Firstly, let’s thank Mr. Biden for taking a diplomatic approach towards the crisis in Ukraine. Avoiding wars is a must … its incredibly important as everything is interconnected.

Some answers
Now, let me give you some answers for the questions that I had asked … so that, it clarifies a few things for you.

Popular writer?
If you think that I am only a popular writer … then … firstly, where is my audience? Lol. Just a few hundred visitors on my site are changing the world? At this scale, any media outlet is more famous than me. Secondly, if I am none other than a writer or a journalist … then there are tens of thousands of media outlets in America … how come they are not able to stop wars or change the world … how come things don’t start changing when they start writing? Lol.

Yes, this is the key difference between me and any other media outlet out there. Other media agencies … irrespective of their size and audience … they don’t have the SM Network following their instructions. A media outlet is simply conveying the information that they know … they don’t have a force working for them. When I write … I am not only conveying information or exposing issues … but I am also giving instructions of what has to be done next to take the country forward. That’s the key difference.

Even Trump used to be amazed and worried … they used to tell me … “please, don’t write anything against us. Shit happens when you write against us.” Lol. They wanted only good stuff to be written in their favor irrespective of their activities. Even they thought that I was only a popular writer … they had no idea that I was on the Board of Directors … that I have a massive implementation force working with me.

Don’t freak out
I am not about making news … this is not a media outlet … this is Nation Management. The SM Network and the Establishment … if you don’t understand these two powerful forces in the country then you will not survive in the White House. Shit will happen and you will have no idea of who did what and how things have to be managed.

Establishment elements will always try to mislead you, create disasters in the country and leech trillions in the process. They are a negative force for the Presidency, the people and the country. Whereas, SM Groups are the positive force that root out malicious Establishment puppets … stop their negative activities … and support the good activities that our leaders want to do.

Strategy Planning
I set out a plan and a strategy of taking America forward. All other Directors work on the same by activating millions of SM Groups in different fields in the country.

When Trump failed in taking America forward … the best team that we could formulate is “Biden backed by Obamas”. Biden and Obamas were the best leaders available in the spectrum. But despite selecting the finest leaders available, America is not moving forward but it is plunging down at a much faster pace.

When things go wrong or when things get stuck … as Director of Planning, it is my job to analyze and evaluate what the obstacle is … how to remove the obstacle and take things forward as per plan to attain our objectives.

I don’t just give one plan and then sit back … but we re-evaluate and re-structure as we face things in real time. This is the main reason we are talking about …

  • The Establishment and its activities of misleading, disasters and leeching of trillions.
  • The SM Network … who they are and how they operate.
  • Obama … he was a hero but we also need to understand the issues during his time.
  • Trump … he was a greedy pig but we also did some good things during his time. We need to take those things forward. We cannot nullify everything just because it has the Trump tag to it.
  • Biden … if Biden is following both of the above Presidents then he can carry both of their flaws creating a much bigger crisis for everyone including himself.
  • Michelle … firstly, a very Happy Birthday to the lovely Michelle Obama. May God help you become the shining light that the world would follow. Now, coming to the point being discussed … we are activating the lovely Michelle Obama so that the issues from the above 3 Presidents is taken care of … and one lovely Black woman can take the world forward.

Its all about obstacle management. America is getting screwed … instead of great and beautiful things happening … we are only getting worse disasters. Its our job to identify where the issues are … so that, we can overcome the obstacles.

Whats important is … don’t freak out on the opinions of other Directors and SM Groups. I love Obamas … I suggested the team of Biden and Obamas. Its not necessary that they have the same love and attachment to this team. They are allied to the people and America … that’s their priority. If you use facts and logic to do what is right for the people and the country then you will have their support … otherwise, they will pull support from you.

These are the things you should understand about SM Groups.

  • Bad Evaluation. They may come up with pretty bad evaluations of your work … but their evaluations are based on the available facts. If their evaluation is against facts and logic … I can overrule their evaluations. But as long as their facts are right, I cannot stand against them.
  • Pull Support. If SM Groups evaluate that your leadership as bad … then you should understand that it is not just an opinion. They are not a media outlet or the common people. They will start pulling support for your Presidency … then terminate your Presidency … and then place a guy that will terminate all of your wrong policies. That’s how they operate … you are not dealing with a media outlet here. Its an extremely powerful force.
  • Turning against us. The last thing that you should do is … feel bad and turn against us. This will only worsen things for you. You need to keep a cool head … don’t freak out … and look at the facts and logic being shown. The moment you start following facts and logic … I can pull the entire country in your favor.

Working together

You want to work together … it’s a good thing. You should understand that the Establishment and SM Groups are against you … and they don’t support your policies. This is why your Presidency is losing support and you are going down. That’s what I am trying to explain to you …

  • Who is against you … why they are against you … how they see your policies and leadership … and what they are planning next.
  • Where are the obstacles … why are you stuck with such policies and conventional leadership … how to take things forward.
  • How the lovely Michelle needs to step in to take things forward to save America and the world.

This is not about being against you … I am literally working to save your Presidency and America in the process. Understand what is going on … and please be ready to mold and change.