Havva, havva … Melania taking the lead on the child separation issue. Wonderful. The thing I like about Melania is that … she has a strong willpower … she takes a stand on something that she believes in and sticks to it … and then she gets into action on that. It was lovely that she was one of the first ones to make a public statement on the child separation issue and then follow it up by visiting these shelters. This shows that she is not just all talk and political … she also follows her words with action. 

Melania is viewed very positively by the media as well as the public.

Its very good that Trump dealt with this issue very early on … otherwise, it could become like the “sexual abuse scandal of prisoners” under the Bush Administration. Bush faced a lot of humiliation for that scandal … for allowing it to happen and allowing it to continue for such a long time. An Executive Decision was a good thing to do … you have wiped out 25% of the criticism on this issue. This is what the Establishment will continue to hammer on:

  • Zero tolerance policy
  • Treating migrants as criminals
  • Putting families in jail
  • Putting children in jail
  • The cage like conditions in the jail
  • Use of the army and military resources for migrants

They will try to show it as if “Trump is at war with migrants” where he is literally using the military force against them. Trump wants to use military to guard the border and he is using the military to hold illegal immigrants. They will try to show it as if the “President cannot control his temper and because of his bad temper: 

  • So many bad things are happening to people who have not committed any major crime
  • So many families are in jail
  • And how all of this is costing American taxpayers in hundreds of millions

They will try to turn the whole thing on “Trump’s short temper”. This is your major weak point and you have to prepare yourself mentally to “be nice” and be ready to implement nicer techniques in dealing with the situation. This has a lot to do about “trashing your image”. The Establishment has got total shockers with the recent turn of events … they were expecting you to be toast by now … but you made a major u-turn and went for a Nobel Prize winning move in North Korea. 

Yes, SM is involved in this “child separation” issue. But here is where SM parts ways with the Establishment. The Establishment is on this agenda because it gets to trash Trump. The Establishment will give all of the above points to Democrats and some media channels to go after Trump. Democrats will like these points because, they need some solid points to win in the mid-terms. You have the North Korea heavy weight move with you … Democrats will use the fact that you are putting thousands of families in cage like jails because you don’t like immigrants. 

With the Executive Decision, you have solved 25% of the crisis … but 50-75% of the issue still remains. You have made a lot of public anti-immigrant statements … this is your weak segment. The earlier you fix it, the better it is for you. 


One of your drawbacks in the game is that … you get scared and threatened the moment I show some adverse scenarios ahead. I think it is probably because of your 5 Star hotel background. You guys are used to living in luxury and comfort where everything is nice and pretty … where you make a truck load of cash and everyone respects you. Well, national and international politics is not a 5 Star hotel scene. 

We are in a major critical and sensitive world transition … where wrong moves can lead to nuclear annihilation of half of the world. You are literally in a war zone. So, some adverse scenarios coming down the line should be expected and be a part of your routine life by now. You should actually thank me for letting you know most of the adverse scenarios even before they happen.

We told you that Stormy Daniels will be a “piss-on-Trump” operation by the Establishment and you did not do anything. We told you … she will be there on every TV show possible … and that’s exactly what her lawyer did. You just sat there and took all of the pissing. After a long time, you made a simple move towards North Korea. Even this move is only 10% of measures that should actually be taken on North Korea. You still have 90% of the work pending for North Korea. That summit is a good start but it is not going to be enough at all. You will know soon.

You are living in a very dynamic and changing world where anything can happen. I told you your situation … you are existing in ruffled up waters while having two sharks fighting against each other. In such a situation, it is very very important to know all of the adverse scenarios that can happen. The way to stand strong is … prepare for every scenario that is possible. 

How do you think that I made a Lion out of SM? I prepare them for every possible scenario and put them in real time action. That’s how they win. You are just being scared of any adverse forthcoming scenario … prepare to win. You are sitting there doing nothing. By now, you should have activated at least half a dozen policies that would each get you a Nobel Prize. You made one move and that only just 10% … 90% is still lagging. This is not how you win this. You have to be phenomenal.