Biden freaking out

Biden is freaking out on the evaluations of different SM Groups about his Presidency. Biden thinks that “I am working against him” … and that we should work together.

Mr. Biden … I am one of the Directors on the Board. Just because I convey you the opinions of other Directors, it does not mean that it is my opinion. Even Trump used to make this mistake … an easy way to understand this is … don’t look at who is saying what … instead look at the facts and logic … doesn’t matter the source of the information.

Doesn’t matter who says what … if the facts and logic fall into place then try to work on that … this will create a more logical approach and bring more positive thinking in the room.

I am Director of Design and Planning … I put strategies forward that are followed by many other Directors. If something is going wrong … then I show you where things are wrong. Don’t expect blind endorsement on anything whatsoever … that is not how the Board functions … every single thing is based on facts and logic.

The previous misunderstanding and nonsense
Since the two Presidents that you talk to a lot are Obama and Trump … let me mention a few misunderstandings that happened before and the nonsense that was created because of these misunderstandings. It will help you to self-evaluate where you stand … instead of me telling you … how and where you are. Lol.

The Obama Era Issues – Deaf and Blind
Obama was a hero of his time … who created a major turning point for America … away from wars into peace. But this process was extremely slow … so slow that it consumed all of his two terms. Why were things so slow?

  • Deaf and Blind. The Obama Era was mostly a deaf and blind era. Obama didn’t follow most of things that he was shown. Why?
  • Popular writer. I was introduced to him only as a popular writer. He had no idea of the SM Network and its reach or influence. I wrote and things happened … Obama had no idea of how “things happened”.
  • Party puppetry. Since Obama thought that I was a nobody but a simple writer … he didn’t care to follow much of what I showed. He obviously preferred to follow party advisers and influence. Obama was all alone and the SM Network was not fully activated … so he went with the current flow.
  • Psycho. Some Establishment elements played a two sided game to derail our support for Obama. On one side, they started promoting a concept that … I was a psycho talking to nobody … and that all of my information would be extracted and I would be tossed aside.
  • Parasite. The above concept created two issues with Obama. One … he lost trust in what I was writing and exposing. Second … if he was interested, he tried to be a parasite on our work only interested in extracting information from us. I had actually welcomed Obama’s parasite mode … as I mentioned before.
  • Push me away. The second side of this game by Establishment elements was … to push me away … to make me stop helping and guiding Obama … as he was apparently being a “parasite” on my work.

Why did we get these issues during Obama? Because he thought that I was only a popular writer … that needed some protection from the malice of the Establishment so that I could do my work. He had no idea about the SM Network and how things were falling into place in America or around the world.

The Trump Era Issues – Greedy Pig

By the time we reached the Trump Presidency … we had fully activated the SM Network. We were very successfully rooting out Establishment elements from several key places in the country. I had already moved into the Board of Directors in the Nation Management Council. These were the issues we had with Trump.

  • Greedy Pig. We pulled Trump into the White House despite his sex scandals … so that he could use logic and take the country forward from where Obama was stuck. But the biggest issue with Trump was that … he was a greedy pig … completely self-obsessed … always looking for every opportunity possible to make money off the Presidency. That was his very purpose of becoming President … to extract as many trillions as he can for himself.
  • Sex Setups. Trump considered himself a part of the Establishment and he used to repeat everything that Establishment elements would try to do against me … this included sex setups. Yes, the President of the United States was busy trying to create “fake gay sex set ups” against one guy on the other side of the Ocean. Lol. Its true.
  • Chemicals and infections. He used his political contacts and intelligence from different countries to target me with chemicals and infections … as this is something that Establishment elements used to do against me.
  • Targeted my clientele. Instead of working with me and supporting my work … he used to pull strings to target my current clientele to make things worse for me to shut down my work.
  • Pulling political strings. He used to pull political strings against me trying to shut down my work.
  • Facilitated Genocide. There were no large scale deaths of the American people under Obama. But Trump became so twisted that he facilitated genocide against the American people by holding off the vaccines.

The Biden Era – All nonsense in one Presidency?

I am not going to say anything against Biden on this page … but let him self-evaluate. Here is a checklist of all of the nonsense that happened under the previous Presidents. Take a look of where you stand.

  • Deaf and blind. Are you being deaf and blind to the logic being shown to you? Or are you following logic?
  • Party puppetry. Are you following party puppetry? If not, then in how many places or policies have you stood up to your own party?
  • Popular writer. Do you think that I am no other than a popular writer who exists at the bottom of the food chain who shouldn’t be listened to? Who shouldn’t be cared about?
  • Psycho. Do you think that I am a psycho that is talking to nobody?
  • Parasite. Are you trying to be a parasite on my work and trying to pick good ideas from my work?
  • Greedy Pig. Are you a greedy pig who is looking for every opportunity to make trillions via the Presidency?
  • Sex setups. Are you involved in the creation of sex setups around me or do you believe the sex setups created around me?
  • Chemicals and infections. Are you involved in the use of chemicals and infections against me?
  • Targeting my clients. Are you trying to target my current clients to bully me or threaten me or make things difficult for me?
  • Pulling political strings. Are you trying to pull political strings against me?
  • Genocide. Have you taken action against Establishment malice to stop the pandemic or are you turning a blind eye to facilitate the pandemic?

All of the above is the checklist of some of the nonsense that happened under previous Presidents. You can go through them and check how much nonsense the Biden Presidency has today. Lol.

I am not saying that you have an all nonsense in one Presidency. Please self-evaluate.


About sex setups? Yeah, I don’t even care. The guys who believe in the sex setups are bigger fools than the ones who create these set ups. I have nothing more to say on this topic.