Guys, Trump repeatedly shows moves of keeping America First. I like it. Yes, he does not have all of the strategies of how to do it at a large scale but he has the “mindset” for it. I need you to protect Ivanka and Trump from Mueller. Both of them are important and they can be phenomenal. 

70% chances are there that Mueller will indict and press some sort of charges. And then the legal games will begin. The entire setup will be about “legal loopholes” and not about any actual crime done … initially. To start with … the Establishment’s game plan will be around these points:

  • What information was given?
  • What statement was made?
  • Was the information false or incorrect?
  • Was any statement false or incorrect? 

And then they will move on to hunting of real crime:

  • Digging of the past.
  • Digging of any crimes, cover-ups, payouts, financial glitches, tax evasions, bribery and all sort of stuff from Trump Family’s past.
  • He is running a multi-billion dollar setup. It is very easy to find any glitch in any of his organization … which can lead to a genuine criminal charge. 

What Trump is basically planning is … “control the Supreme Court decisions”. That will work only in shady zones … where there is no clear defined right or wrong … such as Collusion, Election Interference and other Russia investigations. Over here, the Supreme Court can easily favor Trump and nobody will mind. But even the Supreme Court cannot defend him if the crime is genuinely clear and evident. This is exactly what Mueller is hunting for … a genuine crime … some place where Trump broke the law. This is why they are hammering Michael Cohen. 

If Mueller has started hunting for real crime then it should send red alerts all across the Trump Presidency. A genuine crime will terminate his Presidency. Mueller should have remained within the Collusion and Russia investigation zones. The moment he is stepping into other zones then that is a major red flag. And the fact that prosecutors are hammering Cohen … that is a big red light. Cohen has nothing to do with Collusion or Russia. They are digging for dirt in Trump’s past.

I will give an example … let’s say … Trump bribed xyz official for a land deal or a casino or construction contract or whatever. “Bribing” is a crime … doesn’t matter who does it. Even the Supreme Court cannot excuse Trump and say that bribing is okay for Trump. Let alone judges, everyone knows in America that bribing is a crime. No judge can make bribing legal or say that it is not a crime because President Trump did this. This is how Mueller surpasses the Supreme Court itself. All he needs to do is find genuine evidence of a real crime committed by Trump. The moment Mueller presents “clear evidence” of any crime committed by Trump that’s when the end of his Presidency begins. 

Trump’s fastest solution to this Mueller crisis is to stop this investigation for good. That’s his solution … plain defense is not the solution. Discrediting the investigation and tossing out the investigation will solve this crisis for him. And the only entity that can discredit this investigation and protect Trump … is the American people. This is what Trump does not get.

Defending Trump is not going to be as easy as a Supreme Court decision. If the crime is genuine then even the Supreme Court judges cannot do anything about it. It becomes an extremely constrained zone. One strategy would be … to raise the people in favor of Trump with fantastic policies but to work on this path … Trump should respond and he is just dead weight on this path. 

The strategy that Trump uses is “favors for the Establishment”. Heh … lol. If that had to work then within a few months itself everything should have been winded up. The fact that we have crossed more than one year into these investigations and that Mueller is still hiring more prosecutors … should clearly indicate the backstabbing nature of this Establishment. Here is where we have to manage this dead weight of Trump where he does not make the right moves.

See … simple solution … once Trump gets in touch with us … we will use the overwhelming majority and the support of the people and stomp out all of these investigations. All of these investigations are a hoax designed to suppress a candidate that is fighting for the people. We will use overwhelming force to shut down these ridiculous investigations. That will happen … God willing. Until then … I need you to secure Ivanka and Trump. I like both of these candidates and I need you to protect them. See that at least these two specific candidates are well protected.

Small note: Please don’t pick on simple women and destroy them just because they said something against the Trumps. Just protect Trump from Mueller and if you want to destroy someone then pick a hefty rich Establishment asshole and kick his ass. Please don’t pick on simple women.