Biden talks about his “economic recovery” plans … when in reality, these are not economic recovery plans but they are economic disaster plans.  This is one of the reasons why his Presidency is being terminated by the Board of Directors.

Wrong assumption
Let me try to remove one wrong assumption that Biden might be having … “hey, I will give this guy a few billion and try to get his support for me and my plans.” No, my dear friend … this is not how it works. We are not a media agency that markets or promotes. We are the Board of Directors that hire and fire Presidents. If you think that … paying me will get you my support for your plans … then that’s a big mistake. One of the main reasons why your Presidency is being terminated is because of your mass spending plans.

For the Board of Directors, they don’t care whether you are Obama, Trump or Biden … they don’t care what your name is or what your party is. Their evaluation is solely based upon the result of your actions and policies on the company. If your actions and policies are going to create a massive debt crisis for the country and solve no problems at all … then nobody cares who you are … they will terminate your Presidency.

Presidency already on the termination track
You should understand that your Presidency is already on the termination track. Your mass spending is 10 times more than Trump … you have 3 times more the total number of Covid cases than under Trump … you have 2 times more active cases than under Trump … 425K Americans have died due to Covid under your watch till date … all of this is happening despite of your multi-trillion dollar “recovery plans”. Your Presidency is a total disaster several times more than Trump. There is no recovery for America … America is going through disasters under the Biden Presidency.

Not endorsement but changing tracks
I am not going to endorse any of your mass spending policies that are creating this massive economic crisis and solve no major problem at all. That is not my job. My job as Director of Planning is to show you where you are going wrong … to help you mold and change your policies.

I have already been informed about the termination of your Presidency … and I am telling them … “hold on, let’s see if we can help Biden mold and change tracks.”

Please do not expect us to be your rubber stamp … that is not how the Board of Directors work. Every action and every policy will be evaluated by the impact that it will have on the people and the expenses involved. It’s a fact based logical approach.

Another wrong assumption
Another wrong assumption that political leaders who are new to the Establishment and SM scenario is that … they will say … “Okay, here is your money … go do your job and let me do my job. Let me run all of the policies that I want to.” They think that … “you are different and I am different … your policies are different and my policies are different … your work is different and my work is different.” No, it is not like that.

Warren wanted to give me $100 Billion for my work and wanted me to endorse her $130 Trillion policies. Lol. She also thought that … my work is different and her work is different. It is not like that.

Our operation levels are different but we are connected to the same entity … we are connected to the same company … we are connected to the same country. As the Board of Directors … if the CEO is running disastrous policies then it is our job to correct the CEO. You can’t tell the Board that … “okay, here’s a few billion … now, let me do my shit and let’s screw the company together”. Lol. No way in hell that is going to work out.

Understand the fight and change
As the Board of Directors … what we can commit to is …

  • You will remain as President. Your Presidency will continue and it will be supported.
  • You will win your re-election.
  • We will help you win more seats in the House and Senate
  • And we will also take care of your “financial interest”

You cannot stick to multi-trillion dollar disastrous mass spending policies … just because you have a financial interest in those policies. Just because one guy has financial interest in the policies … we cannot allow disasters to happen for hundreds of millions of people.

So, what we do is … to detach you from these bullshit mass spending policies … we take care of your financial interests via other routes. Just because you want to make your money, you don’t have to screw the country. You get your money … you get your Presidency … and you also make historic changes to lead America into a new era. You go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever … when you fight the right fight.

Fighting the right fight
I can change the Board’s decision in your favor and pull SM Groups to support you … the first few things that you need to do is …

  • Detach yourself from these mass spending policies. We will show you other routes to take care of your financial interests.
  • Be ready to reform, change and mold these policies … to move towards the right direction.
  • Be ready to stand up to your party and the Establishment to do what is right.

When you can do this … then you are in the right fight. We will show you in extreme detail of what has to be done and how it has to be done … and will also create the support for you, so that you can win.

There is no future for the Biden Presidency on its current track … it’s a must for you to change and mold to fight the right fight.