Want respect from me because you are putting America First? Lol … cute. Don’t bother about petty stuff … my job is to make a legend out of your Dad.

This is the current status of SM Networks. Some quite powerful Elements are moving forward to support your Presidency and they are working on knocking out your opposition. I already gave you this info. But the majority of SM Networks is still skeptical about your leadership. Mainly because:

  • Yes, the direction of America has changed but America is literally sinking in crisis in several fields. 
  • There are thousands of more steps to be taken and you have just taken one step.
  • We have miles ahead to go and nobody knows what your response is going to be for the remaining 999 steps. 
  • Out of a 1000 steps … you have taken only one step … that too, it took 1.5 years for that … for one step.

Yes, a few SM Elements have come into action to respond positively for your tariffs and peaceful diplomacy towards aggressive countries via sanctions. It’s a good turn of events … which is why, they are obliged to respond positively to your actions. SM responds to facts and they are working on measurable actions that will strengthen your Presidency. However, the majority of SM Networks are still skeptical and you have to take several more steps to show by facts and by action … that you are the right candidate. 

This “joy” that America has changed its direction will remain only for a few days or weeks. And then SM will want to see the next step. That’s why I gave you one nice formula … keep the country busy in great and fabulous work. You have to create a non-stop momentum of rising to great heights. One thing that you guys spend a lot of time is in “bragging”. Which is why, I specifically created a “Brag Mode” on the chart. Lol. Because we don’t have to get carried away with the bragging and realistically evaluate what is going on. We have tons and tons of work to do to eliminate this $70 Trillion debt in the country. Just bragging will change nothing.

You have a long way to go ahead … everyone is watching every single move that you take … your every move is evaluated. A simple way for you to win is … get on the winning track and just keep winning. 

I am trying to persuade SM Networks to get ready to support you and prepare to eliminate almost all of your opposition. There is excitement in the air but very weak willingness to act on it. Because nobody knows how you will respond in the next steps. The only thing that I can say is … let’s take it step by step.