We are getting the information that Biden is seeking support for the Build Back Better plan. Here are some pointers for Biden … so that he can understand how things work.

Not Democrats nor the Biden Presidency
If the country is a company then SM Groups are the Board of Directors. The Board cares about the country … it is not aligned to the Democrat Party nor is it aligned with the Biden Presidency. Parties change and the Presidents change … but the Board continues to exist and do its work. Its Nation Management … for life.

Biden shouldn’t get the impression that … just in case he pulls sponsors for our work … or just because Democrats provide us with security … that we will become Democrats or a part of the Biden Presidency. It doesn’t work that way.

Don’t drown with one President
One good thing about being in the Board of Directors is that … we don’t drown with one President. Our work continues timelessly. Most of the Presidents only want to bag as much cash as they can in their Presidency … and then, take a walk … and leave all problems for the next President to solve. What happens in such cases is that … not only the President gets a bad name but everyone who worked and supported his policies also drown with him.

That’s one benefit of being on the Board and not making Party or Presidency based decisions.

Supporting Biden’s right moves
Let’s assume that Biden has already started working with us … even in this case … we will support all of Bidens right moves and show him where he is wrong. For example, we openly support Biden’s fullscale rapid vaccination plans … it is a good thing … it is required in the current scenario and it saves lives. We wholeheartedly support this action.

The second good thing that Biden is doing in his Presidency is … working with Russia via a diplomatic track. This is also a good thing … it maintains world peace and gives us the time required to dismantle Establishment malice in war scenarios. We fully support this policy as it is good for the world.

Showing the issues to Biden
Let’s assume that Biden is going to do something that is not good for the people … that might create massive debt for the country … maybe because his Party or his advisers are telling him to do. So, we will show him where the issues are … how he is being misled by his advisers … how he can change … and how he can do what is right for the people.

We won’t do fullscale marketing of Biden’s bad policies … but we will show him where the issues are … so that he can provide more intelligent and wise leadership for America.

Candies for Trillions
Let me give an example … so that Biden understands what I am talking about. Some of Biden’s policies are like offering nice candies to the people … candies are sweet and nice … many people want them. But if you look at the cost of these candies … then it is in the trillions of dollars. Lol.

Many of Biden’s policies are either of $2 Trillion or $3 Trillion or even more. In the Build Back Better plan itself … Biden says that “the cost of insulin will be capped at $35 per month … nobody will have to pay more than that … nobody has to pay $1000 per month for insulin.”

It sounds nice … but if you look at the facts then …

  • How many Americans actually use insulin? Only 2% … which means that 98% of Americans don’t even use insulin.
  • How many Americans are paying $1000 per month for insulin? It seems Americans who don’t have health insurance … they pay these high amounts for insulin. 8.7% of Americans don’t have health insurance … which gives us an approximate of how many Americans actually pay $1000 per month for insulin … that is about 0.17% … which means …
  • About 99.83% of Americans don’t pay $1000 per month for insulin

The logical questions that rise for Biden’s proposal are …

  • If 98% of Americans don’t even use insulin
  • If 99.83% of Americans don’t pay $1000 per month for insulin
  • Then why are we spending trillions of dollars to cap the monthly cost of insulin?
  • Why should America bear the cost of trillions just to help 0.17% who should have taken health care insurance in the first place?
  • Not only the cost of this candy is in trillions … but even the need in the country is not for even 1% of the American people.

So, if we do a small logical analysis of Biden’s Build Back Better plan then there are several flaws … flaws that will cost the American people trillions of dollars.

This is not about being against or for Biden … but this is how it works when we work together. You will know where the issues are … you will know where things will fail … and you will know how to fix things for the better.

Work on great things ahead
Our work is not only about be pro or against Biden … no, we have several policies that you don’t even know. There are many issues in the country that has not been fixed since several Presidents. Each of our policies will bring great phenomenal reforms. The moment you start working on these policies … you will start getting excellent support, popularity and victories. It will completely change your Presidency … and not only that … but more importantly, it will completely change America.

There are lot of works to be done … and many fields have to be worked upon. You will get all of the data step by step.

Support is mutual – Different skillsets
Another point that Biden should understand is that … we are not using the term “Board of Directors” for ourselves because we are superior to you in every way … no, that is not the case. The skillsets are different between the Presidency and SM Groups. For example …

  • SM Groups manage polls, popularity, votes, election victories, policy support, image in the media, support for the Presidency and so on. These activities are beyond the Executive Branch. The President cannot decide his popularity, votes, election victories or policy support. These are the skillsets that SM Groups specialize on. They have enormous influence in these fields.
  • The Presidency is easy access to intelligence, technology, finance, politics and security. These are some of the key skillsets of the Presidency.
  • Active Democracy. We come inbetween the two of you … we already have the support of SM Groups. I am already on the Board of Directors for Nation Management. Our key activities are working with the political layer to create reforms, new systems and to break down exploitation systems. This is why we are trying to integrate the Presidency with SM Groups to create new systems and to break down bad systems.

That’s why SM gives the White House to whoever works with us. Its different skillsets coming together to hammer out the Establishment. Yes, we are on the Board of Directors … because we make and dismantle Presidencies … that’s a part of our skillset. But we are not completely independent and powerful … no, we rely on the Presidency in several other spheres of intelligence, technology, security and so on.

These are complimentary skillsets. If you understand what has to be done and do great things for the country … then we keep on giving you support, popularity and victories. But if the chosen candidate does the opposite then they pull the rug. I explained all of this in very nice detail to Trump as well … he was too over-occupied in his own self-glory to understand what is going on.

This is something new … but it will be very very helpful for your Presidency. Understand how the configuration works … then it will become easy.