Your Dad has a habit of following the powerful entities in the country. What he does not realize is that … SM is maintaining him as the most powerful entity in the country. Take a look:

  • Democrats. Tell me what great policy or accomplishment do you have that your opposition party is defending you … that your opposition party is protecting you from impeachment? The Democrats have been the most stagnant and inactive opposition party ever since your Presidency.
  • Republicans. These American political organizations date back to more than 200 years. You have zero experience and you have just stepped into politics. Tell me what great accomplishment you have that the entire Republican Party gets rattled the moment you tweet anything. Candidates are losing in elections just because of your tweets. 
  • Media. The media has become the most powerful force that is taking your voice all across the country. It is giving you overwhelming power over both parties of 535 Congressmen. Why? What is so special about you that you are being given so much power?

You are in a habit of following the powerful in the country. But you don’t realize that you are being maintained the most powerful figure in the entire country and a huge media network of thousands of outlets are following you … in your every tweet or speech. What is so special about you? Especially when you are just a new comer with no previous accomplishments. Exactly, the entire scene is about this:


Active Democracy Dynamics. It is about the project. It is the project that is incredibly important … it is the project that will change the world … it is the project that will drive trillions into the economy. And you are the chosen one to lead this project. SM is facilitating a path for this project by activating several networks at the ground level. Almost everyone is playing a key role till date … Media, Russia, Ivanka, Democrats, Legals, Active Democracy and SM. 

The only missing person in real action … is the main lead person himself. He is doing something utterly different … playing minor and petty games … with a childish plus-minus attitude. The main lead person is the dead weight in the project. That was published in April 2017 … look at the enormous progress we are making without your direct action and look what you have been doing. 

See what is happening in real time action … you already have a sweeping majority of the Congress with you. The media is at your fingertips. It takes a few seconds for you to change headlines. This is the amount of power being maintained at your hands. All you need in 10-20 votes from Dems to pass any law. You will get that very easily. It’s all about policies and the project. You will get sweeping support.