If you want to know what SM is doing at the ground level in America and how it is moving with or without you … then this is an easy way to understand. The problem that we have … is of “Establishment monopoly” in several fields … such as media, banks, corporations, politics and manufacturing. As per the Establishment’s designed systems … the President of the country is nothing but a “tea leaf in a cup”.

Yes, in a tea-cup … the tea leaf is the most important … it is the one that gives the flavor to the tea. But the Establishment does not aim to be the tea leaf … it aims to be the cup itself. It aims to control the cup … and when it controls the cup … the tea leaf can be supported or rattled any time they want. You are sitting there and thinking that … hey, I am the most powerful man in the country … but in reality, you are nothing but one leaf swimming in a cup. They can rattle you any way they want at any time … using the media, politicians, celebrities, legal procedures and companies. 

You have already been seeing this since the past 2 years … its already happening. We already know this since the past 10 years. What SM is continuously working on is … knocking out Establishment’s control over the cup at the ground level. That’s why I told you before … the White House is only one point in the Matrix. There are tens of thousands of points that need to be worked upon. As we speak, this analysis is going on … SM is tactically pulling out as many malicious Establishment supporters from politics and other key position as possible … and creating an awareness of this crisis in the media and legal networks. 

A simple example of a collective action is the recent action on Child Separation issue. Because of this collective action we got an Executive Order within 6 days. You are sitting there and thinking that … this could be collusion … Democrats, Russia, interference and bla bla bla. Tell me, where could you find any collusion? Could you find any trace of interference? This is how it works … it is American people, American media and American leaders standing up for what is right as per American principles.

Collusion is something “illegal that is planned behind the scenes”. This is a 100% legal and legit operation that will be carried out mostly on the frontend and it is as per American principles and values. Standing against us is standing against American principles, values and against basic human rights. We told you this before and you got a live example of this via the Child Separation issue. 

You are thinking that the work is yet to begin … but the work is already in motion since Obama’s second term. SM is busy knocking out one politician after another … irrespective of the fact that they are Republican or Democrat. SM is about the country … not party politics … its objective is getting rid of Establishment puppets and supporters … as many as & when possible. It’s a slow long term game that is in motion. They are waiting for the solutions to create a major impact.

Your Presidency itself is a major shift from the Establishment’s track. You are not all bad … there are one or two good points in your Presidency as well. Especially, the trade tariffs … you are strong on this point and this is something that you would not expect from Establishment puppets. And trade tariffs is a part of one of our key strategies in fixing the debt crisis. This is one of the reasons why we still guide you at times. Because you are not an Establishment puppet and you have already launched one of our key strategies. The work is already in motion via your own hands … and you don’t even realize it.

The major drawback of the ongoing work is … it is extremely limited without us. It is not just you … but even SM remains extremely limited without us. The only thing that SM is able to do is … knock out a few politicians here and there … put millions of people on the streets but they don’t know what change to work on or what policies to create. You are working on trade tariffs but how much are you collecting because of these tariffs? $100 Billion? $200 Billion?

When the country is going down in trillions in debt then you don’t need a meager billion dollar game. You need to pitch in with a multi-trillion dollar game. You should be able to make change in the tune of trillions. And that is impossible to do … given the current systems that we have. It is compulsory to revolutionize the systems and this will generate revenues by the trillions. 

You are on the right track when it comes to tariffs … but you are still stuck on a minor billion dollar game. As per your expectations, you are already crossing boundaries … you never expected to move towards a Nobel Prize for North Korea and you never expected a record breaking job growth in the country. As per your calculations, you are already living in paradise. But our work begins from where you stop … your zenith is our starting point. 

What you don’t realize is that … this is simple “prep work” to start the real work. When the real work begins … Nobels, glory and greatness will be lining up outside your door … but you will be too busy being great for the people. 

My advice is … quit these silly games and quit following advice from radicals like Stephen Miller, who will only tank your Presidency. Get into the main game and we will take you to glorious heights. Your inaction will only create grounds for Oprah. You will be stuck in minor billion dollar games and she will walk in with multi-trillion dollar plans of greatness and glory. Why do you want to seem small and dispensable when you have the chance to lead?