Some people have been asking me to continue the story. They probably want to know how the story ends. Well, firstly … it wasn’t much of a story at all. Most of it was real. It was designed in a fictional mode in … and then it moved into a real-time mode in ... and now it has to move to the next level via the creation of new systems and regulations via the implementation mode. The story never stopped … it just continued at a different level.

Well, its been a while since we looked back at the dreams and see what we have accomplished till date. Its been about 10 years now … let’s see which of the dreams have come true and which of them are still pending … so that we understand the status of our work. I had many dreams … let’s go through some of the important ones that relate to the project.

The Problem Statement – Supersized Wild Animals in the Park
Before I even stepped into America … I was shown a dream … where I am seeing supersized wild animals roaming around in a park. The wild animals were like rhinoceros but their size was 10 times larger than the normal size. The animals would not be attacking the people or eating them … but they would simply roam in the park. 

The unusual thing about the animals was their immense power and control over the people. When the animal would look at any person … it would be as if it knew everything about that person and it had enormous power & influence on that person. The people were shown standing in a very very long queue … as if journeying through their life … but they were still and not moving at all. They would stand there being scared of the animals … only a few of them would move very slowly in the background. 

I had no idea what this dream meant when I saw it. But when I entered America … I was like … “Holy shit, this place is totally kaput … what the hell is going on here? This is America?” With time, I began to see the exploitation systems that have been setup in America that were only leeching resources from the people. Now, I understand that … these wild animals are nothing but the Establishment’s exploitation systems that have been setup under “different skins”. 

They were shown as wild animals because:

  • They were designed under a different skin
  • They were self-serving just like a wild animal works for itself
  • They were based upon the use of power just a wild animal functions
  • Anything is permissible in these systems just like it is for a wild animal
  • And just like a wild animal lives off other’s lives … similarly, the Establishment lives off other’s lives

These are the main reasons why Establishment systems were shown as wild animals. The long queue of the people standing in fear & silence was the Silent Majority. These guys were shown as normal human simple Americans … who knew these wild animals … they knew what was going on … but they had no power to do anything about it. This dream was mainly about the Establishment and the Silent Majority in Western societies … and about how Establishment systems are devouring the people in the West.

This dream was nothing but the main problem statement. And yes, it is true. This is the existing situation in the West.

The Matrix Path – Stallone fighting off Zombies in a ship
The next dream was about the Matrix path … of how they will come to you with promises and greatness … and how it would eventually lead to my failure. This also came true. The Matrix generally tries to pull in people in their systems with the promise of greatness and success. For routine job seeking people, it might be true. The Matrix is good at making good workers but I was shown that this path would result in my failure.

I was shown that … I was with Sylvester Stallone in a wooden ship. Stallone was supposed to be my “advanced & enhanced self” … created by the Matrix technologies as per their plan. But what happens to this “advanced person” is also shown. We are attacked by zombies … hundreds and thousands of them. Our ship is in the middle of the Ocean and zombies start crawling into our ship from all sides. Stallone is very strong … with each of his punch the zombie goes flying off the ship. But there are just too many of them. The ship starts sinking … and Stallone keeps saying “I could use some help here … I could use some help here”. I was there holding on to the flag pole while the ship was sinking. 

What this dream showed was that … yes, the American Matrix system will enhance you to a great level. But the crisis that you are working on … there are thousands of miscreants involved … you will be alone in the middle of the Ocean and no one will be able to rescue you on this path. You will just keep saying … “I could use some help here … I could use some help here” … but this is all what the Matrix can do for you. They will enhance you as a good worker and then you will be on your own. 

This dream was a “warning sign” telling me not to follow the Matrix and instead find solutions for this crisis on my own. If I had joined the Matrix then failure was imminent. This dream also came true … if the Matrix could fix this crisis then they would already have. What was clearly shown in this dream was that … this job is not a one man’s job and I was told not to follow the Matrix’s path as they don’t know how to fix the crisis.

Live Tigers without their skin – Expose them and break monopoly
I was okay with not following the Matrix … I did not like them anyway, at that time. I was actually happy that I was asked not to follow them. But then, what the hell is the solution? How do we solve this crisis? Then I was shown another dream … here I am seeing a group of tigers. One or two of them, don’t have a skin … its like their skin has been taken off. It’s a full living tiger … walking around … but without its skin … you can directly see the tiger’s shiny muscles and fat. And then there are a group of people working on one tiger … the tiger has been dissected and its parts are placed in front of this group of people. 

