Helping Obamas Understand the Game

Let’s use Football to help Obamas understand the game. It will help them understand the making and dismantling of Presidencies … who we are … and what role we are creating for them.

FIFA has several top level committees … the topmost being the FIFA Council and the FIFA Congress. As a whole, FIFA sets the rules of the game … it has sweeping powers to monitor and manage Football being played in any country of the world.

Its Politicians … not Football Players
The SM Network is like the FIFA Organization for Football. The difference being that … SM manages the Nation. The politicians are like Football players that SM manages. Managing politicians is a part of Nation Management.

SM decides which players get to play the game. Like in a company the Board of Directors decide the key policies and employees of the company … similarly, SM decides who get to lead the country at the State Level … in the Congress … and in the White House.

  • Basic Politics. The politics that you know … it is the basic politics where you do the routine campaigning, pulling of funds and votes … and so on.
  • Establishment Politics. Above the basic political level … there is the Establishment Politics where the Establishment tries to intervene and change decisions based upon it’s interests.
  • SM Politics. SM Groups have been working above the Establishment level … knocking out Establishment pupppets and putting Establishment independent candidates in key places.

Its FIFA Council … not Cheer Leader Squad
I am introduced to Presidential candidates as a popular guy … sometimes as a writer, blogger or journalist. They think that I am like a cheer leader … whoever I support, he or she wins the elections. What Presidential candidates don’t know is that … I am from the FIFA Council … not the cheer leader squad. They are not informed about this … because it is complicated to explain all of this.

“What is SM? What is the Establishment? Who is doing what?” All of this is too complicated to explain … so, I am simply introduced as a writer, blogger or journalist who is popular. But the truth is … I am not your cheer leader … I am from the Nation Management Council … the Director of Design and Planning.

My job is not to be a cheer leader for whatever the President does … but my job is to evaluate, guide and help the President … to move away from disasters and to do great things for the people. With God’s grace, I have phenomenal influence in the Council … most of the time I hold 80-100% of the weight in designing the direction of the country. My evaluation and support decides whether you get to remain in the White House or get removed from the White House … or whether you get the White House or not.

Climbing the ladder in the SM Network
This info might come to you as a surprise … let me give you very brief information about what happened during the Pre-Obama phase. The SM Network has tens of millions of groups spread all across the country … operating at several levels and speheres of life. At every few blocks in the city, the SM Groups change … every city in America has been charted out and distributed into a massive map of SM Groups. This map is collectively known as the Matrix.

When I started writing about the crisis in the country … I rose through several SM levels … moving up from the local level … to the city level … to the State level and to the National level. Above these levels … there are a few top groups that form the senior most SM Groups involved in “Nation Management”. They are like the guardians of the Nation … they get involved in the making and dismantling of politicians at every level.

I was repeatedly invited to join the Matrix which I vehemently denied (long story) and later on … I was also invited to join the senior most level for Nation Management. I also refused to be a part of any organization as the organization’s rules, direction and policies would affect my work.

Moving into the Presidential Circle
It is after I moved to the top levels in the SM Network that I was introduced in the political sphere of America. From one person to another … I was introduced to Obamas … as a writer who was very popular.

Why I was introduced in the Presidential Circle?
Because my work involved Nation Management and it involved a lot of reforms and policies creation. Thus the requirement for Presidential coordination.

Presidential protection and operations are different
If Obamas are thinking that they are the SM Network that I talk about as they have been working on the guidance that we provide … then that’s a mistake. The Presidential protection and operations are different … and SM operations are totally different.

Who created the Tea Party Movement or the Occupy Movement or the Arab Spring or the several other nation wide protests in several countries? Did Obamas do that? Did the Democrats do that? No, all of this is SM activity.

Deviation Tactics
My first revolution was within the Matrix … I turned SM Groups against the Establishment that had created and designed the Matrix. The Establishment used several gimmicks so that SM Groups should not follow me.

One of the gimmick was “I am not your errand boy … why do you give me so much work?!” This was an attempt to turn SM Groups away from me … so that they don’t work on what I show. What I told SM Groups was … “It is your lives at risk … you form the country … they are abusing, exploiting, leeching, threatening, using and even killing you for their benefit. This work will change the lives for everyone in the country.” This was enough for me to get all SM Groups in my favor against the Establishment elements that had created the Matrix.

Later on, they tried to push me away from guiding Obama by saying … “Obama is a parasite on your work”. I understood that they wanted me to stop helping Obama and in response to their allegation … I invited Obama to be a parasite on our work. Lol.

Examples will help
Examples will help us understand what happened under different Presidents and what should have actually happened.

President Barack Obama
I am introduced to Obama as a popular writer … he was simply ask to read what I write. Obama saw me as a “cheer leader” … who was cheering him on and helping him win re-election. Obama saw our work as … “Go Bama! Go Bama! Go Bama!” … and to Obama’s amazement … Mitt Romney was going down like hell and Obama’s support and popularity was rising phenomenally. Obama was like … “Yes! Yes! Please continue this work!”

I continue to show how a disaster Mitt Romney would be as President and why we needed Obama to win his re-election … eventually SM decides to give the victory to Obama. Obama wins his re-election and tells me … “thank you very much … go get some”. I am like … “You are welcome Obama … and thank you for your … well wishes.”


