Make Trump pay for every loss that comes from this disaster … he has the trillions to pay for it.

Internal Instability. Because of Russia’s world isolation … there will be tens of thousands of businesses that will be affected … tens of millions of Russians and foreigners living in Russia will get affected … Russians, foreigners and foreign companies will start leaving Russia … mass protests will be there … you will get a lot of instability within Russia. Don’t be too hard on them … expect it and prepare for it.

Expose Trump, get sanctions removed. You should understand that Biden and Obamas are very nice people … they will work with you. We strategize and they will work with you. An easier way of getting sanctions removed is … work with Biden and expose Trump.

Biden is the President of America … Europe follows America … which means that Europe will follow Biden … it means that Biden can get sanctions removed for you at a much faster pace. There will be several pre-conditions to remove sanctions … but one thing that will interest Biden and Obamas is … exposing Trump. Be ready to do that … and I will get things changed for you.

Fundamental Flaws in the Invasion
This section of the page is important for Putin. There are two major fundamental flaws in your “invasion activity”.

Flaw One. Declared NATO as the enemy
Trump paid you to invade Ukraine … you started an invasion on the pretext of Ukraine joining NATO. The major issue that has been created in this blunder is that … you have declared NATO as the enemy. NATO is the entire of Europe next to you. You hate NATO so much that you will declare war and invade countries if they plan to join NATO. You don’t even want the presence of NATO next to you … this is how much you hate NATO. This what you have declared by your invasion of Ukraine.

It sounds good if you want to justify the invasion … but if you look at the other aspects of life then … if you hate NATO and consider it as your enemy then why do you want to do business with NATO? Why do you want their hundreds of billions in trade? You love their money and hate their presence?

Trump did not think about all of this because … he is a self-obsessed maniac … he thinks only for himself. A war is what he wanted and he pushed you for the war. What about the hundreds of billions in trade with NATO? What about the millions of Russians living in NATO countries? What about the relations with all NATO countries? He didn’t think about all of this.

The very reason that we have used to remove sanctions from Russia is … “Russia is not the Soviet Union anymore … Russia is a good Christian Democratic country … Russia is not harming anyone in the West … why are we sanctioning Russia? Why are we against Russia? Why are we treating Russia as the enemy?”

It is this reasoning that has helped in the removal of sanctions from Russia. It is because of this that we were able to create a world leadership role for Russia. Now, you yourself are declaring that “NATO is my enemy … I don’t want their presence … I don’t want any neighbor to be associated with NATO … I will wage wars … I will invade countries.” What is this my friend … you tell me. This is being friendly … this is being Christian and Democratic? This is what Christianity teaches us … to abuse the weak and take what they have?

How am I supposed to define you as a “good Christian Democratic country” if you do stuff like this … you tell me. The very basis of NATO countries working with Russia was because … they thought you were one of us now … you were not a Communist hater any more … because you were following Christian and Democratic values and principles. Show me anything that is Democratic or Christian in these invasions of yours? One fool told you to invade … and you follow that damn fool? That moron doesn’t know shit … he is on track to jail.

Flaw Two. Not respecting other’s rights
Your second major blunder in following Trump is … not following international law … not respecting other’s rights for peaceful coexistence. The international law and the Russian law are not two different things. You cannot treat “international law” as something alien and not meant for you. International law is based on Christianity and Democracy … it recognizes everyone’s rights to peacefully coexist … doesn’t matter if he is powerful or weak … he has the right to peacefully exist in this world. This is basic humanity and basic international law.

This was the base that we used to remove sanctions from Russia. We said … “Russia is not hurting anyone … remove sanctions from Russia.” Now, you have to show the same courtesy to others … if you don’t want to be hurt then how can you hurt others? If you want to live peacefully then how can you not allow others to live peacefully?

That freaking moron Trump doesn’t know these basics. He is an immoral asshole who pursues any way and every way … so long as he gets what he wants. The asshole worships himself … he follows no law or morals. Why are you following him? Forget about laws … the guy has no morals at all … whatsoever.

Should Israel invade Iran?
Now, as per this stupid logic … should Israel invade Iran? Iran’s nuclear program is a threat to Israel … since 10 years they have been voicing this concern. As per your logic, should Israel invade Iran and demilitarize Iran for its own interests? You tell me.

Pakistan has been waging war and occupying huge portions of Kashmir … should India invade Pakistan and demilitarize Pakistan? If this becomes the norm … the world would be on fire … there would be war everywhere.

Stop invasions … use diplomacy … follow international law
You cannot go around bullying others just because you have nukes. The world doesn’t depend on one country … but one country depends on the world. You are on a track of world isolation … and these sanctions will last for a minimum of 5-10 years. Sanctions are not put today and removed tomorrow … look at Iran … crippling sanctions were put and just to consider removing of sanctions it took 6 years.

Several countries are involved … everyone will want the reversal of your moves and policies … you have to prove to the world all over again that you are a good country that can be trusted. All of this is a minimum span of 5-10 years.

Change your approach
You need to immediately change your “anti-NATO” policy. This is exactly what the Establishment wanted … to show Russia as the enemy of the West … that Russia hates the West. And you gave the Devil what he wanted … and guess what … this asshole, Trump, worships the Devil. He will do whatever shit that the Satanic Establishment wants … as long as it does not involve throwing him in jail.

You need to stop following the Devil worshipper … you do not want to become like a Devil worshipper. You are a good Christian leader … we love what you have done since the past 10 years … you are a hero. Don’t screw everything up.

Want to lead the world?
We need you back on the mantle where everyone loves you, admires you and supports you. If you want to remain as a “world leader” … if you want to be trusted again … then you need to support everyone … the weak and the strong. You need to do what is right … for the weak and the strong. You need to follow Christian and Democratic principles in every scenario.

Strike a deal with Zelensky
Your best option to reverse this course … to reverse the sanctions … to get back in the game … to get support from the West is to … strike a deal with Zelensky. You should have actually pulled your troops back when we suggested you to do so without any invasion. Nothing would have been lost … there were no sanctions at all.

Now, if you fully dismantle the Ukrainian Government and remove Zelensky from power … then all EU countries will want you to restore Ukraine back with its full rights. They will put this pre-condition to remove sanctions. If you plan to remove Zelensky from power and try to make Ukraine a part of Russia later on … it sounds smart … but EU will not buy it. Their first condition will be to release Ukraine and restore it completely. Just fulfilling this condition may take several years.

You might be thinking that Trump is going to be President in 2024 … no my dear friend … he is headed to jail. This is a major miscalculation. Your best course of action to undo what has happened … is by a deal with Zelensky and by pulling your troops back. This will be the fastest track to undo this mess.

Preserve Russian Security
Yes, if someone messes with you then kick their ass. If any country attacks Russia then kick their ass. We will fully support you in that scenario. But in this case, Russia is not the one being abused … but Russia is abusing a weaker nation. You need to reverse this ASAP.

Screw Trump … Biden and Obamas will work with you. I will myself strategize them to work with you ... but you need to fix this mess first.