And when I look at the parts of the tiger on the floor … each of the part is still alive … the heart and lungs and other parts … they are still moving and functional. I am standing in the scene … giving instructions of what has to be done. Once one tiger is fully dissected … the guy goes to the next tiger … picks up the tiger like you pick up a cat in your arms. The tigers are not aggressive but they are scared like cats. 

When I saw this dream … I was like … wow, this is freaking awesome. Pulling off the skin from a living tiger … meant to “expose these criminal systems” … expose how the Establishment is running malicious schemes under different skins. The group of people working on the tigers … were the G8 and other world leaders collectively working on these systems. The fact that each individual organ of the tiger was alive … it meant that we are not dissecting an animal … but we are dissecting “systems” … it is breaking down of monopoly. Just like when you break down a group of companies … into individual companies … each company will be fully functional … similarly, we need to first expose these criminal systems and then break down their monopoly & operations. This is the solution.

  • Once there is full awareness of these malicious and criminal systems
  • G8 and other world leaders combine to address these problems
  • They have the complete strategy of dealing with each of these systems
  • They start collectively making efforts to identify and break down these systems

That’s when these tigers will become as scared as cats. I had no idea of how to pull G8 into this work. But the only thing I knew is that … all of the dreams are about the future … they will happen … all I had to do was start working on it and it would fall into place. Today, we have identified the tigers and we have pulled their skin off. We know exactly who these malicious criminals are and what their systems are. The only pending part is breaking down of their monopoly.

Fishes in the Aquarium and Starving Buffaloes – Syria and Iran
It was important to stop wars in order to focus on domestic exploitation systems. So, we started working on stopping wars. I saw two dreams that were related to Syria and Iran. 

Fishes in the Aquarium … I was shown that there were two kids playing with fish in an aquarium via remote control. The aquarium was placed on a stand on a wooden plank near a lake or sea. The kids were nasty and trying to hurt the fishes. I enter the scene … take over one remote control and help the fishes escape into the sea. Once I take the remote in my hand … the fishes flip out of the aquarium and enter the sea. 

I understood that these fishes were none other than Iran and Syria … they needed to be saved … otherwise, they would be totally destroyed and turned into terrorist training grounds. The nasty kids were none other than Establishment puppets … Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu. I enter the scene … pull Russia in the game and save these countries. Obama signs the Iran Nuclear Deal … that saves Iran and then Russia steps forward to save Syria. This dream came true.

Starving Buffaloes … I had another dream about Syria. I was in a buffalo farm … some buffaloes were shown as normal and healthy … but once I entered more inside the farm … I was shown buffaloes that were starving … some of them were dead … some of them were half-starved. I understood that this would be the situation in Syria. Some areas would be good … some would be starved and some would be death & destruction. This dream also came true, sadly.

Guarded by a Lioness – SM in action – Connectivity and Influence
I got another dream … I am sitting and working on my computer … and I have a pet sitting on my right in front of me. I look at the pet … thinking that it is a dog … but it is rather large in size. I am like … what is that … and it turns its head around … it’s a freaking lioness sitting with me. I am like … why is there a lioness next to me … is this a hunting scene? Am I supposed to run … is it going to attack? But interestingly, it is very calm and sits there in total peace and serenity. 

The Lioness is about 10 ft away from me and I am working on my computer … like I always do. And about a 100 meters away … the entire world is being shown to me on a stage. I am looking at what is going on and doing my work. The Lioness keeps looking at the world on the stage … and then keeps on turning around to look at me … as if waiting for instructions from me. The moment I start writing … the Lioness crawls down from where we are sitting … and moves into the world.

It comes back after a while … with some stains of blood on its jaws and paws … as if there was some biting and clawing done. It sits exactly where it sat before … in the same position … looks back at me and asks me in English “Who’s next?” I am like … damn, this Lioness speaks English?

This dream was a turning point in my relation with the Matrix or Silent Majority. It showed that SM will start working for me. Till date, I did not really like the concept of the Matrix or SM interfering in my life … I actually wanted to get rid of them. But the Big Guy had bigger plans. SM was shown as my pet. Generally, you like your pet and your pet likes you. So, the Big Guy was saying … you will like SM and SM will like you. And it will be a protective shield for you like a Lioness protecting you … and it will help you in the work that you are doing. After this dream, I had to reorient my thinking to keep SM involved in the work. 

I was also told to train SM on this work. SM was shown like a pet and not a guardian angel. A guardian angel knows more than you but a pet generally needs to be trained. So, I had to basically train SM in becoming the Lioness and in doing its work effectively. In my first dream, SM was shown as people too scared to take any action. But now, I was being shown that they can become the Lioness in the jungle … as they had access to all of the Establishment companies, technology and methods … all they need to do is use connectivity and influence. And look today … our ladies in America are tossing millionaires and billionaires in jail without any fear. So, yes, this dream also came true. 

