Let’s help Mr. Biden understand the meaning of “working together”. The phrase “working together” has had different meanings under previous Presidents.

President Obama
This is what “working together” meant under President Obama.

  • Security. Obamas would take care of our security from the malice of Establishment elements and other negative elements.
  • Online Support. I would provide the Obama Administration the understanding of Establishment malice in each war scenario and he would try to derail the wars.

This is what working together meant under Obama. There was no requirement for direct coordination … there was no project that I had designed … there was no breaking of any Establishment monopoly. All that was required of Obama was … stop funding and supporting rebels in war zones … stop the wars before the conflict with Russia would begin. That’s it … Obama had the easiest job in the world.

Was Obama a parasite?
Some Establishment elements tried to promote Obama as a parasite on our work, so that I stop helping him. But I actually welcomed Obama to be a parasite on our work … I told him … “no problem, please use my work … please understand what is going on … so that we can stop these wars for once and for all”.

Obama was NOT a parasite on our work … we welcomed his interest in the work to understand what is going on … we were not able to stop the funding and support for rebels … but we definitely averted a war against Russia and pushed Obama to sign the Iran Nuclear Deal. The deal was not perfect … but this deal would assure that there would be no war with Iran and thus we would be away from a war with Russia. This was the main reason for signing the Nuclear Deal … not because the deal would make sure that Iran would not make nukes … but it was more about not starting a war with Russia.

Working in Online Mode
We did all of this during the Obama Presidency while working in the online mode … just by using one simple website or two you can say. We got the Nuclear Deal signed and stopped a world war with Russia.

Obama’s understanding
This is what happened under Obama and this is how he understands how our work is. “Just give the guy security … maybe some girls to date as well … lol … and he will show me how to stop wars. And then I will follow the party puppetry and do whatever the party tells me to do. The guy gets me re-elected … keeps my image and popularity to the max … as all other guys are simply too horrible when compared to me.” This is Obama’s understanding of “working together” with us. Lol.

Obama fails to stop wars
By Midterms in Obama’s second term … we lost hope on Obama … he was not stopping wars and the next candidate might be a war maniac as well. We started studying the whole damn issue with the Establishment … how they are controlling politics, media and the country as a whole … and started listing all of their issues due to monopoly. Its then that we formulated an entire project to dismantle Establishment monopoly and revolutionize almost every sphere of life … so that everything can be people centric.

Direct Coordination Requirement
Obama came to know about this project and the requirement for direct coordination in the last month’s of his Presidency. Even then Obama did not ignore us … he pulled all of the strings that he could. But GCC countries were pissed off at Obama because of the Iran Nuclear Deal and as Obama had very limited time in office … he couldn’t pull off any deal with any GCC country.

President Trump
We told Trump everything even before he entered the White House … of what was going on … what he would face … how he had to work with us … and how things can be taken forward. This is how “working together” translated in the Trump Presidency.

  • Funding Sources. We would show him which countries to work with and how to show them the Establishment crisis … and pull funding to eliminate this crisis.
  • Pulls the funding. Trump would successfully pull the funding from every source that we would show citing the issue of “Establishment crisis and control” in America.
  • Uses the funding for himself. And then Trump would use the funding for himself … for blowing his own horn … financing media outlets that blew his horn … to save his ass from lawsuits … to put money in his operations overseas and the rest went in his bank accounts.
  • Harassment. And then the lovely President Trump would call us and our work as “harassment and Presidential extortion”. He would then try to shut us down by pulling every string possible.

Trump, the Parasite

Yes, Trump was a parasite on our work. He would use everything that would benefit him … in cash and in policies … and then try to do the worst to us. This is how Trump was “working together” with us.


Biden’s version of “working together”
Yes, I am seeing your tweets of working together … even SM Groups are seeing your tweets of working together. But you should realize that the dismantling of your Presidency has already begun even before I started pressing you to work with us. Why is this happening?

Biden in Obama Mode
Because they are seeing that Biden is in Obama mode.

  • Security. You are thinking that by providing security for me you are doing the job.
  • Online Guidance. You are thinking that … I will provide the guidance in online mode … and you will continue on your Party policies. And then you will lead a comfy life in the White House with high popularity and support … and also win re-elections like Obama did.
  • No new wars. And all that you have to do is … not start any new wars … and you will be the champion that America needs.

