To consider sanctioning Putin is plain bonkers. The advice to do something like this is simply beyond stupid.

Biden should keep this in mind ... if a war breaks out in Ukraine ... then his Presidency will be simply over. Trump and Republicans have already made their mark in ending all wars and creating global peace by working with diplomacy. "War" is why everyone hates Bush and Hillary ... if Biden cannot stop new wars from starting using diplomacy ... then Biden will be known as a "mega failure".

Biden is already on a failing track ... with new wars, Trump and Republicans will pounce on Biden ... and everyone will support the termination of the Biden Presidency. Till date, the only thing that Biden has shown is "clinging on to the trillions by his teeth", as per several SM Groups.

The Groups that termed Trump "a greedy pig" ... they are terming Biden as "a shameless greedy pig". SM Groups are very crude and upfront in defining Presidential activities.

The term "a shameless greedy pig" is not that important ... what's important is that ... without any new wars many SM Groups see Biden has a shameless greedy pig ... but if new wars start then even I cannot defend and protect the Biden Presidency.

Why shameless greedy pig?

To understand why Biden is being called a shameless greedy pig ... you need to understand why they termed Trump as a "greedy pig". They called Trump a greedy pig ... because he was on a looting spree while America was burning in debt ... he was supporting the Establishment in looting the country and he joined the loot. That's why some SM Groups call Trump a greedy pig.

Now, if you look at Biden ... he is on a looting spree 10 times more than Trump when not only America is burning in debt ... but also in a time when a thousand Americans are dying almost every single day. That's why, they are calling Biden "a shameless greedy pig". A thousand Americans are dying every day and he is focused on the trillions of loot that he has to make.

Managing the title of a shameless greedy pig

It is because such titles are being used against Biden among the Board of Directors ... I came up with a management strategy saying "I will mold Biden's mass spending policies and pull him on the right track." That's why I am suggesting Biden again and again to change and mold away from his mass spending policies.

They are saying that ... like a Koala bear wraps its hands and legs around a tree trunk ... they say that Biden has his hands and legs wrapped around and teeth sunk into his trillions.

Keep an eye on the Trump factor

Trump follows our writings even today, despite him being removed from the White House. You should understand that Trump knows that "if new wars begin then the Biden Presidency will be terminated for sure. It will be a death blow for the Biden Presidency." Trump will try to push for the creation of new wars ... Trump will try to push Putin to go for a war in Ukraine.

Trump is someone who created a genocide against his own people just to postpone the elections. Creating new wars to terminate the Biden Presidency will be a delight for him.

Biden is not only dealing with ...

  • The bad advisers from his intelligence and military that tell him to challenge and stand up to Russia
  • He will also deal with Establishment misleading that will also be channelized via media outlets asking for you to stand up to Russia
  • But he is also dealing with Trump who will take great pleasure in the creation of wars under Biden

Biden has to manage ...

  • Extremely bad mass spending policies that is getting him the title of being "a shameless greedy pig"
  • He has to manage the Pandemic that is skyrockeing like hell
  • He has to manage Establishment misleading via the party, media and advisers
  • He has an additional factor of Trump to be managed

Biden is President in the most complicated and disastrous times ... and he doesn't understand that.