Elections in Turkey on the 24th of this month. We need to protect President Erdogan in these elections. Having the right leader in the host country is incredibly important. The Establishment has already tried to create a military coup in Turkey to change the leadership. The forthcoming elections can be their chance to change leadership again.

High probability of rigging elections
We are dealing with a criminal Establishment. Any and every move is allowed in their books as long as it benefits them. There is a high probability that they will try to rig the elections against Erdogan. There must be a strict vigil on all vote casting and vote counting operations. Make sure that they don’t get a single chance to do any malice. Erdogan is very important for our work.

Several attempts to change Governments

The Establishment has made several attempts to change governments in order to stop our work.

  • India. They have rooted out the Congress Government in India despite its fantastic track record of inducing wonderful policies for the people. They brought a guy in power that has a record for burning thousands of Muslims alive when he was the Chief Minister in Gujrat. 
  • Malaysia. When I moved to Malaysia, they tried to scandalize the current Prime Minister to shake up the Malaysian government.
  • Turkey. When I moved to Turkey, they tried a military coup here.

Why these radical large scale moves?
It is mainly because of the exposure of the Establishment’s Satanic side. They know very well that the very knowledge of their Satanic beliefs and ideology will help to a great extent in rooting out their systems. They know that this will be the beginning of their downfall. They know that nobody in the world will want their companies, media, banks and politics to be run by a group of Satanists. 

This is the major reason why they have been trying to make largescale radical moves in order to stop our work. Till date, we have successfully failed them in stopping our work. But we should not let our guard down. We should be vigilant at every instant where a change in leadership can be made. Having the right leaders in power is incredibly important for the work.

False Compassion
When they fail in changing leadership … they also try misleading techniques to facilitate moves in their favor. Sometimes they will approach with “false compassion”. “Ah, the guy is alone … he is not with his family … he is working all alone. We must send him back to India … so that he can be with his family. We have to help him out.” This is false compassion.

The truth about my work is that … I work exactly in the same manner in India. I rent an apartment and live there by my own … and I am continuously occupied with work … day and night. If I meet my family then it will be for just one hour in a week or so. Otherwise, my routine has been exactly the same since several years even in India. I stay by myself and do the work myself. 

If they are actually “honest” about their compassion … they should actually help in getting me sponsors and politicians to support my work. I will hire a thousand employees and I will not be alone anymore. Using false compassion to send me under a politician that has a record of burning alive thousands of Muslims is bullshit. 

Trump doesn’t know shit
Apart from the Establishment trying to make these misleading moves in order to stop our work … we have a guy in the White House who doesn’t know shit of what is going on. We are trying to save him from the Piranhas that want to send him and his family to jail. He follows advice from morons and thinks that we are the opposition. It is because of Trump’s lack of know how and proper information that he is a disaster everywhere. DO NOT take inputs from Trump as to where we should stay or work. He has no idea of what is happening in his own Presidency let alone knowing what is good for us.

Fact Based Approach and Mental Voodoo Based Approach
SM Networks are winning against Establishment elements mainly because … they are following a “fact based approach”. They are verifying each and every fact … and not falling for mental voodoo. The Establishment has been creating disasters in the world by using “mental voodoo” techniques to mislead the people. These techniques apply to international politics as well as at the individual levels. Take a look.

  • Saddam has WMD. What was that? It was a mental voodoo technique with no facts associated with it. But they used it to run a widespread War on Terror and also created bullshit concepts like Radical Islam along the way. They used a misleading technique to do what they wanted to do.
  • Russian Election Interference. It has been more than a year this investigation is going on but there is absolutely no proof that Russia ever interfered in any election in the West. Even then the Establishment media keeps talking about Russian bots, Russian troll farms and how Russia is going to destroy Western Democracies. This is again bullshit mental voodoo … there are no facts associated with it. The Establishment was trying to mislead the world and create a monstrous image for Russia … only to support anti-Russian activities.
  • False Compassion. The above two examples are international levels of misleading using mental voodoo techniques with no actual facts. “False compassion” is a personal level of misleading. Its mental voodoo with no actual compassion. They are just trying to place you under a monstrous politician who has burnt alive thousands of Muslims.
  • Gay and Iranian girls. Since I am by myself owing to the nature of my work. Establishment elements again try to mislead the people in my environment. At one instant they will say that I am gay … and then at another instant they will say that I like Iranian girls. Now, if I was gay then why would I like Iranian girls? It doesn’t add up. This is how they come up with these inferences. They will place an Iranian girl on the street where I am walking … if I pass by her right then I supposedly want her … as per their calculations. If I pass by her left then I don’t want her. This is their “advanced behavioral analysis” technique. The same thing goes with guys … its about how I walk on the street … whether I am gay or not. What is this? Total mental voodoo bullshit. There are no actual facts associated with it. 
  • He talked about it. Another “advanced behavioral technique” that they follow is … “he talked about it … he responded”. They will keep on saying “witchhunt, witchhunt, witchhunt”. They will present a topic or just throw some information out there … and they see if you respond to it. If you respond to it … then they will say “ah haaa … so that’s what was going on in your head … you are planning a witchhunt”. And if you don’t respond to it … then they will say … “ah see, he is guilty that is why he is not responding to it”. In both the scenarios, you are the one who is wrong. You talk about it then you are guilty and if you don’t talk about it even then you are guilty. What is this? Mental voodoo bullshit.

These are Establishment games and they have a long list of such mental voodoo bullshit games. They call these techniques at “advanced behavioral analysis” techniques and strongly recommend them. The inferences from these techniques are given a lot of weight. Why? Because it helps them run whatever agenda they want. One moment they are able to say that the guy is gay … and the other moment they are able to say … no, no, no, he likes Iranian girls. They are able to switch to any narrative that they want. And what did you actually do in real time? You were just walking on the street.

The Establishment has been playing these stupid techniques since several years. So, I gave one simple formula to SM Elements in order to know who and when I will date. If I want to date someone … I will not just walk to the left or right of someone. I will actually ask her out … I will actually be on a date. That’s the “fact” that you will see when I am dating. If I am just walking on the street … it means that I am just walking on the street … irrespective of all the bullshit information that these guys want to derive out of that. 

If they say that I am gay … okay fine, ask them to show an actual video of me being with a guy … then we can talk about it. Otherwise, it is just mental voodoo bullshit. The same goes with “throwing topics in the air” to see if I respond to it. I analyze the Establishment from dozens of different angles … from financial flow to politics to ideology & background to the next possible steps. If there is some shitty thing possible in any nook or corner then I have info about it. So, this mental voodoo technique doesn’t work on me. 

Go with the facts
Always try to go with the facts … everything else is bullshit. Doesn’t matter what “advanced technique” it is and whatever bullshit stuff they will make up using words. Keep your eye on verifiable facts. That’s the only way you will move beyond the Establishment’s malice. The way these guys operate is … it is mental voodoo for us and it is factual benefits for them. They will deviate us and occupy us in mental voodoo games … while they loot our country’s resources … and benefit from these silly games as much as they can.

They are designing processes where they get to control the decision making. If you fall for these processes then they get to control the response and the next steps taken on the issue. The best way to deal with the Establishment is … don’t fall for their processes and decision making control … always decide based on verifiable facts.

Do everything possible to protect Erdogan
President Erdogan has been a strong pillar of support for our work. Do everything possible to protect him and keep him in power. Keep a strict vigil on vote casting and counting.