But unfortunately … you are 6 years behind in the game in understanding what is going on. The parameters are totally different and the Obama mode doesn’t apply to almost anything today. Obamas have been chosen to take things forward … to buckle up and enter the next gear … no way in hell anyone wants a repetition of the Obama Era.

The Obama Era was mostly deaf and blind

What Biden should understand is that … most of the Obama Era was “deaf and blind”. Its not because Obama was deaf and blind … it was because the Establishment was too loud. There were hundreds of advisers and media outlets that would mislead the President. We had Hillary right under his nose trying to do everything as if she was the President. Getting Obama to listen and change was like hitting the wall again and again.

Nuclear war with Russia changed things
Obama was stuck on following the party … but when we showed the Establishment’s anti-Russia moves … and how they would take us into war with Syria and Iran … and then into a Nuclear War with Russia … it is then that things started ticking in the Obama Presidency. His advisers and party leaders were also shocked at the possibility of a Nuclear War with Russia. Its after this that Obama got support from his party and advisers … he got some “White support” … its then that he changed America’s track more resolutely.

Major disasters have already begun
Biden should realize that major disasters have already begun under the Biden Presidency. Sitting there trying to do what Obama did … just tweeting and expecting online support … is simply remaining in the “deaf and blind” era of no action and blind party puppetry. The parameters are totally different today … wars have molded into pandemics … several crises have been unleashed simultaneously. If you sit and chill in the White House like Obama did … it is going to be a complete catastrophe.

I am not even going to bother to mention what will happen if you try to repeat what Trump did. Trump is an immoral unthankful unfaithful backstabbing asshole. He is a role model to no one.

What “working together” actually means
Sitting there simply tweeting … “we will work together … we will fight this together” and bla bla bla is not called working together. This is what all SM Groups are looking for.

  • Direct Coordination. As a first step, you need to immediately setup a direct coordination line. We need to have a personal confidential communication line.
  • Collaboration Spheres. And then … we need to collaborate with Russia, Turkey, GCC countries, Europe and other world leading countries in the fields of intelligence, politics, science, finance, journalism and media.
  • Module Creation. We setup our team of specialists in each sphere to be worked on … and they will work with your team of specialists in formulating strategies and implementation plans for each reform in each field.
  • Risk Management. We will work with your teams in managing all obstacles and risks that might come in our way. Here is where SM Groups will start knocking out all possible obstacles that they can and help you get victories.

This is what has to be done for “working together”. This is called working together.

You are sitting there and tweeting … “we will work together … we will work together” … nobody has any idea what you mean by that and what you expect out of that? Just because you are tweeting that “we will work together” … I should start praising you and start supporting your disastrous policies? Nobody has any idea what you mean or what you expect out of your empty tweets.

The only thing that everybody is deriving at is that … “Biden is in Obama mode … he thinks that some tweets is all that’s needed from him … and we should start supporting his Presidency? We are back to the deaf and blind era … we should simply remove Biden from the White House.” That’s why the dismantling of the Biden Presidency has begun.

If you actually mean that “we will work together” … then …

  • Where are your teams?
  • Where is the direct coordination?
  • Which crises have you decided to work on?
  • Which countries are you collaborating with?
  • How many world leaders are you working with?
  • How many subjects have you researched on?
  • Where are your specialists?

Mr. Biden … you have no plan … no team … and you have no freaking idea of what to do in any crisis or problem whatsoever. You are President since one year and you have made zero progress. Instead, you have taken America back into the deaf and blind era with a new bunch of disasters to be managed. Right now, you have no solutions and your Presidency is itself a crisis.

Right from the beginning we have been telling you … you need the right teams and policies in order to win in these times of multiple simultaneous crises. Otherwise, it’s a shark tank out there and you will get crushed. You made “zero preparations” and that’s exactly what’s happening.

More than 430,000 Americans have died under your leadership because of your inaction on Establishment malice. There is a bigger genocide happening under your Presidency than Trump. Being “deaf and blind” is not going to do you any good. Try to understand what “working together” means … that might help.