My dear lovely lady, I gave you one simple formula of understanding the Establishment’s misleading “stay focused on the facts and don’t fall for mental voodoo”. These guys literally follow Satan as their guide. And just like Satan plays with your head … in the same way, the Establishment is also an expert in playing with your head. This is how they design and manage friction, wars and conflict. They play both sides.

Your latest complaint seems to be:

  • We are exploiting your legal situation to get funding
  • This whole Mueller show is from the Democrats
  • The Democrats are against the Establishment
  • This is a Democrat agenda to take down the Establishment
  • Since, you are not cooperating with them, you are getting more legal pressure

I am assuming someone put this in your head. Firstly, all of that is bullshit and mental voodoo. It is a combination of facts with lies … this is how the Establishment misleads. They sell rotten apples along with good apples … they will show you one good apple and then sell a dozen rotten apples along with that … this is their routine strategy.

  • The good apple - yes, it is true that Democrats are against the Establishment … but it is only a few top leaders who actually know and understand the Establishment. It is only because we told them what is going on. The rest of the Democratic Party has no idea of what is going on. Now, the rest is all rotten apples … take a look.
  • Secondly, it is not a Democrat agenda to take down the Establishment, it is our agenda. Democrats have no idea of how to handle Establishment malice. If they knew then they would have done it during their 8-year tenure.
  • Thirdly, just because there are some Democrats with Mueller … it does not mean that Mueller is a Democrat agenda. The Establishment has its puppets in both parties and this is a fact.
  • Fourthly, by putting this mental voodoo bullshit in your head that Mueller is a Democrat agenda … who gets to win? The Establishment gets to win. It gets to hammer you more and more … and then blame the Democrats for that. Isn’t that exactly what is happening?
  • Fifth, when it comes to us … we told you before … our work is like that of a hospital. We see the ailment and we will suggest the cure. The doctor is not blackmailing you when he is offering you treatment for your lung cancer. That is his job and it makes you better. 
  • Lastly, this cure doesn’t cost you a single penny. You pay absolutely nothing for this work. You get everything for free. All you do is pull a few strings. 

Just by simply putting you on a wrong mental track … they are misleading you. And they are winning against you … they are able to put more and more legal pressure on you and try to terminate your Presidency. And at the same time … stop you from working on a solution to stop this legal aggression against you. You are handing them a twofold victory.

  • On one hand, they keep hammering you with legal tools … increase more and more investigations and lawsuits … do everything to terminate your Presidency and then
  • On the other hand, mislead you that this is being done by the Democrats so that you take no action against the main culprits. They are keeping themselves totally safe while they are hammering you. 

You are giving your opponents a double victory … by allowing them to hammer you and do nothing to them at all. 

Look at the facts yourself … we have been showing you this Establishment Aggression since the past 1.5 years and it has been constantly ever increasing since.

  • First they started off with the demonization … we warned you that this phase will lead to lawsuits and investigations.
  • You did nothing to the Establishment … very soon it turned into lawsuits and investigations. We warned you that this will turn into impeachment efforts and the termination of your Presidency.
  • You did nothing even then … instead of dismantling this malicious and criminal Establishment … you started doing favor after favor for them. The Establishment setup several Committees against you … when you fired Comey, they set up a Special Counsel with Mueller.
  • Even then you did nothing … the Establishment functions like a disease … the more you feed the disease, the more it spreads. Instead of containing this disease … you kept feeding it. They moved from Russia investigations to your personal life and started targeting Michael Cohen. We warned you that Michael Cohen will flip.
  • Even then you did nothing … if the disease spreads all over your body then what happens? The body eventually collapses. Now, they are hunting in your personal life … in events that were much before you even ran for office. All they need to find is one legal glitch … in any of your transactions or dealings in your billion dollar empire … then the termination games begin.

You are sitting there thinking that it is the Democrats and doing nothing to the guys who want to destroy your Presidency. When in reality, the Democrats are the ones who are repeatedly denying moves for impeachment. Do you see where you are stuck? 

You are friends with the criminals and thinking that the innocent guys are the criminals. They are just fooling you with a mental voodoo gimmick. This is what you need to understand … you cannot fight Mueller … Mueller is not just one person … it is a network. If you try to fight against a network then in one way or the other you will get stuck in the network. The only way you deal with a network is by “rooting it out”. You root out the network and all of the problems from this network automatically disappear.

And if it makes you feel good … you are not the only victim of this Establishment malice … you are just the newest one. This disease is not eating away your Presidency only … this disease is like an entire epidemic spread across all over America and Europe. There are many many many exploitation systems set up all across America and Europe. Your Presidency is just a dust particle in the air compared to the mountains of malice that these guys have created.