Yes Ma’am … you are more than welcome to contact us. Here is something interesting even on the “contact scenario” with Trump.

The Board of Directors tell the CEO of the company that … “there is a disaster coming ahead for the company … we need you to meet immediately … so that we can work on averting the disaster”. Guess what Trump’s response is?

He says … “if the Board of Directors ask me to contact them … then, I will not contact them. This is my policy.” We asked him … why is he being like this … then he says … “this policy is given to me by the Establishment.” Apparently, the enemies of the company told him not to contact the Board of Directors whenever they request for a meeting.”

Lol. Trump followed this as a policy. We asked him … “what about the disasters?” Trump’s approach was … “if the disasters come then let them come … but if the Board asks me to contact them then I will not contact them.” We asked him … “okay then, when will you contact us?” He says … “I will see when I want to contact … may be I will pick some special day … some auspicious day … then I will think of contacting them as a wonderful surprise.”

Our CEO wanted his meeting with the Board of Directors to be like “Ellen’s surprise visit to her fans”. Lol. We explained to him so many times … this is not how it is supposed to be. You need to setup a direct communication line … you have to be in constant contact with the Directors. Trump never understood this.

Trump thought that this policy was “fun to follow” … while Trump was following fun … the company was facing disasters.

Pays the next CEO not to contact the Board
Throughout his Presidency … Trump was following the company’s enemies advice of not contacting the Board of Directors. The Board fires Trump from the company and gets the next CEO in place. Guess what Trump does?

He pays the next CEO not to contact the Board of Directors. He is working on every route to derail the current CEO’s contact with the Board. And the Board of Directors are like … “what should we do with this guy?”

Learning from Trump
The blunders that Trump has made … they serve as a good model for other leaders to learn from … so that, we don’t need to waste another Presidency.

Obamas are more important than Biden
The major shift in role is of Obamas. Obamas need to shift into the next gear. They need to stop being company employees and move into the Board of Directors. This is a critical move because if this move is not made … then Biden will commit disasters … and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Michelle Obama not being activated means that Biden will create disasters … this is the current situation. Michelle Obama being activated means that Biden will create great revolutionary reforms for America. On one side we lose tens of trillions … and on the other side, we create tens of trillions. That’s the importance of just “one person” in the strategy. And that person happens to be the lovely Michelle Obama. As of now, she is worth tens of trillions for America. That’s the value of her role.

Of course, Biden is also important … we are not completely removing him from the equation. But the major turning point that has to happen for America … it will be carried out by Obamas. This makes Obamas more important than the sitting President.