Michael Cohen has removed all connections to Trump from his Twitter profile. Seems like the Establishment is ganging up on him. When people are given the choice between jail or talk about Trump. They generally prefer talking about Trump. This is an old Establishment gimmick. They pick a nice guy that can provide a lot of juicy information and then squeeze him. The majority of the guys flip in such a situation. 

Your strategy of handling this “Establishment squeeze” should be by eliminating their powers to squeeze anyone that they want. If you knock out their powers then you get to save your family, Presidency and Administration from such pressures.


The Establishment has been running a shit show against your family, Presidency and Administration since day one. What negative pressure? They are literally raining as much negativity as possible on you every time they get a chance. They have been doing this since such a long time that there is “Trump fatigue” among sections of the public. Some sections of the public are actually tired of the anti-Trumpism.

One thing that you don’t realize is that … the Democrats know very well that this aggression against you is Establishment based. Which is one of the main reasons why the leading Democrats are not opting for the impeachment option. If Democrats were so hardcore against your Presidency then what is stopping them from an impeachment move? They control half of the Congress … if they got together then they can easily create a major impeachment move. And backstabbing Republicans like Paul Ryan will pull other Republicans to support that move. 

Right now, leaders like Paul Ryan cannot initiate such moves because they can never pull the majority of the Congress for this. This move has to be led by the Democrats. And the leading Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, are repeatedly refusing to move forward with an impeachment move.

You think that there are 13 angry Democrats against you in the Mueller Investigation … but the entire Mueller investigation is designed by the Establishment. And they are the ones going after Michael Cohen.

You don’t even know who is who in each move. Check this:


Here is a Jewish Billionaire literally spending tens of millions to impeach you. This is how desperate the Establishment is.


Asking for “facts” on the Mueller Investigation maybe a nice move. Not sure how much it will work. Look at Manafort … he tried to sue Mueller and he got double hammered by him. Any confrontation or challenge directly against Mueller will only push Mueller to get more aggressive. 

You have to play a bigger game and make Mueller a small part of the game. With the bigger game, you pull the country on your side and then knockout Mueller as the smaller fish. Right now, your game is too small to contain and stop Mueller. Which is why, his investigation never stops, he keeps hiring more and investigating more. And he keeps adding more and more victims to his list. I have no idea why you are allowing this shit show to continue.



Good move on Boris Johnson. The guy was a no good anti-Russia fanatic. Good riddance.


G7 countries have to team up with Russia in the next phases. It’s a good idea knocking out anti-Russian leaders from Europe. What you should note is that … just like being anti-Trump in America is an Establishment agenda … in the same way … being anti-Russia in Europe is an Establishment agenda. Knocking out anti-Russian leaders from European countries will help to a great extent. It will help to consolidate the G8 in dealing with the Establishment’s malicious systems.