You have a lot of media activity against you because you do very less for the people and this gives them a lot of time to come after your inaction. Look at your Singapore Summit … for 2 full weeks, you gave them some fantastic change and you kept them occupied with something good. You got worldwide positive coverage. This is how you should maintain the media. Keep unleashing phenomenal changes that will have a positive impact on millions of people … the media will have nothing to do but praise you. 

This is one of the things that would happen in our project. It will be reform after reform … change after change … the media will only be bashing the guys that will oppose your reforms. Right now, you are doing nothing … that’s why they have a lot of time to sit and trash you.

That’s point number one. The second point is … like you know, as of now, there are two major forces in action in the country … the Establishment and the Silent Majority. The chemistry between them is using each other’s forces to join against you. For example, what the Establishment does is … goes to SM and says “hey, look at your guy … he is telling the Feds to raise the interest rates … he keeps worshipping us so that we don’t toss him in jail … he is doing favor after favor for us”. They turn the SM Networks against you to form a collective force against you. 

And what SM does is … when they see your racist policies or war moves … they tell Est. elements … “we don’t want these racist policies and wars … want to work with us to stop Trump?” The Est. gladly joins SM in trashing your policies. In these two scenarios, you will find them working together.

But if you look at other occasions … it will be only a few Est. elements trying to demonize you … like for trade tariffs or peace with North Korea. On these fronts, the opposition has been very limited … because the Establishment is totally on its own on these issues. SM does not cooperate with Est. on these issues.

The forces work on a case by case basis. For example, the issue on immigrant children … that is the media working on an “Active Democracy” concept. They have seen a genuine issue that is affecting thousands of children and they have brought it to the headlines … so that lawmakers take action to make a change in favor of the people. They are trying to reach the good side of Trump. We all know that you have a good side … despite all Establishment worship that you are involved in. So, sweep in … take the lead and be the hero.

How to handle it?

The best way not to separate children from their parents at the border is by not arresting these immigrants. You are treating them as criminals … which is why you are arresting them … which is why, you are separating their families. These are the issues that you have with this:

  • Firstly, you are getting bad media coverage on how you are treating wannabe immigrants.
  • Secondly, you are ending up separating children from their parents.
  • Thirdly, it is costing American taxpayers about $3750 per month for each individual being arrested … for their food, security and provisions. The average cost per prison inmate varies from $30,000-60,000 per year in America. The 2000 families that have you have arrested in the past few weeks will cost more than $100 million per year for the American taxpayer.

I know you want to be tough on immigration but this is a ridiculous amount to spend on a bunch of guys at the border. A $100 Million could be better used for American citizens in America. 

All what you need to do is … tell the guys not to cross the border from here and ask them to go to a port of entry if they want immigration. That’s all that’s required to do. Just because you want to be tough on immigration …

  • You are arresting thousands of families
  • Separating children from their parents
  • Spending $100 million on maintaining them and
  • Then also getting bad publicity for it

The idiot that advised you to do this should get a kick in his nuts. The simple solution is … just block their entry and ask them to go to a port of entry if they want refuge. It is simple as that. 

Well, whatever you do … this case is being brought up by the people for a genuine concern. Time to be the hero … take the lead and fix the situation. Don’t try to use it as a bargaining chip for border wall funding. Just fix it. If Democrats take the lead in fixing this … then you get sidelined. This issue is not being brought on the table by the Democrats. The Democrats are just trying to hog the limelight and use the situation to take the lead. Surpass them and take the lead.