One thing is for sure that … we will be nicer to Trump. I have myself got that request from some SM Elements. They made the same argument … “hey, we are in peace … going with tariffs and American Energy … these are positive steps … we like this … please be nice to Trump”. These are the SM Elements that really like you and they like this transition phase of America.

But when I put the request for total elimination of Trump’s opposition … they were not very keen on that. Mainly because:

  • Trump still has to get on the right path
  • He has taken just one or two steps with tariffs and American Energy
  • But no crisis has been solved yet … we have a long way to go ahead
  • And most importantly, this change of American direction has come into being … mainly because Intervention Forces “opposed” Trump
  • Intervention Forces stopped Trump’s disastrous decisions around the world and molded his policies within America
  • This change did not come into being because of Trump’s leadership … he actually moved towards catastrophe several times. Opposing Trump is leading to “doing what is right”.
  • This change required a lot of effort over 1.5 years from several networks including media, legals, political … Europe, Russia, South Korea and other world leaders … only to manage Trump’s disastrous decisions that could have been catastrophic.
  • Intervention Forces are supportive of Trump’s Presidency … but their main activity till date has been opposing Trump’s bad decisions
  • Given this nature of forces into play … nobody knows Trump’s stand on so many crises that are consuming America. There is a crisis in almost every direction in America … it might be the debt crisis, healthcare, education, crime, drugs, violence, cost of living … you look into any system and you will see a major crisis in America.
  • What Trump is doing right now is just bragging about his Presidency using the jobs growth … when in reality jobs growth has no connection to the debt crisis. We got an increment of debt from $19.5 Trillion to $ 21 Trillion under Trump. 
  • When we have so many crises at hand … and when it is opposing Trump is what is leading to the right decisions … talking about the elimination of all Trump’s opposition is too early.

As of now, it is the Intervention Forces that are shaping America … media, legal networks, Ivanka, Russia, Europe, Republicans, Democrats and other world leaders. If Trump was in the lead then we would not be having this conversation. If Trump was in the lead then it would have been phenomenal for his Presidency. But that is not the case till now. Like I said … let’s take it step by step.

The good news for you is that … you got some pretty good SM Elements on your side.


Oh ow … North Korea seems to be moving away. I told you that you don’t have the full strategy for North Korea … just telling a Communist country to give up its nukes does not work. You have to activate a multi-level strategy. Your linear strategy of using sanctions and forcing a country to give up nukes has very less chances of working. 

The same goes with tariffs … that again is only step one. You don’t have the full strategy. Owing to Establishment monopoly locally and internationally … the Establishment can force a hike in prices and make the public pay for your tariffs. They can make your tariffs backfire on you. Here again you need a multi-level strategy to win. 

These are your main marketing points for your Presidency … North Korea and tariffs … if both of them backfire … then you will only be bragging about jobs. This will again backfire because in the already high cost of living … the people will have to shell out additional cash to pay for your tariffs. You will end up being a guy who couldn’t fix the system, didn’t know what to do and didn’t know what was going on. To add to that you have the Establishment chasing you like wolves to take down your Presidency. Not a pretty picture ahead. 

I told you … the happy days that America has changed its direction will remain only for a few days. And then people will want to see facts and real change. Your linear strategies will not work … locally or internationally.


See … this is what your Dad has done till date. He has blown up trillions on the Establishment and made his money off it. This is why he ran for President and this is what he has been busy doing since the past 1.5 years. The second thing that he has been busy with is “retaining his seat”. This is the basic formula that Trump is working on:

  • Make my cash and
  • Market my Presidency

The only thing that he is focused on is his cash deals and retaining his Presidency. He is running the Presidency like a hotel. He makes money off the hotel and retains his hotel. The issue with doing this with the Presidency is that … your Presidency becomes a scam Presidency.

Quit quoting job rates … that’s bullshit. Jobs were never the problem under your Presidency … the issue of jobs was already solved by Obama. There are a lot of crises that need to be solved in America and none of those crises can be solved via linear single moves. All of them are Establishment based crises and they need network based actions. The main issue with you guys is that:

  • You have no idea where the problem is or how it has been designed
  • You have no solution for the problems
  • And you have a long line of bullshit advisers

And you take one or two moves from our side … thinking that you just won the gold and that you will get victory with those one or two moves. Those one or two moves will not give you victory … it might be North Korea or Tariffs … both of them are right moves that will only put you on the right track. But in order to win … you have to organize a multi-layered approach and activate a network based support system to handle all levels of action possible in every direction. This work is a 3D in a 3D. Thinking that you got the solution with one or two simple moves is just ridiculous.

But all of our moves are incredibly powerful … you yourself saw the fantastic publicity and positive coverage that you are getting even with these single and linear one or two moves. You are getting recommended for Nobel Prizes. Imagine the glory and victories when you work on the full strategies with the entire country supporting you. You could be a Rockstar President.

You guys have to snap out of this extremely limited version of Presidency that you are running. It is because of your extremely limited approach that you are getting hammered from all sides. You have to activate network based support at multiple levels in several directions.