Let’s try to smoothen out a few things for Biden. We can use Trump’s blunders for the same … especially for the coordination process. Here are some of the blunders that Trump made repeatedly in the coordination process. He had no idea that he was dealing with the Board of Directors … but this is what he did.

Mistake 01. Sex Setups
We have already discussed the issue of sex setups in the previous pages. This is how Trump’s use of sex setups translated for the Board of Directors. Trump was the CEO who would tell the Board … “So, if anyone of you had sex last night … then this meeting is canceled.” Trump would make up his own sex information only to pocket the money that he had raised for the project.

The Board of Directors would be looking at him and thinking … “what have we chosen this guy for and what is he doing?”

Mistake 02. Ellen – Celebrity Meeting
Trump used to think about himself as a celebrity … his phone call would be like Ellen calling her fans. That his call should be special … on a special occasion … on a good day when everything is good and right. The Board of Directors on the other hand would be like … “ow, shut up and put your ass in the chair! What the hell is wrong with you? And what is this nonsense that you are running in our company?!”

I told him several times … “you are dead late … everyone is pissed … please don’t try to be Ellen … keep it simple” … but the guy doesn’t get it.

Mistake 03. Not looking good?
He is a celebrity giving me a call … so, apparently I should be looking good on that day. Some of the checks that would be put into place are … “didn’t take a shower? … Not looking good? … Bad hair day?” Aawwww … the celebrity, Trump, would cancel the Board of Directors meeting … because one of the Directors was having a bad hair day. Lol.

Mistake 04. Really want to talk?
The Board of Directors ask the CEO to come for a meeting … but the CEO is not really sure if the Board actually means it. So, the CEO sends his own guys to verify if there the Board actually wants to meet him or not. The word of the Board doesn’t mean anything to the CEO … but the CEO would follow whatever his guys would say. Jesus Christ.

Mistake 05. The honor of visiting the White House
Trump would often say that “he would give me the “honor” of visiting him in the White House”. The White House is nothing but a big damn white building … and for us … the White House is nothing but a big damn white building. It is nothing but an office where our CEO works. The White House doesn’t matter … but what matters for us is … the reforms and the change in the lives of billions of people that has to be accomplished. Showing off the position or place that we have given you doesn’t help.

Mistake 06. Good mood?
Apart from the bad hair day check … there is also a good mood check. If the Directors are not in a good mood … then the CEO doesn’t attend the meeting.

Mistake 07. Using family
If the CEO is trying to use the family of the Director … in order to spy on him, use him, contact him or influence him … then this is also a pretty shitty thing.

I simply hate involving my current family members in politics right now. And if there is anything that I hate more than that is … “politicians” who try to use my family members to try to contact me, spy on me or to do whatever using my family members.

Surpassing the rigged level
If you see … then all of the above fall either in the normal level or rigged level. There are mainly 4 levels of operations in America.

  • Normal Level. This is the routine and regular operations that we see in the normal life.
  • Rigged Level. Here is where the Establishment and other elements rig the normal level to suit their own needs.
  • Factual Level. Here is where SM Groups operate to surpass the rigging to do what is right using facts and logic.
  • Planning Level. Here is where we plan how America has to be taken forward and how each crisis should be handled.

We have to pull Biden and Obamas in the 4th level. For that to happen … Biden and Obamas can’t afford to waste time either in the normal or rigged levels. If you try to do the normal … then most of the normal routes are already rigged … either by Establishment elements or self-serving elements like Trump. You have to surpass the rigged level in order to succeed.

Strategies are like “success formulas”
The strategies are like success formulas. We already know the normal … we know how things can get rigged in each step and phase. That’s why, we give you strategies to surpass the initial levels and succeed in what has to be done.

If you keep on trying to do the normal … then you will continuously be fooled and misled via a rigged system. That’s why, we put a simple strategy to initate the coordination process.

  • Trusted candidate. We told you guys to trust absolutely no one around me. Pick a trusted candidate who can simply contact me in order to let me know the timing of the call.
  • Inform timing in advance. I should be informed about the call at least 2 hours before so that I can be there for the call.
  • Initiate the call. And finally, the call can be made to initiate the coordination.

Make sure to have a process to double check if every step is being successfully and correctly being carried out.

Trump’s lack of coordination cost America $10 Trillion

Trump was in another world of self-worship and self-glorification. His record in dealing with the Board of Directors was simply horrible. The biggest issue of the Trump Presidency was that … he was stagnant … he had no idea of how to take America forward or how to accomplish the promises that he had made. He was in this state because he failed to coordinate … and this failure cost America $10 Trillion, a waste of one Presidency and a waste of one full term.

The Establishment launched new gimmicks of the pandemic and about half a million Americans lost their lives under Trump. The cost of Trump not working with the Board of Directors was not only in form of massive debt and time … but also in a huge number of innocent lives.

Smoothening Biden’s track
Biden doesn’t have to sit there and repeat all of Trump’s blunders. We can learn a lot from his mistakes and save everyone a lot … a lot of time, costs and lives.