No, this point will backfire on Biden. We could understand Trump blocking Democrats from working with us when he was President. When Trump was using his Presidential powers to block Democrats from working with us … it was an issue … but not right now.

Biden has already been made President … he has all of the powers that one needs for coordination. How is Trump blocking Biden? Is Trump taping his mouth or tying his hands? There are multiple routes that the President can use to surpass Trump. Its freaking easy.

“Trump paying Biden not to work with us” … this backfires on Biden and not Trump. Trump already has the title of a “greedy pig”. He is already seen as the bad guy who was worshiping the Establishment and looting the country while it was burning in debt. If you look at all of the points discussed before that Trump used of … sex setups, false information, false witnesses, misleading statements and a dozen different conditions for the coordination … then you understand that … Trump used every gimmick possible not to work with us.

He used every gimmick possible not to work with us mainly because of two reasons … he didn’t have the balls to stand up to the Establishment and he wanted to pocket the funds he raised for our project. Now, what some SM Groups are saying about Biden is that … “he is sticking to his mass spending policies out of greed just like Trump … and he is using gimmicks like Trump of sex setups not to work with us … as he doesn’t want to change his mass spending policies.”

In this situation, if we argue that … “no, no, Trump is the bad guy … as he is paying Biden not to work with us”. How does this help Biden? Biden is already being portrayed as greedy … now, we are supposed to say that Biden took some cash not to work with us? It doesn’t help him.

I know … it is a shitty situation created by the “Chosen Ones” … but this is what we have. As strategists, it is our job to identify every glitch possible … eliminate those glitches … so that the work moves forward. There is a limit to how much we can blame Trump … as he doesn’t have any power right now … all power has been taken away from him. The power has been given to Biden and the key responsibility rests with him. He needs to understand who is holding him back and how to move forward.