Isolated Tigers – Establishment Identification
Another dream showed me that … we had isolated the tigers behind tall walls. I was standing on the wall and they could not reach me. They were isolated so that they could not hurt anyone.

If you look, today, there is no more war mongering from America. If there is any warmongering from Trump and his associates … it is facing backlash from the media. Since there is no more Bush or Hillary in power … the main criminals have stepped forward. Netanyahu has clearly identified himself as one of the main criminals that craves for more and more war. 

We have successfully thwarted the Establishment’s attempts for war 3 times under the Trump Presidency. The tigers have been identified and their attempts for aggression are being successfully thwarted. From offense, the tigers have moved into defense. So, yes, we have successfully identified and isolated the tigers … to a great extent.

Snakes and scorpions below the wall – work on Exploitation Systems
When I was about 5 years old … I got a dream … I am standing on a wall and below this wall are a pile of snakes and scorpions. And a voice is telling me to jump. Now, who would tell a 5 year old kid to jump in a pile of snakes and scorpions? But this voice keeps encouraging me to jump. 

I am scared but I finally muster up the courage to jump. When I jump … instead of going down, I move up in the air as the same height of the wall. I am freaking out … standing up in the air … wondering what the hell happened. I try to take one step down … instead of moving down, I move up one step. I try to take two steps down … and I move up two steps. I try to jump again … instead of going down … I am moving up. 

I had no freaking idea what this dream meant. It was telling me that … I will be working on abusive and exploitation systems in my life … and instead of these snakes and scorpions hurting you … you will only rise in your status. The more the effort you will make against these exploitation systems … more the good work will happen for the people … and the higher your status will be. Take one step and you will rise one step … take two steps and you will rise two step … take a jump and you will rise up in the air. 

This dream has also come true to some extent. I started off with the city level in New York … moved to the State level … national level and now the world’s most powerful entities … the White House and the Kremlin follow what I write … and follow the given instructions. So, yes, the more I work on these exploitation systems … the more support I am getting.

Tidal Waves – People Power
Within a span of the last 10 years, most of the dreams have come true to a great extent. There are a couple of important dreams still pending … that have to be realized yet. I was shown another dream with tidal waves. Huge tidal waves would rise and they would pick each of these zombies and smash them on the rocks. 

If I had worked as per the Matrix’s plan of going alone against the Establishment then my ship would have already sunk. There is another powerful technique shown of how to handle these zombies. And that is to use the Ocean itself … don’t take Mr.Muscle and try to kick their ass … it will not get you anywhere … instead use the entire Ocean itself. This dream showed the importance of People Power in this game. 

Once you activate the Ocean … then most of the zombies would automatically disappear and the few that will remain … the tidal waves will take care of them. This dream still has to be worked upon.

Darul Uloom – Locking down dozens of exploitation systems
Another pending dream is where I am shown … walking up the stairs of a building … and there are wild animals chained to the walls of the stairs. I walk up 2-3 flights of the stairs … and all along the stairs … there are wild animals … like wolves and hyenas tied up close to the wall. The final flight of stairs that I climb … I end up entering a big stage. And I find an extremely beautiful and radiant Lion walking towards me.

I look at the Lion … and the first thing I notice is that … there is no chain on this Lion … it is open and walking right towards me … am I supposed to run? The Lion takes a few steps but I am not afraid of the Lion … it seems friendly. Then I notice how beautiful the Lion was … it was the most beautiful Lion that I had ever seen … like Mufassa from Lion King … but far more beautiful and it was extremely radiant. 

It walks closer to me and it is about to roar … I am thinking … am I going to get a loud roar from this Lion? But instead of roaring … the Lion says in a loud voice “Darul Uloom” in a roaring style. It was not in a human’s voice … it was actually in a Lion’s voice. I wake up with chills all over my body … the hair on my body is standing up.

What I understood from this dream is that … this will be the final result of my work. The long line of wild animals chained to the wall … will actually be the dozens of exploitation systems that I would have locked down in my work. Darul Uloom means “house of knowledge”. So, I was being asked to setup intelligence systems in order to combat this criminal Establishment malice around the world. This dream is also still pending.

Dream wise … we have traveled 80% of the path already. Just the main chunks of the work are pending. The breakup of the monopoly and the locking down of the systems around the world … are still pending. And these are actually the main parts of the work.

A lot of thanks, love and regards to God, SM, world leaders who are supporting our work and everyone else involved in the project.