This page is important for Obamas and Biden.

Understanding the power in the Matrix

If you see the events that SM Groups have pulled off … like …

  • Overthrowing entire governments
  • Putting criminal Jewish billionaires in jail
  • Rooting out Netanyahu from power
  • Putting tens of millions of people on the streets
  • Controlling Presidential and Congressional elections

All of these activities show enormous power. The question is … how are these guys so powerful … that they can sit in America and overthrow the governments in Egypt and Tunisia? How are they able to pull it off?

To understand this … you need to understand how the Matrix works.

Data and Network
The most important elements that give the Matrix its enormous power are …

  • Data
  • Network
  • Technology
  • Politics

These are the topmost 4 important elements that provide the Matrix the power that it has … Data and Network being the most important ones.

Pulling “data” into the Matrix
All of these techniques are illegal and criminal … its literally spying into the lives of the people at a mass level. But you should understand that … all of these systems are created by a “Satanic” Establishment … that treat the common people like sheep and cattle. Let alone being criminal and immoral … they think that all of these techniques should be used over the masses as they are the Masters and the people are sheep and cattle that have been created to serve them. It is with this ideology that such systems have been created.

  • NSA Spying. NSA spying into the lives of the people … tapping their phone calls and emails … this is just one layer of spying setup by the Establishment via a discreet government operation. Yes, the Establishment is using public funds and public employees to spy on the public for their own good. They say that this operation has helped them “thwart several terrorist activities” … what they actually mean is that … this operation has helped them to spy on the masses and suppress people who rise against them. The “terrorist” is the one that threatens the Establishment as per their perspective. If the sheep or cattle turn against their Masters then it is a terrorist activity.
  • Monopoly. The Establishment has a sweeping monopoly in the manufacture of technology and software development. All of the phones and PCs that you use … in your government, intelligence, military and public fields … all of this equipment and the software is developed and supplied by the same Establishment. And since these phones and PCs are connected to the internet … any application or operating system can send everything that your phone or PC does to the creator of this application … and you won’t even know about it. This is the “second layer” of spying on the masses by the Establishment.
  • Matrix Technologies. There are several sets of technologies in the Matrix that are not even there in the market. These technologies are so advanced that … something as simple as light and electricity can be used to track the masses. If there is light and electricity wherever you are in the country … then your activities can be tracked.

Pulling data in the Matrix
What happens is that … whenever a person uses his phone or laptop or PC or any smart device … then that information is immediately pulled into the Matrix. Your communications, lies, cheating, scandals, threats, financials, family, business, transactions, dealings, contracts … every single thing … since the day you started using a web enabled device … your information is there in the Matrix.

It doesn’t matter who the hell you are … you might be the President or a clerk … they know every single thing that you have ever done in your digital life.

Using Matrix technologies … this spying has been further enhanced to track everything that happens where there is light and electricity. Everything that you say or do at a place where there is electricity … you are being tracked … and your information is being pulled into the Matrix.

Network – Second Element
The second major element that gives power to the Matrix is the … Network. They are pulling everyone’s data … but they are also managing everyone via a network. This is how the network in the Matrix works …

  • Billions of people are tracked … this includes the general public, government, intelligence, military and all politicians.
  • Each person is managed via a group of people … using a control point in his family, friends, neighbor, work or business. Every few blocks in the city are managed by a few groups … and the groups change with the next blocks. The entire city and country is mapped into the Matrix in this way.
  • One person manages and reports on another person … in the same manner the guy who manages is also managed via control points in his family, friends, neighbors, work or business. Everyone is being managed and tracked by someone.
  • This management trickles up in the city based upon the society, job and activities of the person. Higher the profile of the person … higher the level of management used.
  • The management hierarchy starts from the general public … it moves on to their managers … to their managers … and to their managers and so on. It works from the local level … to the city level … to the State level … to the National level … and to the International Level. There are several management levels that it passes through.

Its not just a bunch of freaks spying on the people using some gadgets … no. It’s a massive integrated network … that’s a combination of data, technology and politics.

Applying this to Presidential Leadership
The main reason why I am sharing this information with Biden and Obamas is that … they can get a small overview of how the Matrix works. It will help them understand how Presidencies are made and dismantled. It will help them understand the force that is there with them in leading the country.

Making and dismantling candidates
A very interesting thing that you must be seeing nowadays is that … we are able to root out Establishment puppets from key positions and install Establishment independent candidates instead of them. How do they do this?

Its very easy … when you know everything that the guy has done in his life. When you have access to the data of all the good and bad that the guy has done in all his life … then it becomes as easy as tic tac toe to make or dismantle him.

Dismantling Candidates
If you want to dismantle and remove the guy from any public position or top position … then simply release some shit that he has done to the media … and the guy will be gone in no time. If he resists one scandal … then release some more data … until he quits and says bye bye. Lol.

Making Candidates
If you want to make a candidate … then we release the good information about him and release the shit that his opposition has done … and eliminate his opposition. Once you eliminate a few opposition candidates then everyone understands that … if you speak against this guy then you will get eliminated … so, everyone remains shut. Lol.

Nice, isn’t it? This is the power of data and the right connections. Lol. This is one example of how the Matrix operates.

We can apply this to any guy in the country possible. Doesn’t matter if he is a Mayor, a Governor, the President or even Billionaires and Millionaires. Everyone’s data is there in the Matrix.

Trump: Who is the leaker?!!
Trump was shocked who the “leaker” during his Presidency. Trump had no idea of the system that he was living in. The Establishment has access to all of his data since they created these systems … and SM Groups has access to all of this data since they operate all of these systems.

Non existence makes them invincible
The interesting thing in all of this is that … since there is no defined existence of the Establishment or SM Groups … it makes their operations untouchable. If the organization doesn’t even exist out there legally in a defined place or identity … then who will you go after? Since SM doesn’t exist technically or legally … it makes them invincible.

They have tens of millions of points throughout the country through which they operate … they keep on making and dismantling candidates in key places again and again … there is no way to stop them.

Technology not in the market
The FBI and the Secret Service … they themselves are being watched and tracked. They themselves have no freaking idea of the technologies being used … how will they stop these operations?

Not only they are non existent legally … but hardly anyone understands how this works and what technology is being used.

The First Revolution
The first revolution that I created was in this Matrix itself. I turned the Christian masses against their Satanic Masters. Now, SM dominates the Matrix … and they are dominating it so well that they are tossing their billionaire and millionaire Masters in jail. Lol … freaking awesome … isn’t it?

Applying this to Presidential leadership
What Biden and Obamas should not think is that … “We are alone in this. The Establishment is so big … they are trillionaires. How can I mess with trillionaires? We don’t have the coalition … we don’t have the votes. This is just too big to do.” All of these are beginner thoughts … don’t think in that line at all.

You have a phenomenal force behind you, that is with you every step of the way. The entire Nation can walk along with you through every step of the way … you can get phenomenal support that you would not have even imagined. Its gonna be like magic and wonders for you … provided … provided … you start doing what is right for the people.

You need to roll up your sleeves and prepare to fight for the people … then the entire Nation will stand by you.