The work was not about being a cheer leader for Obama … but it was about showing the Nation how things would fall under Mitt Romney and why we needed Obama to win his re-election. We were deciding which candidate should be in the White House.

The majority of SM members have a dual life … they operate as one person in real life and play another role in the SM Network to manage and lead the Nation. That issue that came with Obama was that … he saw me as a cheer leader and didn’t bother to change much on most decisions. Thus the change was incredibly slow under Obama and we got many disasters under him as he followed party leaders and party policies.

President Donald Trump
I was introduced to Trump by the outgoing President Obama. Trump saw me as a writer who was popular … as an Obama guy … and someone who has influence in the SM Network. Yes we had to introduce Trump to the Matrix and SM Groups … as we had to create some courage in him to stand up to the Establishment.

Trump always wanted me to blow his horn … and every single time, I told him … “I am not someone that blows your horn.” Trump never understood even once why I used to tell him that.

Trump was a self-worshiping asshole. Everytime I showed where he was making a blunder … he used to get pissed off at me … “I will shut you down. I will do this to you and that to you.” And he would start pulling political strings to shut down my work.

Trump had no idea that he was simply an employee in the company … and I was from the Board of Directors. What would happen to a guy who steals from the company, who threatens other employees, who works with enemies and competitors, who threatens Board Members and tries to even shut down the Board of Directors? He gets the most humiliation, double impeached and kicked out of the company.

That’s exactly what the Trump Presidency was … that’s exactly how it happened. When you don’t play by the rules of the game … then you get totally removed from the game.

President Joe Biden
Obamas should understand that … the Biden Presidency is less about Biden and more about Obamas. What we are basically doing here is … moving Obama from being a player on the field and pulling him in the FIFA Council. We are pulling him in the Board of Directors rather than just be a limited time employee. Obamas can continuously work in creating and managing US Presidents. They could get involved in the policies that are run in the country.

Obama doesn’t understand this … and instead … he is still playing like a player on the field. He is still operating in a limited time capacity. He is following party policies and party leaders … and trying to repeat his Presidency.

We are trying to move Obamas into the next gear of managing the Nation … that is a far more powerful role … that would make them more powerful than the President and the Democrat Party itself … but he is still playing the game like he is a regular routine company employee.

Biden is on the termination track
These tracks are not decided or planned by Obamas or Democrats … this is done by SM Groups … they operate in a much more powerful way than the President or the Democrat Party can. Right now, Biden is on the termination track … as he has a long list of disasters as his policies. This is how SM operates in eliminating disastrous elements from the White House.

  • Made Powerless. You are made powerless … because what everyone sees is that … you are using the power given to you to create disasters. The first thing that they will do is … immediately initiate moves to render you powerless. This starts with media and political opposition.
  • Drop in polls and popularity. You are taken down in polls and popularity.
  • Election Failures. Your party starts to see election failures.
  • House and Senate. The control of the House and Senate is taken away from you … so that your disastrous policies can be opposed, stopped and eliminated.
  • Presidential Termination. Your Presidency will be terminated and such a guy will be chosen as President that will stop and eliminate all of your disastrous policies.

Yes, as of now … Biden is not being a role model President … but his disasters are “defining the next President” that America needs. This work is already on … they are already looking for the next President that will terminate the Biden Presidency and all of his policies.

This is not a Democrat initiate … this will be done via SM Groups that are far more influential than you. If Democrats were influential enough then Obama would not have lost the House and Senate in his Second Term … and Democrats would not have lost to Trump in 2020. When SM Groups come into action … you will have no powers to stop them or change their direction.

It is the same as a company employee who has disasters in his record … trying to tell the Board of Directors that he is the best guy to continue running the company. No way in hell will the Board of Directors buy that type of bullshit. Every decision is made using facts and logic … the facts don’t support the Biden Presidency.

Biden took $3 Trillion to fight the pandemic … and the result that he shows is … 3 million more active cases in America than under Trump. This is just one disaster … a multi-trillion dollar disaster … there are several more … but the purpose of the page is not to enlist Biden’s failures.

Changing Biden’s and Obama’s fate
The only reason we are showing this … using examples to make you understand what is going on … is because it is possible to change your track … it is possible to change your fate than get an exit from the White House. If Obama continues to sit there and think that I am his cheer leader … we are nobody’s cheer leader. You are dealing with the Board of Directors here … the SM Network is such a powerful entity that all politicians in the country are no more powerful than “a selected employee” in a company.

If you go back and check everything that we have written … then you will see from what perspective we are guiding you. There is no one out there that will give you this information. There is no one out there that will integrate you with the SM Network.

  • A Pornstar winning the White House is not magic or luck
  • A guy with two dozen honking cars in his ralies winning the White House is not magic or luck

All of these decisions are pre-planned and done in a very calculated manner.

Look what you are losing when Biden fails
Obamas need to see what they are losing when Biden fails. This is a once in a lifetime phenomenal opportunity for you … to become a part of the key leadership that manages the Nation. Working with us you will become more powerful than the President himself … you will be more powerful than the party itself. We will create the routes and the means to make it happen.

It’s a must to change Biden’s failing track. This will be good for Biden, for Obamas and for all of America.

Happy New Year!