Not fair for Biden

Some SM Groups are claiming or assuming that … “Biden is using sex setups to stick with his mass spending policies out of greed.”

I don’t think that it is a fair assessment as Biden is new to the sex setups scenario. Let’s give him some basic information on the sex setups issue and then let’s see.

Sex Setups Structure
Sex setups have a multi-level structure … its like a rabbit hole … the more attention and time you give to it … the more setups are created. Let’s learn from Trump Presidency … a lot of it happened during Trump … it will help us how to handle this issue.

Level 01 – Normal Level
At the basic and normal level if you see … then sex is something that is absolutely normal and legal. Then why are sex setups are an issue? I have myself said many times … “if I want to date then I will let you know” … then why are fake sex setups created?

Level 02 – Fake Sex Setups – Deviation Tactic
Sex doesn’t actually happen but fake information is created by Establishment elements.

Why do they do it? It serves as a deviation tactic. We are dealing with a Satanic Establishment … they function like the “Satan” … there is no moral compass there … they will sit and hatch up any God damn thing that comes in their mind. One day I am banging almost every woman in the accommodation and the next day, I am gay … its whatever shit they can come up with.

What’s in it for the Establishment? Well, we are going to dismantle their $500 Trillion empire around the world. Our very project is dismantling Establishment structures in almost every sphere of life possible. So, our lovely Satanists use “fake sex setups” that cost them peanuts to save their $500 Trillion exploitation empire. This is what it is.

How do they design it? They use the people in my surrounding and create fake sex setups, fake witnesses and fake evidence to hatch it up. It’s a simple use of the Matrix system where they can connect with people and make them provide false statements. It’s a use of technology, connectivity and influence.

Since I don’t have sex … this thing has become quite popular everywhere. So, the Establishment tries to create “false realities” using their technology, connectivity among people and some influence. Something that is very normal at the basic level … it is hatched up as something evil … and used as a tool to deviate and derail our project that hammers the Establishment empire.

Level 03 – Fake Sex Videos
An interesting evolution in fake sex setups in recent years was the creation of “fake sex videos”. These guys were sitting there and using technologies to create fake sex videos using real clips of mine from everyday normal life … and superimposing those video clips in sex scenes and acts … to create fake sex videos. Lol … interesting bullshit, isn’t it?

They did this when the coordination was being made with the Iranian Government in the past years to derail the coordination. Interestingly, even Iranians started creating these fake sex videos so that I don’t work with Trump. Eventually, we got 3 entities creating fake sex setups and videos:

  • Establishment elements
  • Iran and
  • Trump

Why was Trump involved in the creation of fake sex setups?
Trump tried to do everything that the Establishment was doing … he used to think that he was a part of the Establishment, as his children were Jewish and he had become a trillionaire via Presidential loot. If the Establishment was using chemicals and infections against me … then Trump would plant people around me to use chemicals and infections on me. If the Establishment was creating fake sex setups … then Trump would also put people and try to use people around me to create fake sex setups.

Trump saw “fake sex setups” as a great way to:

  • Derail our coordination with Democrats and
  • Secondly, to pocket the funds that he would raise using our project

He would raise billions in funding citing the Establishment crisis in America and then pocket the funds himself using any and every excuse that he could. Fake sex setups was one of the gimmicks that he used for this.

Warned Trump several times
We warned Trump about this several times … we told him … “this is not why you were given the White House … it’s a bullshit topic … don’t pay attention to it … focus on the main reasons why you were given the White House … all of this can backfire on you.” He didn’t understand. He was making billions and didn’t understand how it will backfire.

The Board of Directors
The level of technologies used at the Matrix level are of a different level. They know everything … who is doing what. They know the activities of the Establishment, Trump, Democrats, Iran, myself and about everyone in my surrounding. They are seeing and witnessing everything. Trump has no idea about the Board of Directors … he doesn’t know that I am myself on the Board … this is how Trump’s activities translated for the Board of Directors.

Trump was given the job of the CEO in the company by the Board of Directors. When Trump is called to the Board of Directors meeting … then he says …

  • I will not work with the Board of Directors because I have some sex related information of one of the Directors.
  • That “sex related information” is not even real … it is something that Trump himself has hatched up. Its Trump’s own created fake sex setups.
  • Then he says that … “I am going to pocket the billions in funds that I have raised for the company … I will not be giving the funds for the company’s project”.
  • And then he dedicates his time as CEO of the company to support the enemies of the company … namely the Establishment.

This is exactly what the Trump Presidency was … from the Board of Director’s perspective. Guess what the Board of Directors do in response? They write “FU*K TRUMP” all over the US Electoral Map of 2020 and hand it over to Trump as a souvenir for life. If I had not intervened, Trump would be in jail in his second year itself. As the Board, we have to use a broader perspective for the greater good of the country.

Sex basics
Here are a few pointers that Biden should know about sex setups.

Point 01. Perfectly legal and normal
It is something that is perfectly legal and normal.

Point 02. But is this something that you talk with the Board of Directors?

Trump was a CEO of the company and he would be busy talking about false sex information that he had himself created. Is this something that you talk with the Board … a Board of Directors that are involved in Nation Management … whose activities affect trillions in revenue for countries?

This is not why Trump was given the White House. This is the least of concerns for the Board … nobody cares who is banging whom … that is not the purpose of the Board or the White House or the role of any Director. This is the last thing that anyone is interested in.

Trump thought that it is a brilliant gimmick to loot funds and derail the work … but it pissed off everyone and it backfired on him only.

Point 03. Setup Cycle
If you pay attention to sex setups then you are helping the Satanists win. It is their deviation tactic so that the right things are not done for the people. They will convert this into a rabbit hole … hatching up more and more detailed sex setups … and they will keep you occupied with bullshit instead of doing any good.

This is how the cycle of sex setups worked during Trump.

  • The sex setup is created to derail the work.
  • I would expose who did it and how it was done.
  • The miscreants involved in the setup are hammered.
  • Again new sex setups are created.
  • And the cycle continues all over again … we were eventually occupied with nothing but bullshit fake content.

The ones who are involved in the setup get hammered and it is designed to fool and waste the time of those who believe in it. That’s why I say … the people who believe in the sex setups are bigger fools than the ones who create them.

How to deal with it?

  • Bullshit topic. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that … it is a bullshit topic. No one needs to waste time on this.
  • Miscreants involved. Most of the time miscreants are involved in these activities. If anyone is suggesting that the work should be derailed because of this sex setup, then that is your main miscreant.
  • Hammer it out. Shove aside the topic if it rises … and if anyone is using this information to derail the work or to create malice against anyone in the project … then that’s the key miscreant that should be hammered out. We don’t entertain such content and people … we put an end to such topics and hammer out those who try to mislead us via such topics.

We told this to Trump also several times … but he didn’t listen … he had his own interests in these gimmicks. It was an Establishment activity that he was supporting and he was also making billions via this activity. He was actually enjoying it … until he saw “FU*K TRUMP” written on the US electoral map.

Now you understand why some SM Groups are saying that … “Biden is using sex setups to stick with his mass spending policies out of greed.” It is because they saw Trump stick to sex setups throughout his Presidency for his own benefits.

I thought that you should know … why I avoid talking about this topic … how the Board of Directors see this content … and how this backfires on the President. Let’s focus on what’s important for America and the key reasons why you were chosen to be President.